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I just tried.. not sure if matrix is still bridged but appears real quiet there and I'm almost certain it's not because of the bad joke I made when joining

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nice to see you're still at it, making psychedelic game experiences :)

Definitely has potential. I like the controls, though it feels like jumping while moving to the right gets me more height than going left somehow... 

Thanks for trying for so long anyways. Next time I'll invest some more time in properly packaging it... 

I wanted to do so much more, but I learnt my way around vim pretty well (meaning, I started to scratch the surface of this beast :P  ) so I achieved the goal I set out for, sort of and entered something...

I tried to run the linux version on Ubuntu 19.04, it crashes with:

"terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
  what():  std::bad_alloc
Aborted (core dumped)"

Played through Little Big Planet 2 once or twice, and you're right, those are also very cool jumps, feels like low gravity in LBP2 when you jump

I wouldn't call it "failed". I like how the character leaves "imprints" of itself on the way, like putting your mark on the world and I like the look.

The jump feels ok, but a little static. Have you ever tried something like this: 


I also liked this breakdown of building a better jump: 

Well, still a cool coincident, that we both chose the same name for our games, really hope you're not coming after me with some legal action :P

Thank you so much for taking the time and playing it :) and funny how we ended up with the same title for our games.

I know the sleigh's handling is awkward, was trying to fix that while polishing but everything I tried, kind of made it worse. I'll need to spend more time with the physics engine, to really get a grip on it. The thing with the cannon was strange, I developed the whole game on Linux, only on Sunday I started to build for Windows and when I played on Windows, the presents didn't behave the same as on my dev box... also something I wanted to investigate when I get around to it.