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There's an executable file called `lennasinception`. Or if you're using the launcher that should find it!

Watch this space!

The hallucinatory battle arena on the east island can be used to spawn any books you've missed!

Hi Calcitrix, see the second heading on this post for a solution:

Hi inukat, there's a solution on this post--see the second heading:

Usually there's a Fn key or similar you can hold while you press arrow keys to perform pgup/pgdn. You can also rebind them from the game's title screen options menu.

We're not planning to officially support newer OSX versions, but I've heard reports from some users that it works just fine on them.

HTTPS certificate expired. Should be fixed now :)

It's a web game. You can play it here or at

Maybe we're here to make the games the bots think up.

It's a good style!

Creepy sound, very atmospheric! After I'd found all the pieces, it was hard to find the enemy. Should it use A* to path towards the player to make that easier?

Neat shader! If anyone else is curious (as I was), the dev's uploaded a video showing a real-time rendering of it:

Worked for me. Really cool game. I could play it forever.

Looks very interesting. I had some difficulty with the controls though - the X axis is inverted but not the Y axis?

Entering either "ride yourself" or "wake up and go back to sleep" works as a sort of restart command.

It does cache everything, but the way the queries are constructed could be made smarter.

Haha, thanks for checking it out :D