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HTTPS certificate expired. Should be fixed now :)

It's a web game. You can play it here or at

Maybe we're here to make the games the bots think up.

It's a good style!

Creepy sound, very atmospheric! After I'd found all the pieces, it was hard to find the enemy. Should it use A* to path towards the player to make that easier?

Neat shader! If anyone else is curious (as I was), the dev's uploaded a video showing a real-time rendering of it:

Worked for me. Really cool game. I could play it forever.

Looks very interesting. I had some difficulty with the controls though - the X axis is inverted but not the Y axis?

Entering either "ride yourself" or "wake up and go back to sleep" works as a sort of restart command.

It does cache everything, but the way the queries are constructed could be made smarter.

Haha, thanks for checking it out :D