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Pretty cool demo, I've played it on steam. One feedback I can give is that at the start of Demo B, it's not ideal how everything is green. Background is green, enemies are green, checkerboard is green, walls are green, powerups are green... The contrast really lacks, most of the times I died was because the level just isn't readable enough. On some levels this is more evident, on others it's less, but Demo B Level 1 could really use a better color palette

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The delta lessons explains it pretty decently in my opinion, but I'll try to sum it up more:

They first teach you how to rotate stuff in the most basic way possible, just so you know what rotate() does and so on.

And afterwards, they explain you how to *properly* rotate things. it's how you should do it 99.9% of the time, they just didn't do it straight off to teach you the basics first.

As the lesson mentions, not multiplying something by delta will make it rotate (or move, etc) as fast as your computer can handle. And you usually do not want a video game character's movement speed to be attached to computer specs - it just makes no sense except for advanced scenarios like trying to perform a simulation as quickly as possible and skip to the end.

And then they explain you that multiplying things by delta (or you could also run the function at a fixed time interval without multiplying by delta, which also works but is visually less smooth) is how you'll almost always want to do things like mentioned.

If you want real life examples of this, Evoland 1 breaks on high refresh rate monitors because of this (the game can't be beaten! the final boss becomes too fast to be killed), Forager runs faster on higher refresh rates/FPS (you can kinda speedrun the game as if the forager guy was on crack, to me it was funnier but a little chaotic), and Fallout games are known to break at uncapped FPS, IIRC even in multiplayer where some players would run faster than others because they had uncapped their FPS, working almost like a cheat. Unless you want your game to end up like these games (it isn't pretty), you'll want to be smart and remember to multiply every single relevant thing by delta time difference so things are time-based not beef-based :P

(Eck, even in Terraria, when holding your mouse button, it grabs/crafts one item per frame instead of something like 10 per second fixed, so it's very easy to accidentally craft too many things on good computers.)

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If the function is being run (which it is, otherwise nothing would happen when you press play), it means it is being called somewhere, even if you don't see it. You can see on the visible part of the code that the (cell) parameter is mandatory when calling convert_to_world_coordinates(), meaning every time it is (invisibly) called (and you just learned it *is* called if you didn't know already), it will of course include the mandatory cell "specific grid coordinates". If they passed no coordinates on the example, it would return an error, so they can't do that. So they *had* to pass something and why not make it a bunch of pre-selected cells, because if they passed a single one it would be more confusing tbh.

It's not just with this exercise, there are implicit calls and functions everywhere through the exercises. If you think about it, you'll just know it's there and part of the example

I got a bit lost with how I wanted the game progression to be, ran into a bunch of random bugs I didn't know how to fix, tried to rewrite the game and failed, and all that kinda made it stall a few years ago. Not sure if I'd be able to go back to it, sadly. Maybe one day, it was a fun project to make

Perdão ser nerdola, mas o plural de staff era staves e naõ staffs, no título da devlog

Sei que estou dois anos atrasados, mas na verdade o Hyperlink do post original do jogo ainda aponta para o site antigo até hoje, pra orbemidia, por isso o dele também apontou errado.

v1.3 - Fixed const variables losing ; and =
- Fixed \t characters breaking the app
- Fixed(?) incorrect scaling on some browsers
- General improvements to avoid bug

v1.2 - Made the app work on browser. Added Upload buttons to upload txt files. Fixed a few things.

v1.1 - Fixed \r characters making the app not work
- Fixed app not working with some variables (lower-case ones like shadowMapResolution)
- Made the app look nicer

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Changing browser zoom breaks the UI

Prisoner hitbox is too small, but maybe this is less bad in fullscreen. I'd prefer if clicks on their heads counted as clicks on them instead of having to click their feet, though

Once in fullscreen, F doesn't take me out of it, only esc

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Just tried the demo for a few minutes. I know I'm being pretty picky, but if you want my feedback and opinions on it, here it is:

- There was no warning here that it was a godot dev build, so the godot cmd window scared me a bit. I also had to run the game as admin to get rid of some error, and closing the window closes the game? I guess this is good for finding bugs but a slight annoyance to whoever is playing.

- There are no instructions on how to play, nor here nor ingame. Didn't figure out even how to open my inventory other than clicking chests, still don't know the game shortcuts, etc.

- The high-res font felt out of place inside the game, breaking the pixel aspect of it. I'd have preferred a pixelated font by a lot, personally.

- It's very easy to get lost. Nothing shows you where to go other than dialogue, you start in the middle of nowhere, I can't see my objectives nowhere on the screen nor on menus. Even a minimap or map button could have helped. This is the main thing that drove me away from the demo. I get lost easily and couldn't enjoy the demo mainly because of this.

And lastly there are a few things related to polishing that I can forgive since it's a demo, but really should be fixed before the final game in my opinion:

- The music transition felt horrendous when changing areas, since the old music very instantly shuts down so that the new one comes in. Should have been a smooth fade, of course.

- The town felt very empty; this is very obviously because it's just a demo for now and will very likely be fixed soon, but adding houses with nothing inside and fences with no animals inside (not even birds) still hurt me a little to look at. I personally would have liked if you just placed a bunch of birds inside the fence as placeholders, at least, or something like that.

There are a few other things that I already forgot or are just nitpicks, but this is my opinion on the game. The thing I liked most was the game atmosphere indeed, but with all the above in the way it felt a bit like an unfinished walking simulator. I do think the final product will be really good, though.

youtube has bad API afaik

Like someone commented 23 days ago, the tutorial is still broken. Welp, imma go figure the game out myself

About the WebGL audio issue:

See if googling "No sound in Unity WebGL build - Unity - FMOD Forums" helps.
If not, I heard something about browsers no longer being able to autoplay audio (unrequested audio being blocked). Maybe a mute/unmute button would fix that, or having the audio start off by default and a button to enable it as the game starts like may games do. If none of those solve it, then idk either.

The smooth movement when drawing felt so gorgeous that I got a bit carried away and drew random lines in a corner to look at it, to shortly after realize there's apparently no way to erase mistakes. A bit after that, I didn't pay attention to what the narrator was talking and now I don't know what to draw, as the text disappeared and there's no info left on the screen. Great game but manages to be somehow too hard for me, lol

The art is pretty nice but the demo felt pretty empty

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That would probably fix the loading issues, but likely not the rest. I've now already managed to finish the game but thanks

Oh yes, and the volume glitches every time I refresh the game because it crashed. The volume isn't applied until you change it again in the settings menu. So even if the setting is at 10%, it stays at 100% until you change it out and back into 10%. Also the minimum music volume is too loud, and lowering it to "0%" doesn't mute it and barely makes a difference

The stock market thing is very confusing, money baby academy broke and crashes my game every time, my trash production went down and I cant figure out how to increase it, and I miss the old chapter that I can't go back to. But other than that..

Now I'm stuck at the money baby academy screen. Money baby just said "whats up" but I can't answer nor close the screen, and nowhere that I click does anything. Game basically crashed.

But other than these things, it's been a fun game so far

Ive never seen game assets load so slowly, lol
I didn't even know this was possible

It took me 3 minutes for the game background to load after the game had started, before then I thought it just had a flat color background, and only half of each image in the setting menu has loaded so far. I really wish they were all loaded and cached before the game starts like in any normal game if possible, or at least had some proper compression cause since I have a 240mbps internet I'm assuming each icon in this game weights over 100mb...


The link doesnt link to what it looks like it links :O "(available for free: )" takes me to another game