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Just tried the demo for a few minutes. I know I'm being pretty picky, but if you want my feedback and opinions on it, here it is:

- There was no warning here that it was a godot dev build, so the godot cmd window scared me a bit. I also had to run the game as admin to get rid of some error, and closing the window closes the game? I guess this is good for finding bugs but a slight annoyance to whoever is playing.

- There are no instructions on how to play, nor here nor ingame. Didn't figure out even how to open my inventory other than clicking chests, still don't know the game shortcuts, etc.

- The high-res font felt out of place inside the game, breaking the pixel aspect of it. I'd have preferred a pixelated font by a lot, personally.

- It's very easy to get lost. Nothing shows you where to go other than dialogue, you start in the middle of nowhere, I can't see my objectives nowhere on the screen nor on menus. Even a minimap or map button could have helped. This is the main thing that drove me away from the demo. I get lost easily and couldn't enjoy the demo mainly because of this.

And lastly there are a few things related to polishing that I can forgive since it's a demo, but really should be fixed before the final game in my opinion:

- The music transition felt horrendous when changing areas, since the old music very instantly shuts down so that the new one comes in. Should have been a smooth fade, of course.

- The town felt very empty; this is very obviously because it's just a demo for now and will very likely be fixed soon, but adding houses with nothing inside and fences with no animals inside (not even birds) still hurt me a little to look at. I personally would have liked if you just placed a bunch of birds inside the fence as placeholders, at least, or something like that.

There are a few other things that I already forgot or are just nitpicks, but this is my opinion on the game. The thing I liked most was the game atmosphere indeed, but with all the above in the way it felt a bit like an unfinished walking simulator. I do think the final product will be really good, though.