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You could try finding a program to rebind you controller- you can have it bound to keyboard keys or something. I'd suggest antimicro which is fairly easy to set up.

I purchased the game but there's no download. I tried getting my purchases emailed back to me through itch and got a download link, but there was no file to download. It also still asks me to pay when I click the download now button, so since I already paid before I tried buying it again (for $0 this time) and still am having the same issue.

I tried the latest version and it seems to be working fine now! Still has the screen tearing in fullscreen, but again that's not too big of a deal.

Sounds good. Keep up the good work!

er... I'm having a new problem lmao

When night falls, everything disappears. I assume that's not supposed to be the case. The lamp reduces the problem a little, but it can be pretty tough.

In fullscreen there's also some constant screen tearing, but it doesn't get in the way really. (Tried to get a screenshot, but that's not working in fullscreen)

Did manage to beat the killer once though!

Just launched, and yup, I can see things now!

That's not supposed to happen, huh?

This was fun!

I attempted running it as an administrator, but no dice. I also tried messing around with compatibility settings, but that hasn't worked either.

I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit. It's launching windowed, can't get it to go full screen.

No worries, thanks for responding so quickly.

I'm just getting a black screen trying to play it. The music is playing, but I can't do anything