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My written review featuring AL - A Choose Your Own Adventure

"AL is another piece of interactive fiction, this time, marked by a neon palette, aggressive furniture, and possessed household appliances."

Man, if my own couch doesen't eat a thing or three...

My written review featuring Coffee Talk

"Regardless of the setting’s appeal to players, it should be noted that Coffee Talk’s careful combination of bean-brewing and chillhop tracks are gratifying enough to stand on their own."

Above: an accurate representation of local Seattle journalism

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My written review featuring The Librarian

"The Librarian is a short point and click experience by Octavi Navarro beginning by means of ‘dark and story night’. As for what lurks in that night… it requires a bravery different than the kind needed to see through a whole cart of material being shelved properly."

Hey there,

This is a review I've written, featuring modern examples of pixel art available via In it, there is a bit dedicated to MANDAGON with my thoughts, praise, and critisism. If any of the other games speak to your interest, they're all free to download, about 30 min to an hour in length, and should run fine on low-spec computers.

Thanks for reading - let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for additional games/experiences

"MANDAGON presents an ambient and ancient-feeling landscape of platforms, its roots planted in mythology. The game’s music and sound design are intended to be meditative in nature, and spirits — whom you encounter — speak in short, rhyming verses."

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This is my written review of, what I thought, were some the most intriguing pixel art games  available via - each game/experience is free to download, 30 min to an hours in length, and should run adequately on low-spec computers.

However, if you are not interested in the review, here are the games listed:

Thanks for reading - let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for additional games/experiences

From MANDAGON by Blink Sky Studios

This is my recent written review highlighting, what I thought, were the most interesting 'walking-simulators' available via - each game/experience is free to download, 30 min to an hours in length, and should run adequately on low-spec computers.

However, if you are not interested in the review, here are the games listed:

Thanks for reading - let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for additional games/experiences

From LIEVE OMA by Florian Veltman

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My written review including LIEVE OMA

"Here, you spend an afternoon with your kindly grandmother who guides you on a walk — collecting mushrooms for supper, and offering advice for your challenges in coming of age."

Above - a winter walk, jumping further into your future
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My written review featuring The Endless Express

"Of note would have to be Endless Express’ soundtrack and characters — neither of which express an overarching story, but create an odd and cartoonish atmosphere . . . there is a sense that, maybe, this is a not a place completely part of consciousness."

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My written review featuring DREAMS OF BEING

" . . . Dreams of Being functions by subverting player’s expectations of ‘game’. Not unlike our own sleepy subconsciousness, the world is tied together through strange passageways, repeating symbols, and — without revealing the technique by which this is done — images familiar to the player."
Also, above, Iseeicy, accidentally, as a character in their own game while testing online features

Hey everyone,

I plan to partipate in this jam, and write stories/articles from time to time. I'm already working on some reviews for real games, and think it would be amusing to slip some fake ones in there as well. Let me know if this would interest you, as you could have an external link to post on your game's page showing what the press thinks. I would be disabling monetization, and would in no way profit from this - I only ask you give credit where it's due.

Good luck!

Are you aware our URL contains the word 'butt'?

Also, thanks for posting this - aside from the humor in it, it makes for good brainstorming

Within the app, as of now, it seems a little clunky removing games from collections. You first either need to go to your library, or a collection that has the target game... open the link the for game's page, hit add to collection, then manage collections, scroll through your collections, then hit remove.

I don't know how feasible this is, but I'd find it immensely more convenient having the manage collections options/tools available in the normal collections page when you mouse-over your titles. Or, at least, the option for it to act this way.

Happy to report things are now working exactly as intended, and refreshing syncs collections immediately

I'll setup a Twitter and DM you as soon as I get a chance to - thanks

I think, for me, new collections that I added were added in about 30min. The cached, but non-functioning collection I deleted persisted for longer than that, however.

Hi there,

I'm working on a review that would include this game, and while I was really excited about the concept, there's a few issues I'm experiencing. If you have the time, I'd appreciate the input.

Firstly, even when I disabled itch's sandbox mode, the game doesen't seem to be accessing my image files, even though they're stored in default Windows 'pictures' folder. It also didn't use any bookmark URLs, and I don't suspect anti-virus protection is the issue. Should I try installing to a different location? Could you explain how/where the game gathers external files from? My permissions show that the game should have 'full control'.

Secondly, based on a video that I watched, there should be a sigil placed on the side of a certain speaker. For me, though, it's not appearing. Reading the update logs, it looks like it may have been moved... I respect if you're asked enough times already for hints, but I've found every sigil but one, and feel I've scoured pretty deep.

Thanks, you've made an interesting experience

I'm sure this is uneeded/antiquated for some, but I noticed many games on itch contain their own .exe icons, and many of them are quite nice. I haven't noticed a way to create desktop icons for these games, except manually. So just a very small suggestion.


I don't know that this game is still supported, but would you/someone be willing to offer some suggestions to get it running? I've tried every combination of driver & filter, but keep receiving an error screen. I suspect that this may have to do with my monitor having an unusual aspect ratio (5:4), but I'm not sure how to address the problem.


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Hey there,

I'm new to itch and experiencing an issue where I created a game collection, deleted it, and am now finding that my 'Collections' tab is displaying an error because it's trying to access a list/collection that no longer exists. Problem is, I have more than one collection, and because of this issue, it's not displaying my other lists in the app either. I'm not sure that there is a solution available here, but I thought I bring this to someone's attention. I've tried ressarting the app to no avail. I can only assume there is some kind of cache that needs to be cleared, but I'm unsure how to do it, or where it's located.


Update: My other collections are now appearing, but my deleted one hasn't gone away yet

Another Update: Everything has fixed itself, so I guess collections are just updated much more slowly than I had expected them to