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Thanks for playing! I wholeheartedly agree about the movement feeling clunky. You can definitely tell that it was the most basic system I could come up with to let the player move around. I especially agree with the hook,since the functionality should be straightforward, but in practice it feels super inconsistent and frustrating. I appreciate the brutal honesty because it doesn't matter how good the tech in a game is if it isn't a good game.

I like that you point out what parts of the gameplay drew you in, like the swinging, falling into water, or heading towards a landmark of some kind. I'll definitely build that up in future versions. More gadgets are definitely a priority, and I like the X-ray idea. A similar item I had in mind was a 3D sonar (inspired by Little Echo!) that could give you hints about the terrain around you. Another idea is a pair of climbing picks that would let you scale steep or concave walls.

TBH it was a little too ambitious to make a fun demo in 1.5 months of dev time considering I didn't have a specific gameplay loop in mind

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Crazy good for 1 semester! Super creative, lots of attention to detail! The story was engaging. The physics of drawing are impressively consistent too! Yall even got a little loading animation! Hard to stop myself from gushing lol

If I had to be picky, there are some things you could improve on for sure. imo, Claire's dialogue at some parts becomes a little tedious to skip through, since so many of her messages are short and have to be skipped manually. Also, adding some sound design of any kind would be a huge benefit to this game, since  it feels oddly silent right now

Also, I would maybe add an "eraser" function if you want to remove one line you don't like inside the drawing pad? or some way to cancel one line. because the physics based puzzles can only be fully reset, which is annoying if you manually pushed stuff around to complete them

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Thanks for playing! The controls are included in the zip file: it's Q to view your vitals. I'm not sure if you used it, but the grappling hook (left/right click) makes it much faster to get around, and you can Sprint (shift) to increase your movement speed.

The monsters are not included in the Awards version of this game, as they were added after the submission deadline. After the 15th, I will upload that build here!

Thanks for your feedback on the movement, especially when in the water; seems like that's something I need to improve on!

Also if I may ask, was the frame rate / render distance good? I would love to know how the performance stacks up on other people's computers.

Love everything about this! My only complaint: fix the jump controls. Either tell us that z is the jump button or make spacebar/up arrow/w work too.

Super challenging and fresh. I love how simple tasks like getting onto a platform become major puzzles in this game. Cute graphics too.

Awesome sound design and really nice physics!

Thanks for playing! We never got to do sound because I was completely occupied 24/7 with coding things that were new to me (like voxels and world generation). Given more time, I would have 100% made more sound effects.

During our testing, we actually didn't have much of an issue with enemy spawning. You only have to use enemies as platforms to progress in about 10% of levels; usually, walljumping and ghost jumping are sufficient to reach almost any destination, and worst case scenario a single burst from the jetpack will more than make up for an enemy stomp. I hope you discovered the walljumping mechanic because we never stated it in game, and some of the people who we showed the game to didn't know they could jump off of walls!

Looks polished, plays smoothly, fun mechanic done well. Great job!

Thanks for playing, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! This game is definitely an early exploration of the falling mechanic. Without a larger level or more permanent aspects of the game that persist after falling, it does not feel quite right. 

My idea for future iterations is that once you fall down, you have to go through the level again to get back to where you were, but the changes you made on your first run are still there (ex. getting gold and items, damaging/changing terrain, breaking enemy spawners, looting) alongside additional changes that automatically happen over time to previously explored areas (such as decay, flooding, being taken over by a new type of enemies, etc.).

We definitely intend to keep evolving this concept in the near future.