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Alexander Taylor

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thank you! :pray:

i've heard of "ring fit adventure," but this is ridiculous

This is super cool of you <3

Happy you enjoyed it!

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Thanks for making this!

Loved it!

Sure, I have popped up a Windows build! Hope that's fine, I can't do any other platforms ATM.

Mouse look still requires you to hold right mouse button, though! I think if I continue with this I would like to experiment with you clicking in the scene to interact.

Thank you for playing! Glad you're having fun!

Love it!

You know, this might be the first time I've pressed F8 on this keyboard :)

I'm not sure if I was close to the end, or if there was an end, but I did a monumental Getting Over It fall!

7390 points. I didn't know what to do when the bomb came down!

One of the more fun takes on this idea for sure.

I like how you mixed it up with the change of environment. I think it would have been nice if it was a bit more experimental and the results more varied, but I appreciate this was a 2 day game jam!

My brain cannot handle these control switching  games.  I was never going to get past a laser :)

I also played it without really figuring out the symbols! Still enjoyed it in my own little way.

Definitely one of my favourites so far.

Fun game. Surprised by how many levels you've managed to make!

I really liked this. Went through a lot of emotions! Took me a lot of restarts but I finally managed to repair Quo-- I mean, the robot! He was pretty mean to me, but all was forgiven when I found him again and saw him propelling himself upwards.

Thank you.

I agree, a fast-forward button would help a lot. As well as being able to choose which permutation to test.

You don't really get to use it, but processes can call other processes and it should handle recursion. In theory anyway!

Hehe, I'm not sure if it's perfect but thank you for your kind words!

Nice game. I snapped!

This is why I only check my work email like once a week :)

Very funny, some of that QWOP quirkiness.

It took me 77 seconds to prove to your game that I can handle a big snake. Would've been faster but it tied itself into a knot meters from the gate!

Very nice! I think I managed to soft-lock myself by having a platform ride away with my switch :x

Is there a reset button? Well, it's a game jam. Good job!

Cool, I played it to the end. I did have a surprising amount of anxiety pacing up and down.

Glad everything worked out :)

I could only make it to level 5! Good game.

You may! So, they are randomly generated.  It throws down noise, carves out a slot for the target piece (making sure the walls and "floor" are solid), and then makes sure no row already has lines. Not very elegant but it works!

It does have some other rules like making the first few levels increase linearly in height before going random, and from level 5+ it will start rotating the piece randomly before carving it upwards. :)

I think this was the first game jam I've done where I judged the scope well. Usually I try to get mechanics done on day one which I did. And when it came to content and art... Well, I did not have any! So I got to pop this one in the can quite early.

The hardest part was the level generation algorithm, making a tetris board one-step from a line that looked organic was harder than I expected. And I had to bug fix it after my first post-upload play because it generated impossible levels for the I-block!