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Sure go ahead, please credit ZenMode with a link somewhere in your normal credits list, would be super cool to see a link back here :)

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However I found a few bugs:

1. When a road crosses the wall there is no break in the wall

2. The rivers never quite reach the sea

3. The walls don't meet back at the starting point

4. The building types are not specified? (e.g. Castle)

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Hi I wrote a Godot 4 city loader for your awesome app which can be found here:

Felt like I was only using money to heal, but the presentation was nice

I didn't really understand how to play  🤔

I felt like the game ramped up in difficulty too fast. I also couldn't really find enemies in the first wave to finish it so it felt a little slow and then suddenly way too fast

The dice roll spells, perhaps I should have been more clear.

1st is Spell type

2nd is Spell power

3rd is Spell duration

The dice roll spells, perhaps I should have been more clear.

1st is Spell type

2nd is Spell power

3rd is Spell duration

The game page seems to be empty?

I was unable to run this on my Macbook Pro 2019

I played this on a Macbook pro 2019. The game didn't run at first, but I used a terminal to `chmod u+x` the executable and then it ran. However it was very laggy and I was unable to actually play the game. I was getting around 2fps. It's a shame because the graphics actually looked really nice.

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Thanks for the linkback, glad to see someone using as a base!


Thank you for the nice feedback 😊

It was more about having that huge expanse of space with the one lonely house, nice image and feeling it gives the viewer

Oh that's nice to know, thank you :)

Would it be possible to add a `tiny` population density option? I really love those maps where it's mostly wilderness with just one or two houses, but it takes a while to find them by regenerating over and over.

I used it here :)

Hey this generator is great!

I would find it really helpful if there was some way to export the layers individually.

I.e. a layer with trees, a layer with roads, a layer with houses, a layer with lights, a layer with terrain features.

Hey, we used your Santa sprites for this game :)

Would be cool if the black squares filled in behind you when you collect a new sphere. That way you can add a puzzle style to the game.

Thank you for playing! 🤗

Thank you for your nice feedback! 

Unfortunately we started a little late, otherwise it would have been more polished and harder to get lost 😅

Nice art, but I didn't feel like this had any winter themes.

Cute game