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Tavern Tale Studio

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Okay! Deal then. Hope we can see more of your games around <3 congrats again!

We are very happy it was a good experience! Thank you so much for participating :D

What is your Discord username? So we can message you to choose the keys!

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The results of the Tavern Tale Jam 2024 are up! Check out the winners and the ranking on the following link:

  1. How Teardrops Turn into Rainfall (by Miff Kebab Studios)
  2. Bonsai Terrarium (by TauaMonteiro, AshensDream, jordyRG, Henrique Moraes and Victor_Teodoro)
  3. Miniature Mayhem (by iamapea)

Our congratulations for the winners, and a good job everyone! All the games were amazing and had potential, we hope that it is only a single step in your game dev journey.

We will reach the winners on Discord private so they can choose their keys (in order of ranking). We hope it was a good experience, and that you enjoyed it as much as we did! We hope to do more of those in the future, so let's keep sharing our tales!

Be sure to join our Discord if you haven't already!

Hey! The judges are currently giving their feedback to each game, so we expect that by February 25th we will be releasing the results and the owners :D

Yes, it will have! We will reveal it one hour before the jam starts ;)

Thank you!!

oh yeah, the first level is just enough frustration and hard, we are really glad you liked it :)

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This is really heartwarming and encouraging. We deeply appreciate this <3 so stay close by, we have some amazing games in the making!!