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Hey connor was wanting to update you- this is my focus right now, its just become a thing where explaining dungeons has necessitated introducing other rules as well. i think the section is coming along really nicely but didn't want you to think i had forgotten... it's just grown larger than i expected.

Hey! I'm currently in layout hell working on assembling the final PDF and Ive just been proofreading and adding things as I go to that. But I can get the Dungeon rules up in a few days. Were there any other bits missing that your table needs?

Thanks! Yeah most of the early rules are directly from the Blades SRD and I thought I'd got all of them. I'm currently in the process of doing layout and constructing the final draft.

I am so tired but.. I think its 45 combinations? provided you can't pick the same weapon twice.

Hey all!

I got a sudden influx of people on this project which is great and always helps me find motivation on a project. However, I also know that in a week's time I am going to get DEVOURED by Baldur's Gate 3.

So I'm gonna get the book out by then.

Now I don't want to overpromise so let's talk about what to expect and what is still incoming. The next update will bring the game to a fully playable state and will be able to be run like any other Forged in the Dark game. What will be missing are my section's on running the game, overlord sheets, and the folio of foes. The game can be run without any of these sections and I think each will be improved by waiting to write them until we do more playtesting on the core of the game. More feedback and hands-on experience will allow me to write how to run it better while also giving y'all a chance to ask questions I may need to address in the future.

As for Overlord sheets and the Foe-lio, I'm designing much of the game to be fairly modular. If you wanted to run a one-shot or shorter campaign of the game then you can easily remove aspects of the game that won't need a spotlight shined on them. In a longer game where you really want to let the Overlords grow as threats, their sheets give them playbook style abilities to make them greater threats. And any foe in a FitD game be represented by their tier and a clock, the Folio will give examples of creatures, questions you can ask your players to let them fill in blank spaces about them in the world, as well as options for modifying them.

Now while the game will be fairly feature complete, the layout is going to remain bare-bones with only a small amount of art. I've actually been working a lot on my art lately and hopefully will be able to bring that to the game in the future.  But for now the game will remain mostly a text document.

When this next update releases the game will be increasing to $15- as always with, you early adopters will keep access and never have to pay anything more, although it's always appreciated, this is the final warning before that cutoff if you want to introduce the game to any friends before that time.

Those two are lined up for some point and I've got a few notions about them. Right now I mainly want to make sure the rest of the game is singing before I add in any more playbooks

Go ahead and ask if you need clarification or found a blank space that needs to be filled.

I am glad the game is connecting with you two. If you are up to it, I'd love to hear about the stories you two created.

This game is great. It is very small but filled up a whole night with my friends and I. The only thing I'd say is make sure you know the difference between > and < because we are all dumb gays and had it backwards for half the game...

I hope it is fun and helpful.

I'd like to include two of my games into this:

Wonderlust community · Created a new topic Maps

A simple thread to post any maps you would like to provide for players of this game.