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Yay! another one for my collection of most loved games <3

This was a fun play! I really enjoyed it. I got a good little kick out of the use of "Battle of Trees" - Tori Amos instramental during the flashback of the feast before the war. it felt very fitting, and naturally, I had to go listen to the song on spotify after.

Super happy to hear things are going well and work has been fulfilling.

I haven't been able to read your beautiful updates for a while, cause the tyranical 4s kicked off with a real bang, and the Dragon has been keeping me on my toes, so not as much free time while trying to keep up with projects, and testing phases for upcoming releases I helped in supporting.

You've had a few good rough patches, but I'm glad to see you're doing better! hope every day is more fulfilling than the last. keep up the good fight, and don't forget to take care of yourself. your health and happiness is what's most important ^_^

yay! I'm super hyped! grats on super smashing the KS goal ^_^

Thankies for the update! no worries on the lateness. stuff happens, and yeah, gotta apreciate the patience and dedication of sales clerks. Manning the register can be anything, but fun.

stay Healthy and remember to take breaks. don't push yourself too hard.

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Thank you for the update, and glad to hear you're able to break through. remember not to push yourself too hard & stay healthy.

a belated Happy Birthday! hope it's been a great week for you and yours!

always remember to have good rest, and don't overwork yourself ^_^

It makes perfect sense to me. we had little old ladies from the Red Hat Society try something similar during the fair days every year trying to get a bit of extra money for the auction. There were also those oh, so smart teens who thought that they could come in and claim they were there to pick up the payout for their parents... we kept an Exel with names, dates, times, phone numbers, and payment details for this reason. I hate phones now because of it. so many awkward phonecalls to people asking if they gave some kid permission to cash out on their consignment sales, just to get asked if my mommy knew I was making prank calls, because I sound like a 6 year old on the phone. my mom still thinks it's hilarious, because I can't even set up my own internet without someone verifying that I'm actually an adult, or talking to my husband.

Also, no worries, I'm equally bad at explaining things. god forbid I tell a story or a joke during a stream, because I'm literally all over the place, and lose track of myself while trying to explain how the event of the story came about. NEVER ask me for directions for getting to anywhere either. I can look at the sign that says can goods are on isle 7 and still accidentally send ya to frozen goods on isle 12. Yes, I have gotten lost trying to find my way out of a paper bag. it's okay though, people still love me... I think. rofl

Jokes, and terrible stories aside though, I'm glad the story helped! keep on hanging in there, fighting spirit! It does gets easier. no less stressful or confusing when situations crop up unexpectedly, but easier to survive. I'm always happy to share all sorts of funny/terrible life experiences if it helps.

Rooting for you,


I had a similar task when I was working in my mom's consignment shop. except it was clothes, jewelry, and consigners. not something one would normally expect a highschooler who couldn't even keep track of their art supplies, much less anything else to be able to do. excel is both a savior, and a nightmare, but I couldn't even image doing any of what your job entails on paper!! I practically lived in the local Ace Hardware when my grandma was building her house. it was a small building, and there never seemed to be a moment for anyone working there to rest.

Also! Your mother-in-law sounds like a very nice, and very wise woman. I had to lose  the consignment notebook 4 times before I was allowed to touch the store's laptop. (it wasn't on purpose! I swear! they kept getting mixed in with my homework, because I can't work without doodling on something, so every notebook I touched came away doodled)

anyways, it sounds like it's tiring, but enjoyable work! Thankies for the update, and always remember to take your time and rest well ^_^

Thanks for the update! there's no rush. where I'm concerned, the best games are always the ones created by those who are willing to take the extra time; even if it means that the released gets pushed back a bit. so, I'm more than happy to wait if it means I'll get to enjoy an already great story even more.

YAY! It's finally happened without further delays, or freak global disasters to push things back again! I'm super happy for you and your family, and wish your elder a lifetime more of happy, healthy years!

Please, be sure to take your time and relax! No doubt you has lots to do as is, so don't feel pressured to work if you're not feeling up to it. Health is wealth, and stress is like an angry loanshark who will take it away!

all that aside, you and your family all look gorgeous and happy! It's a great pleasure to get to see such an important moment. so thank you, and enjoy this time! ^_^

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I haven't played yet, but just seeing another Demonheart game in the making is exciting! I'm still, slowly, working my way through all of the routs of  Demonheart: Hunters. and still trying to figure out how I always end up with Brash in the end of Demonheart.... apparently I just like his crude humor, and terrible personality too much??

Previous games aside, I'm really looking forward to this new view of the world!

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for the sake of refresh, I start a new file every time new episode drops, and every time it gets to "He's smiling at me in a way that leaves me unsure if he wants to stabe me or seduce me" I think. "Damon, you only get to stab with one of your implements.  pick one, but remember that chosing the wrong one will get the other cut off" XD

great progress! just remember to take your time and has fun with it, and rest well! I pray for your family meeting! can't lie, family meeting with inlaws can be hella scary for me! especially when it comes to the elders of the two families meeting. grandparents are the scarriest, because "I wanna hold my great grandbaby before I die. how long are you going to make me wait?!" comes up in every conversation in some way or another. I think my maternal grandmother was the only one who was like "don't make me a great grandma too soon. I still wanna live a long time! so don't make me feel old!" XD

Q&A this time is hilarious!! I has a question for thems this time!! "If dared, would you wear a big foofy dress?!" I think Kahlil would look absolutely adorable dressed up like a princess.

Always happy to be of help and support!

Life is good here. Ah! and here's a good laugh to help lift the day: my 3 year old is becoming more articulate, but he's chosen to speak in colors...  and sometimes numbers. I has my own little Jujutsu Kaisen child lol. Most of the day is spent running around the house yelling things like " 2! 2! 2! YELLOW! GREEN! BLUE! RED! 10! 6!" at the top of his lungs. 

hopes you have a wonderful start of the week!

remember to take good care of yourself ^_^


I think it's pretty good for an early puzzle without time limit. definitely gives right feel for doing a puzzle in a dark place. far as I can see from the image it's quite dark, but doesn't seem like it's too dark to be able to complete.

as for everything else, don't over think it. it's usually when you stress yourself out over something like that, that there are generally mistakes. when I'm having difficulty with a post when Roleplaying with a friend, I find it's easier to settle and make progress when I take a moment to meditate on the scene, and the characters involved. closing your eyes for a moment and letting everything unfold in your mind, before trying to put it onto paper/word doc/etc. can be enlightening, and sometimes there's unexpected inspiration to be found. otherwise it might be good to get outside help; like if you have a writing buddy you enjoy working with, who will take on a role you're struggling with. reading through how someone else aproaches the same character might give new insight into your own approach.

I hope that helps a little! I'm glad things are going better now! just remember to take breaks, and enjoy yourself. ^_^

Holy moly! that's a scary scene. I hope that you and your family will get good news soon. no worries about the updates. the safety of the fam is WAY more important. I wish we lived closer together, so I could send my brother and brother-in-law your way. they're good workers, and very experienced with jobs like this. especially my brother-in-law, cause the ranchhouse his family is in right now was build by my sister's grandfather way back yonder 100 years ago almost, and the damn place has a new leak every time they turn around. lol

Hoping you'll have good news for yourselves, and much safety soon!

we.... wedding day itenerary brochures! I helped my mom make hers. part of why we just went to the judge with our marriage certs and called it good XD

I really hope that everyone will be okies with the roof stuffies going on. an upside to it though, is that the termite nest was exposed and will be taken care of before there was a major accident. Nothing is more important that the safety and health of you and your family, so take care, and no worries about updates! I promise none of us will die that easily without it ^_^

Hoping for only good things to come your way



PS. I'm with Arya on this one.

Give it 10 years, your feet will still hurt at the memory... probably still hurt 10 - 15 years after, but for other reasons lol. wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment with the flasts though! whoever invented heels was a psychopath!! or else some sort of torture method inventing genius! or both! now... if  we could just find someone to make flats with good tred life would be perfect!

I'm really glad I can be here to show my supports! much loves!

My streaming community has a saying for this! "It's not a pro-stream if there aren't some technical issues!" except that it's a photoshoot rather than live gaming or arting.

sometimes it's these silly little hickups and setbacks that make these moments the most memorable! might be stress inducing, and inconvenient now, but down the road you'll be telling the kids and/or grandkids about it, and it'll be the funniest thing. Overall I'm glad to hear everything turned out well. Thankies for sharing a pic with us too!! the forest scene is beautiful, and the dress is absolutely lovely! I don't envy your having to hike in that. my legs hurt just imagining it.

yay! patience is paying off! I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future. no rush though. good things are always worth waiting for ^_^

Have fun with wedding stuffies! be sure to have fun with it, and use your free time to recharge and relax. we won't die if you take time for stuffies. RL is important, and most especially when it regards family.

Hope your week is awesome!

Poor Mia. I know how she feels. I used to spend 5 hours working at a shop counter.

Maybe they're friendly.. at least 1 of them looks like they wanna stab, and another looks like they might take a bite outa ya.... guy in the middle might be able to turn ya into an ice sculputure with that look... lol

Really looking forward to playing full game. Ty for the update ^_^

Oh! what a great little hint! I'm looking forward to seeing everything in full ^_^

also 75% is still a good bit of progress. I vote for a solid like Reksa's. I really loved that fight ^_^

Remember take good breaks, and don't overwork yourself!

XD I foresee playdates for Kahlil and Rama that will include some form of tomfoolery that will probably drive a lot of people up the wall, while the 'adults' have funny conversations with wife conparisons in the futures of Mitra and Guntur.

There might be some sort of mini-war between Arya and Reksa, before they decide to get along....

Also... I can totally see Kahlil intentionally switching out Arya's sunscreen for suntan lotion after this...

AH! Thank you! I really wanted to see the romance between this pair!! <3

okay.. so... Arya is a virgin. Confirmed!

Guntur is NOT, or really good at covering it XD

Kahlil.... Kahlil seems to be the least likely to be a virgin, but is probably actually a virgin. thus the running away XD

sad endings are sad, but a nescesary evil! imagine Kahlil dressed up as a sparkly unicorn complete with glittery tutu for a pick-me-up.

Anyways.... glad to hear progress! remember breaks, and healthiness though. no overworkings ^_^

That hat.... I'm betting the original owner of that hat is looking for it... probably using locating it as an excuse to flirt about. Gui certainly seems the type...

Honestly I was a bit torn between blind play, and hearts on everything flirty regardless. in the end I chose the one that was more troll XD

hehehe wonder who it was that was brave enough, and stuck the postit note to his forehead.

Grats on 1K!! it's a great game!!

Keep up the good works, and be sure to remember to take breaks regularly. Sorry to hear about the muscle pulling. hope you recover quickly, and don't overdo it ^_^

Big spoon little spoon... Arya glad he wears a mask once he understands! bet it takes a bit of focusing on other things to calm down... up until Kahlil brings it up again. probably in the form of a bad spoon joke. the giggle fits are real! my husband is lookin at me like I've gone off the deep end.

Guntur definitely too big to be the little spoon, but the image is still cute! if not a tiny bit awkward.

can see Kahlil being a sandwich more than a spoon. definitely the snuggly filling in the sandwich! kinda made me imagine them sleep piling like the croods, except it would be giant Arya wolf curled up with Maya, Kahlil, and Gunter snuggled up.

the ear blowing made me giggle. there is much pouncing; and apparently Arya is a nibblybiter... that's good to know, but he should be prepared to be bitten in turn... just saying XD

I love Kahlil's personality. He's a lot like me in some ways, so I can't help, but see him as a button pusher. especially since Arya is my favorite type of person to push buttons on. something wholely satisfying about pushing the buttons of the prickly ones... until they have to take action, and then it's time to run away giggling madly!

Having had 2 caesarians... it's not actually that bad. although sitting up on your own is a pain in the rear. definitely a good idea to get tested to make sure you're not allergic to either the staples or the stitches. my first time, they ignored my metal alergy, and I ended up dealing with infections. would definitely reccomend trying for natural birth first... and NOT looking when they're preping for epidural. O_O I will never not have nightmares. I've never heard of farsightedness and going blind trying to have a natural birth either... kinda strange. makes sense in a strange way. I have astigmatism, a lazy eye, and I was told farsightedness... basically, if my eyedoctor wasn't an amazing, kind person I'd be linses that are thicker than the bottom of an old school soda bottle.

we have the lost things in common! I'll spend an hour looking for a lost sippy cup, and then open the laundry room door, and find it sitting in front of the dryer, even though I had put it up on top of the back of the stove, before it went missing. good piece of advice. or my glasses.... or my phone.... or a library book.... silverwear.... my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders...

as to where I live... I'm in what's essentially the Ninja state in the US. I say that because people often mix up Idaho, with Iowa, or Ohio... both in name, and location, which is comical because Geography is something we started learning clear by in the second grade. if we make it into the news, it's for a major forest fire, or there's some sort of string of freak deaths. It's a very mountainous place, with lots of great hunting, and fishing. Lots of great places for Kyaking, and whitewater rafting too. if you ever end up on the west coast of the states during the summer I can reccomend a nice spot to float the river, which is pretty relaxing. my home town is actually situated along a pretty sizable river. if you ever get the chance, I would reccomend ordering Huckleberry candy, namely liqourice. I can't reccomend elderberries, sadly, cause there's nowhere I know of that sells elderberry juice... seems to be something only my grandma makes.

As per spoils... yes, it's probably better to not hehe. I can live with relying on my imagination until release time, and then I will joyfully share the whole, wonderful experience with my communtiy!

Always a great pleasure, SweetChiel <3

much loves,


The struggle of the in-laws is real. It can be a battle at times. know it all to well lol. I can't even lie and say it will get easier... especially once there are babies involved. parents turned grandparents seems to be programmed for spoiling... and backseat parenting. whatever you do, don't leave the kitchen or baby room unguarded when the time comes!! you probably wont be able to find things anymore XD

I'm glad I could make your day, though! I largely grew up in small, backwater towns, and a lot of the boys I went to school with tried to behave like they were gangster/whatevers from a big city, so I got to hear all sorts of fun, if not butchered, slang. the use of "digits" never fails to get a good giggle. especially when someone would try to brag about slipping their phone number to a girl by way of "I slipped her some digits" and everyone would misunderstand XD

I didn't think about it, but you're totally right. poor Maya would be the tomato in the end! poor girl would be eaten up XD

I've always loved eastern wedding traditions with picking the date and such. aside from showing off how fat or empty your wallet is by wasting money on an over-the-top white dress that will be considered "cursed" if you get a divorce later, there's not much to our traditions here. I literally got married in a courthouse by the judge who presided over both of my sibblings hearings when they got in trouble, with my parents as witnesses, because my sibblings couldn't be trusted to take the event seriously, and my mother-in-law didn't want us to get married, becauses I was taking away her only live-in choreslave. I wore black slacks and a white button-up shirt, and my husband did the same (only because my mom threw a fit about us not at least pretending to dress up)... actually, I think I actually got married in the same room where my brother and sister were given community service and time in Juvinile detention lol

anyways.... That aside.... 

no worries on the progress. sorry vaccine made you sicky for a bit, but it sounds like you're recovering well, so I'm happy that you're doing okies at leasts.

I have a question for Kahlil... I hope he knows that "getting digits" is slang used for picking up chicks... getting phonenumbers. I could actually kinda see him hitting on Arya just to annoy him, because it would be funny, and there's not much Arya could/would do to him, because it'd be too much of a hastle to chase him down to beat him up, but yeah... roflmao

Also, we need to get Maya use that last one on Guntar. I bet it would have a greater affect XD namely turning the tips of his ears red; especially accompanied by a little cheeksmooch!

Sorry to hear about wedding delay, but who knows, it might have been a blessing in disguise. Think of it this way: it gives more opportunities to save up and have an even better wedding and/or honeymoon than initially planned. nothing can stop what's mean to be!

I think my favorite reaction is probably Arya. he can be grumpy as he wants, but I don't doubt he secretly enjoyed the headpats from the start XD

can see Kahlil being like a kitten. once they headpats, and ear scratches start they won't be allowed to end til he's satified, otherwise there will be much adorable retaliation and pouting. at the same time... it's dangerous to completely satisfy kitty scritches! lol

Guntur I wouldn't be able to just headpats... he's too much of a teddy not to snuggles!

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The dynamic of Guntur and Kahlil would fit perfectly into my family, cause my sisters are like Kahlil, in that they will adopt anything they find on the street. especially Kitties, and puppies. and despite my mother's best efforts.... she can't put her foot down when it comes to so many pairs of sad puppy/kitty eyes begging for permission XD

I'm sure Guntur puts in his best efforts too... but there's no winning XD I love Guntur's character though. big-o-teddy!! <3

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It is times like these where a girl needs extra strength hot cocoa! with lots of extra marshmallows whipped cream, and chocolate syrup! I say this, cause eating/drinking cold things is bad for your body during that time of the month T~T it makes cramping worse, especially icecream T~T

also, love this question! could see Kahlil dragging home anything left outside unattended claiming it's a stray and begging to keep it with big, doe eyes and crocodile tears.

I had a similar incident in the middle of weight lifting class in high school... at the start of my cycle. you'd think I randomly started dying like one of the people from the Cloverfield movie... minus the motion sickness inducing camera. later it was funny, because I was the only girl in class, and literally everyone panicked.

anyways! more importantly...

hearing that you've been super inspired is great! I hope you have a wonderful wedding, and a long honeymoon!

Also, I absolutely fell in love with Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones, and the content of Bermuda that's currently playable, so I doubt there's any way that the completed story will be anything but satisfying. I'm super happy, so take your time and enjoy! ^_^

I know that pain! I know it well!! too well... up until I had my first boy there would be cycles when I would cramp so bad my family damn near sent me to the ER, or if it wasn't cripling I'd be in a terrible mood, and nobody wanted to be anywhere near because heaven forbid. lol

anways, glad to hear about the progress. been waiting with baited breath all this time. really looking forward to release <3 <3

good luck and keep up the great work, but more than anything, remember take breaks and enjoy life ^_^