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A very interesting concept with a change of role to a killed enemy. Keep it up. Good job.

Good game. Everything is clear and easy to understand, while interesting.

The only large intervals of reloading between shots, because of which it was necessary to wait near the targets sometimes. And an outstanding soundtrack.

Great job for the first time.

In our first job, you wouldn't be able to figure it out at all without a mug of intoxicating.

Nice visual, simple and intuitive gameplay. There was not enough complication as the game progressed. Thanks for the work.

In the meantime, you can get acquainted with what we have done in the past and be touched by the progress. Thanks for playing.

I'll watch your... where are your games?

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Pleasant presentation and gameplay. Keep up the good work.

Everything was well assembled, animated and implemented. Keep it up.

Here smart people suggested making one key to switch between subjects. It's strange that we didn't think of it ourselves. Thank them to you. And thanks for playing

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing.

Your game can boast not only visual.

A very dynamic platformer with a nice visual and physics. There are not enough sounds of course. You're doing great, honey.

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Wa! The guy who did detailed dialogues. How do you manage to express your thoughts in such a detailed way? You're good.

Thanks for the advice, dear. I'll try to work on the balance a little later.

There is no problem with your skills. I couldn't pass it either)

Thanks for playing. Let's rest with the coder and sit on the balance

A little later I will try to supplement and develop all this. Thanks for playing.

Glad to try.

Let's rest and a little later I'll sit on the balance and visual. Thanks for playing.

Damn. And you've come up with a great idea.

*Strenuously writes down ideas in a notebook*

Thank you, dear

I'm tired of balancing this. Let's have a little rest and post updates. I'll try to add contrast and diversify the visual as you progress. There are rudiments for this, thanks to the coder. We will continue to try. Good luck.

The encoder made it possible to spawn objects of the rear and specify different speeds for them. Thanks to him. We will continue to try.

You have a good dog. I'm sorry, I made her overeat and lie on her back. I don't know if it's meant to be that way or not, but the dog also moves around the screen with the mouse.

Pleasant visual, well-created music atmosphere, soothing gameplay. You did well.

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Stupid Developers clearly did not bother with the balance. I still can't pass it.

If you succeed, share your success

Thank you, dear

I'm curious what will happen.

Good luck. May the clean lines of code and more free time come with you.

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If you don't understand something, then it's my fault. *Google translator

Hi! We participated in the winter jam with the same team of two people.

Yesterday we thought about the concept. We decided to make a platformer because we have never made a game in this genre in 4 projects...

We want to track our growth over these six months.

But today, having seen how many platformers are being prepared, we decided to think about the end by changing it...

See you tomorrow. In the meantime, keep what we managed to do. *It will be recycled* *INC*

Thank you. Good suggestion. I'll try to correct it.

The game reminded Legend of Keepers with significant differences. Pleasantly surprised.

The soundtrack made me smile from ear to ear.

Truly a game made with a soul!

2.5 D product. Interesting. But at some point my goblins escaped from the dungeon. Deserters!

Wow! Everything was fine ... until I realized that it is possible to go to the exit without any interruptions without pressing the buttons .

A chic concept. Great job with finding the way.

An interesting way to manage. You can develop well.

Very voluminous work. It is worth working on the management and could not guess what to do.

Whoa! Super-smart on the author. 5 stars for creativity.

Nice visual . There is a small cut scene. Only I never guessed what my task was and it's worth reducing the collider at the door a little.

A curious good job. It's nice to play and easy to understand.

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