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Created a new topic Questions? Problems? Stuck?

I hope you are enjoying "HOW TO MAKE GAMES with PICO-8". Should you ever be stuck on a page or have problems understanding something, please let me know in here so I can help you and improve the specific page. Thank you!

Created a new topic Showcase your games!

I would love to see screenshots or GIFs from the games you created by following this book in this thread. Please share them and let us see what you came up with! Use F3 in PICO-8 to set the starting point of a video and F4 to save the video to your desktop.

Hi, Cesco.
Not yet, but probably very soon. I will be posting a Dev-Update once it is (I want to have the digital file complete before that so I know about the exact number of pages).

Thank you for your interest!

Definitely, as soon as it's complete and printed. I will let you guys know here on itch!

"Press 'X' to start the game and use the arrow keys to control the vehicle." ;)
But you are right - I should probably name it "X" in the game as well.

Hey, MatrixCat. The book is now finally available for pre-order on itch.io!