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Oh my, thanks for pointing that out!

Glad to hear. Skin-tones is my most important, but unfortunately most difficult task for Pixel-Me.  Hope to be able to come up with it soon.

Thanks for your wishes. It would be possible, but require you to use InDesign. Do you own a copy? I would love to implement the texts for you (and maybe even the public), but with my current situation I am afraid I'd  probably never manage to make it :/

Regarding the toning of the characters: That's exactly what I am trying to do. I want to add a color-field that you can use to set the characters skin-tone by setting it to a specific color. If I get this to work properly, it could get extended to eye-color and clothes as well.

I already have transparent backgrounds on my list, shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm sure v1.2 is going to bring a lot of neat features.

Thanks for your feedback!

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That is something I've got very high on my list. I made some african portraits in the past, but had to do so manually. I am working on a solution to automate that for the app. I'll keep you updated! Trello is not open to be edited by the public, unfortunately,  but I'll add your request right away.

Yes, luckily offers support for sending out Steamkeys to existing users and I will happily use that. Glad to see you onboard!

Hope you enjoy the game. Post your highscores in your comments!

That  depends on the age. I'd say anything beyond 11 might work. However, I just added a smaller body to the Requests-list, as that might strongly enhance the childish look. Will try to add it to the tool ASAP.

Just added your request to
Will be considered for the next update. Thank you!

Dear readers, followers, buyers of the book.

I am very, very sorry about the massive delay the book had to take. My wife got a terrible medical diagnosis last year and we have been going through the worst time of our lifes for about a year now. The impact on my life completely bailed me out of anything; having to take care of her, her treatment and the kids alongside a fulltime job didn't leave much room for much.

Please excuse me for not letting you know about the delays earlier - I have been hoping for things to get back to normal way sooner than they did (we're actually still far from normal, but at least back to stable) or me finding some spare time.

The last weeks and months have been better, though she is still suffering from the results of the therapy, but I am hopeful that things will get back to normal soon.

I totally understand each and every of you asking for a refund and I am very sorry for the loss that has been generated due to  the delay that cannot be helped with a refund, espescially when it comes to kids waiting for the book. For refunds, please contact me at

However, this does not at all mean that I am going to give up. I plan to upload a new version of the existing first part including fixes during the next two weeks and hope to have the book completed before the end of july. It is difficult for me to find a balance between taking care of my family, which includes generating an income and the completion of the book,  but I will do my best.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay and, if possible, please stick to the project.

All the best,


I hope you are enjoying "HOW TO MAKE GAMES with PICO-8". Should you ever be stuck on a page or have problems understanding something, please let me know in here so I can help you and improve the specific page. Thank you!

I would love to see screenshots or GIFs from the games you created by following this book in this thread. Please share them and let us see what you came up with! Use F3 in PICO-8 to set the starting point of a video and F4 to save the video to your desktop.

Hi, Cesco.
Not yet, but probably very soon. I will be posting a Dev-Update once it is (I want to have the digital file complete before that so I know about the exact number of pages).

Thank you for your interest!

Definitely, as soon as it's complete and printed. I will let you guys know here on itch!

"Press 'X' to start the game and use the arrow keys to control the vehicle." ;)
But you are right - I should probably name it "X" in the game as well.

Hey, MatrixCat. The book is now finally available for pre-order on!