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Tell that to celeste ;)


Thanks for playing sakul :D

The rockets absolutely suck!

Heh, the video saw a leap in views when the jam started :D

That's dedication... I appreciate it. We ran out of time unfortunately ><

Apologies we didn't find enough time to actually put something there! :D

Thanks Froissant :) I do hope you come back

Great feedback my guy! Particularly like the boost from explosion. The sentience (brain) power was very rushed unfortunately... we had big plans for it but the time constraint got us :D

Thanks for playing!

Awesome! Lovely little street and music. The leash flopping around was really cool too.

Damn man! You achieved a lot in 48 hours. Well done

We certainly needed to communicate the abilities a bit better, especially the charge throw. Thanks for playing and abusing the levels! :D

I totally agree. I did place a bit of artificial roll assistance in the game depending on the level requirement, but it wasn't enough most of the time. You should come back in a few weeks and give it another try after we spend a day improving it :)

Yay! Thanks for playing. That was fun

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Thanks Anderson! Very little sleep 😂

...dude, that's a good idea

The fact you got that far playing on a potato shows dedication

It was a joy reading your experience before and after the devlog. Hopefully the steam version will give you everything you wish (I promise we'll do something with the easter egg room).

The sentience mechanic is interesting! The damn cube floats all over the place but you certainly could use it that way.

It brings joy to my heart knowing you abused the mechanics  to cheese the game. Think outside the... cube

Agreed, the audio was an absolute mess, lol!

Glad you enjoyed it!
This was my very first jam actually :D

This has been the most technical game I've played this jam. I love the bounding box outline effect!

Really awesome stuff man! Rated

We almost made it a shooter >< Lucky!

Thanks Mandy ❤

I love hearing about people abusing the levels :D 

And yeah, nick was like "brb I need to go make some noise" 😂

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This is just my type of game, very cool. The music was dark, spooky and chill. Well done! Rated!

Thanks potassium bro

100% agree with the cube distance, it can get in the way sometimes. Thanks for playing CPU!

I wanted to so bad, but it came down to fixing some bugs or adding webgl. Stressed for time!

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I look so damn scruffy there. Man was I tired... Meanwhile nick is looking fresh and ready to go.

Edit: lol, that video title...

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Absolutely love the aesthetics. The use of shadows was just fantastic. Would have been nice to hold a direction to move, but other than that it was fun! Rated :)

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I've never seen a mechanic quite like that. Makes you play in an unfamiliar way. Well done. Rated!

Thanks mate! It certainly needed a bit of refinement on the dice throwing.

I'm impressed you got there at least ;)

Try to imagine the easter egg we wanted to put there but didn't have time :D

Loved the twitch clip! :D

Exploiting is part of the fun

The damn missiles! 9/10 bugs have been missiles, heh. Thanks mate!

Sorry for the lack of accessibility options. Thank you for sticking through till the end <3

Damn, that rocket bug is a total bummer >< Sorry about that.

I've found throwing the cube at the rocket is the best way to get through. To avoid to softlock make sure you don't pickup the cube after dying (which should be impossible anyway :D)

Thanks bb. Your game was great too

Abusing powers was what we hoped people would do :D We really wanted to add more sentience puzzles (green brain), but alas... game jam struggles