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This is a really exceptional and very ambitious game for a gamejam! It really deserves to be developed to polish just to realize the vision of its creator. Bravo, excellent work!

This was very amusing! ^_^

Excellent rewind mechanic!

This is a REALLY GREAT and AMAZING game! Bravo!

I was hooked from beginning to end. You really have something special here.

Who made the graphics and animation?

That's really amazing! It's really REALLY good!

If you have the blue orb then you can start jumping.

Who made the graphics and how?

go left?

I reached 113 kills. Is there an end to it?

Instantly fell in love with the visual art style. Very well done and creative. Good job!

I like how everything moves like it's stop motion, but that kinda hurt the responsiveness of the game.

Now here's a truly awesome concept, wish a very fitting setting, and a sleek presentation. This would truly be an awesome full fledged game. But I don't think the timing mini-game is particularly fitting. It doesn't relate much to the theme.

Still, you're on to something special here.

Fun game with good graphics and theme usage. Nice surprises with multi roofs. I think you can really build a decent game out of this concept. But you ruined it with that last level.

What are the controls?

I can't steer it.

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