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I went to bret's house but i got the option 'Walk to your room saying nothing and flick your tail in his direction"

I feel like that would be a pretty long walk just to get laid in my own bed but i think what is more likely is you meant 'Walk to his room...'

can't count how many times i've accidently startled someone simple by walking up behind them XD people i know already of course but it's always amazing how they never hear me coming.

i suppose i need to practice being more heavy on my feet or something XD

I would applaud your effort to scare me but

that method wont work on me, I am the one who sneaks and stalk in the shadows. you can not get under my skin using my own tactics :)

though i can definitely see this method being effective against the current main character XD

ya.. but not everything that is part of someone they have control over.

you have pretty much no control over your digestive system or your heart pumping or reproduction systems.

most of these things are out of the control of the person they belong to and have subconscious control if any.

i image this is a similar situation to most animals tails as well but i would not know as i don't have a tail to confirm this.

the blue vulpine is such a lovely projectionist edgelord .

emperor palpatine would be proud XD.

he's lucky it isn't me instead of the current main character.

a database and a server are not the same at all.
a database stores information where as a server serves files to clients and other servers.

and i have no idea what you mean by this
"i dont think the game can teach you how to make RPG"
i did not once mention anything about making an RPG.

OH XD i see mentioned later...

she also stands to gain wealth if their father dies , at least according to the son but im not 100% sure i can trust that.

but even if we ignore the wealth, resentment is also a motivation.

i think you forgot someone :) a very likely suspect considering she was to be in an arranged marriage that very same day and oh how opportune of the roads to be closed thanks to their father's illness.

XD well F guess i wasn't paying attention in 'how to be a human 101' class
or i accidently went to the 'how to be a laharoth 101' class.

ok so i should have dug a little deeper then i guess XD .
i only briefly search up "how fast is the earth spinning"

but ya regardless... that still a lot considering the "instant" stop that would commence after the command was given.
the amount of energy released from such an event would be pretty massive.

i'd almost want to pay to see that , it would be 1 very spectacular show that is for sure.

same kind of issue for the question on which port is used for http...
technically all ports can be used for it.

SMTP,POP (emails are files).
PTP can be used to transfer files.
FTP (this is likely what you mean but the others are not incapable of the same thing)

eh , in the linux quizz you ask the same question 2 times???

"which linux command is used to create multiple nested folders?"
which is the 2nd and 3rd question.

Ya windows is both picky and not picky enough when it comes to that stuff.

i just did a scan myself and turned out ok but i don't have the file that this person has.
it could possibly have gotten corrupt.

i'd suggest trying to redownload the file and see if it still triggers the anti-virus.
if it does it's likely just windows being windows again XD

(some answers i guess)

"so java and javascript are different languages?"
> yes.

"wait, which one is for web dev again?"
> technically both can be used for web dev but javascript is the most common of the 2.

"someone may just decide that python 3 is too old-fashioned before i even get a chance to learn it."
> based on my knowledge of the topic, this is unlikely since they are not planning a new version of python but regardless of that XD eh kid i use C++ and assembly and those 2 languages are freaking dinosaurs so it's not the age of the programming languages that matters.

"are they like cousins or something?"
>in a round about way yes, they all stem from 1 languages. the all mighty and powerful C :) just careful if you do dip your toes in C cause that how your hair turns all grey and you get a beard the length of a football field.

I have a feeling i wont gain anything from this knowledge wise as i have raise too high to reach but im still very interested to see how the story of the game plays out :)

looks like i'll have to do some research later , i was not aware that there is 10 spatial.
flaws of having a wide and shallow knowledge base i suppose .

that is i know a very large amount of topics but not necessarily very well,
though my passion is with tech, ?at least it was? but i might be suffering from some burnout...
it turns out it is really hard to stay passionate for something for 16 years straight XD .

well it's a 2D of a 3D of a 4D but ya i get what ya mean XD.

and thank goodness this is a still image, otherwise we'd have to account for time which most people forget is a dimension of it's own, a forgivable mistake really because it's not exactly readily apparent, i don't think many think of whether or not something can fit within a time but rather think time as specific pinpoints that are individual from each other.
like i have to be at a specific place by [insert time] or i have to wait until [insert time] which are 2 examples of using time as individual unit.

*the internal screams of agony can be heard for mile*
*continues to click...*
*internal screaming intensifies*

congrats i've played the game for less then 30 seconds and you've already managed to trigger my inner techie XD

if you wonder what im talking about... that is the rotational speed of the earth.

if i stopped move the earth would continue to move under me and so would anything else connected to the earths surface.

effectively I would be stationary but nothing else would be and thus i'd fly through the wall at the speed of the earth's rotation,
this of course doesn't even account for the orbital speed around the sun or even the movement through the galaxy.

and the deceleration would likely kill me instantly btw ... and because all that energy has to go somewhere there will likely be some kind of explosion.

*proceeds to fly through the wall at 107,278.87 km/h*

telekinesis is an interesting power depending on the level of control.
theoretically if one could move individual atoms then you could effectively mimic a lot of the other powers.

compressing a few atoms could even make an explosion. rapidly moving particles passed each other could cause that space to become heated and create plasma or you could slow down the vibrations by moving the atoms counter to their vibrations and this could cool down an area creating ice.
and don't even get me started on the hypothetical possibility of mind control using this XD

with the requisite knowledge and precision telekinesis is very powerful.
though i doubt you'd right it to be so powerful.

most curious is if their magical crystals have the piezoelectric effect.

i think me and alex would get along very nicely :).
if i ended up in their world some how i'd totally be running some of my own experiments.

looks like we have a sin wave graph, optical illusion thingy, axis representation, 4D cube representation, a matrix on the bottom left, a vortex and then a square wave graph.

honestly surprised to see the 4D cube representation, that not something you see spoken about very often.
it also conflicts with what the prof said since 4D cube is almost entirely philosophy .

very interesting :)

i also have the suggested fixes based on my attempts to understand what is being said.

their png files, screenshots with writing over them.
there is 33 of them taken throughout so i don't really think it best to post them just randomly here.

(1 edit)

eh finally something that makes me feel :) 

i'll get back to you after my miniature existential crisis while i run some hypothetical calculations ...

eh who am i kidding, I'm not going to do all that work.
you did have me for a moment but i resolved to my usual solution pretty quickly.

self assessment is paradoxical, there is no possible way for me to accurately observe myself.
as clever as i am there is no way for me to compensate for all potential bias just like it would be impossible for me to stand in front of myself regardless of how fast i am.

it's not really an answer to the question posed in the beginning of chapter 4 but it's an answer that keeps me from drinking all the coffee pods trying to figure out the actual answer XD.

canada in your universe is so weird.
when i got to the end there and seen that question of course i had to select it XD.

anyways... now you definitely have my attention if you didn't already have it :)

the weirdness is the grammar thing i mentioned. they are one and the same.
I'll do my best to document everything but im currently playing through a different VN ... but i just noticed this game has an update :)

i'd almost be tempted to help out as well with the programming but i'm not exactly knowledgeable  in the ren'py engine nor do i really fancy the syntax (Python style ,i prefer C style) but hope you enjoy yourself doing all that typing.

this scene always makes my blood boil a little (very effective story welling :) ) but it seems as though it still in favor of my hypothesis so far.

oh i also once again further developed my hypothesis, but i'll have to recheck it against the story changes to be sure it still holds.  

coffee and my intellect has rarely ever failed me so i believe i can be pretty confident with my hypothesis.

and if it is then president of the stick up thee butts club definitely has reason to worry, though it's not for the reason he thinks.

interesting how main character thinks the species of dr.shelley is siamese cat.
i would not have even guessed cat honestly.

i believe she is vulpine which would also fit nicely with the personality
and to be specific i think she closely resembles a fennec.
at least that is my best guess based on what i've seen

I'm also very over joyed to be playing this new build :) 

i like it, has a few bits of weirdness with grammar here and there but nothing major, i was at least able to puzzle out what you meant.

not as intense as ya make it out to be but then again it takes a lot to get under my skin.
though it looks like the main character does not share my great mental fortitude for he seems very emotionally radioactive,
to be fair i wasn't always with great mental fortitude.

later i'll replay the game and take note of all the weird places that i've run into, i have a feeling not all of the weirdness is unintentional but im still going to get it all recorded anyways.

but for now i think i'll take a nap and hopefully nobody messes around with the electricity, not because i fear them but i've already had 1 hard drive corrupted by a power failure, it's very very annoying and i don't want to start my picture collection all over again :( .

video of the problem.

at the level at which this game runs at, the architecture of the processor running it does not matter.
you can already think of userland as being a virtual machine, so long as your not pulling any low level trickery in the software which is unlikely considering their using a game engine.

they have a pretty large amount of layers between them and the host processor so it should run as long as you have those layers in place.

if your wondering what my 'Tri_logic' thing is.
it's basically an ... 'and'+'not or'+'exclusive or' all mixed together.

bottom = 'not or'
center = 'and'
top = 'exclusive or'

in this case i was using the 'not or' functionality for a flip_flop which would have been used to created a clock but that when i discovered that the flip_flop wasn't functional XD.

i think i might have broke something.

i created a cricuit and it worked as intended but then i "create" it into a logic gate and it stopped working.

i even put the circuit i made in raw along side the "gate" and the raw circuit still works while the "gate" does not.

OMG! yes.
i use to play this game on newgrounds but then flash player was dropped off the face of the planet and so the version on newgrounds was unplayable...
i thought i'd never get to play this game again.

i've seen TF before Transformation
 didn't know what you meant by TG ... XD 

discovered what you meant while playing, the acronym is backwards and it's missing a letter, GTF gender transformation.

i love the game and concept,
it would be nice to see this but TF into different pokemon as well and maybe some basic character art so we can visually see what the player character would look like, could put it where the head is currently.
and if you do implement more pokemon perhaps the selection could be made when the player first eats the pokemon food. they could have a "dream" about the pokemon or something like that.

just some ideas i had while playing :)