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I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/Day1.rpy", line 684, in <module>

NameError: name 'farright' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "Day1.rpyc", line 684, in script

  File "Z:\home\logan\.config\itch\apps\taigenchi-eternal-eclipse\EternalEclipse-0.8.2-win\renpy\", line 1183, in execute

    show_imspec(self.imspec, atl=getattr(self, "atl", None))

  File "Z:\home\logan\.config\itch\apps\taigenchi-eternal-eclipse\EternalEclipse-0.8.2-win\renpy\", line 1142, in show_imspec

    at_list = [ renpy.python.py_eval(i) for i in at_list ]

  File "Z:\home\logan\.config\itch\apps\taigenchi-eternal-eclipse\EternalEclipse-0.8.2-win\renpy\", line 2059, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "Z:\home\logan\.config\itch\apps\taigenchi-eternal-eclipse\EternalEclipse-0.8.2-win\renpy\", line 2052, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/Day1.rpy", line 684, in <module>

NameError: name 'farright' is not defined



Taigenchi: Eternal Eclipse 0.8.2

Tue Jan 30 19:33:30 2024


hubbybot needs to learn a very important phrase that will solve is problems
'i think therefore i am".

hubs thinks of himself as just a robot mimicking a person and i think this is the core many of his problems.

he needs to stop thinking he's just a robot because that's just describing his body, in the same way that i'm a sack of meat.

We are the sum of our experiences, the fact that hub can learn like he does shows he is more a person than he gives himself credit for, even current neural networks don't really learn anything like that.

indeed and the the new UI isn't very intuitive either.

before it was quick easy to pick up and it was quite easy to work out how the combat works but now that i freshly installed the game again after being away for some time from it. the time i don't even know what the hell i'm looking at, and even the the skills still hint at the old combat system despite it not being there.

when does the otter show up?

hmmm... can't tell if it's just my system or the game but...

i launch the game, click new game.
3 handsome fellows show up then the screen goes complete white.

i haven't played the game yet but i'm pretty sure this is unintended behavior
(running on linux via wine) 

pretty freaking awesome game right here,
more funny when considering the superhero name i chose "Midnight" chosen simple because the armor is black like at midnight on a moonless night.

let me tell you though XD there is been quite a few things they say and when they insert the hero name it just makes it so much more entertaining, at one point i was on my side laughing.

intriguing :)

i get my computer new computer up and running and install itch again, what do i discover XD this game is no longer blocked behind a weird password thing and it has a new image on it as well.

never thought i'd see this title active again but kept it stashed in my collection just to be sure, i guess the gamble paid off.

i just recently acquired this one actually.

but there is also a project called android-x86 if you happen to have an old laptop or something you don't really use anymore.

i'll let you know in a few days how this went. it's going to take a while to download this apk on this slow arse connection and i refuse to use my data unless i'm out of the house).

ill just have to test the android version now eh XD 

came back from a while of not playing and went to load the save i had but couldn't so i went to start a new...

does the game not have english anymore?

the face drawing actually matches my character's general style anyways. XD

or any way to avoid it even if you could predict it. i don't forsee time travel technology to be viable for a really long time.

i'm not really a fan of anything wireless but regardless of that ...
what are you going to do when your not using them would be the main question.

in the new old sprite their dangling off of the wire, very casual like and giving off a very chill dude vibe but you can't do that if they're wireless.
i suppose he could stick them in his pockets but *shrugs* still not going to give off the same vibes.

i'm a be completely honest with you here, the originals were and are still my favorite of the 3.

this new one and the newer old one are both equally as good in my opinion just 1 is more comically styled i think (because lets face it, huge bulges are comical).

i don't know how i feel about the absence of the ?headphones? though, i might have to see it in context to be if i like it or not.

I must have missed that at some point, i got they liked golden apples though.

so much for something you can't obtain by normal means XD that hint is bullshit.

and here i was trying to combed different things with fairy dust at my kitty friend's kitchen table.

(1 edit)

that would bring some interesting problems though i imagine, get too dense and accidentally become a black hole would be an interesting way to end up XD

ya it's kind of funny the first few times but like would be nice to be normal sized sometimes.

maybe it can be a temporary thing that wears off after a certain number of actions or maybe we can work with density as well, increment the density instead of just the volume which would result in muscles that are effectively larger then they really are.

OH nvm XD it was just taking a long time to load in.

are the voices not implemented yet? im curious cause there are options for a voice but the voices don't seem to be there when i try the test voice buttons.

i  had an idea while i was grinding away my skills, maybe idk... could add a sound effect.
for doors you could add in the sound of the door closing behind you and for stairs could add the sound of food steps for the delay.
it would improve atmosphere and also usability of the transportation mediums.

just an idea of course XD, i'm not at all familiar with your specific code so i'm not sure what can or cannot be accomplished.

ok so 1 thing that i've noticed and is really annoying since i started playing this game (86 hours and counting) when i enter stairs to go up or down a floor the stairs on the other floor are immediately in front of you and if you don't release the movement key fast enough it sends you back.

i'd appreciate it if there was a small delay after you enter stairs or doors (like maybe 1 second delay or something) so i can like not get stuck in a loop of trying to get to the next floor and then being sent back to the original door because i wasn't fast enough at releasing the movement key XD

it appears that when i changed over my graphics card drivers to fix a different issue entirely that this one seems to be resolved?


alec the "seal" (looks like an otter to me XD).

eh, sorry about the complexity XD commentary is no expertise of mine and/but the story very much itches my internal philosopher.
I'll be looking forward to see what's up between my usual.

I kind of like the original better near the beginning but the re-write is better later on, I felt more continuity with the main character pre-rewrite at least the chunk near the start.

the plot so far, a lot of it can be understood very basically if you apply the lens of chaos theory (works for pre-rewrite and post-rewrite)

it would be simple to assume reality is a complex system and the corruption is some outside variable that was somehow introduced, which would lead to rippling effects through out the entire complex system.

and considering the outside variables are completely unknown this brings to light the quantum uncertainty principle which is probably where any kind of powers would arise from, a simple shift in prospective here + there and congrats you're a dog dang hairy wizard.
(damn that's like a pun inside a pun XD)

I have a feeling that it's not really a 'her' but takes on a female form. my best guess is that andalt called forth the demon onto the main character, possibly to get back at verissa indirectly as she has that tattoo that protects her.

which would make the scene with the florets make sense especially given what verissa said herself that she uses them to enter meditation to commune with the spirits.

though what i did not precisely predict was the langauge thing. i thought perhaps instead of speaking langauge that the main character was actually speaking directly to the soul (through the spiritual energy of the demon and the moon goddess) of who ever he was speaking to but that theory was busted during the farmer scene because ranok could hear him speak the different langauge.

when the "mother" comes back for the second time.

"I can be anything you want me to be..."

my sassy response would be "how about be gone, can you do that one? *LOL*"
(sorry i just had to, that line was just wide open for that.)

i don't even understand chapters so as far as i am concerned, don't care what you call it i'm just happy to see new content :)

i haven't figured it out cause i kind of gave up for a bit, later i might try to brute force the puzzle cause the clues don't really help here.
maybe after i've solved it then i'll see what kind of logic you was going after. i'll try this tomorrow but today i'm just not up for doing anything.

it was using the open source nouveau drivers for the graphics card which appears to be the issue, i only tried this because i began noticing issues in other games.

i had the proprietary drivers installed but they were not being used at the time because the kernel was loading it's own internal driver.

I recompiled my kernel and while i was browsing my settings i noticed i was using the wrong drivers so i disabled the incorrect ones and now the game appears to be working correctly.

hello there little gem of an update :) 

this is beutiful and sad.
peter was never found, not him or even his body.

though there is potential that pietro and peter are physically the same person given that one of the nations has brain wiping tech.

stuck on the statues :)

-the lion is pointed east(where the sun rises).
-the sloth is pointed south since that's were he is facing.
-the giraffe,zebra,wolf and the deer are facing west according to the text about the giraffe.

well , these compass directions are according to their own compass rose, since apparently they don't line up with each other.

i draw a map of the puzzle, the lion,tiger and deer have their north pointing upwards, the zebra,giraffe and sloth have their north pointing downward, and the wolf has their north pointing left.

screen1 = 1920x1080 <- this is the one i tried playing the game on.
screen2 = 1280x1024 <- generally used only for my browser.
screen3 = 1600x1200 <- screen used for terminals only.
screen4 = 1920x1080 <- this screen is for my system monitor only.

take note, when you solve the first puzzle make sure you don't put all the numbers in at once XD

could you make a windowed mode?

it appears that the game cannot handle my screen resolution appropriately.