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I have a new PC so I'll be able to play the new game... YAY!!!

So this is a prequel right?

Lol! We're friends on Steam :) Hello!

The game lagged for me... couldn't play as intended but the screenshots look really cool.

Very cool game! And what's even better is that the browser version actually works on my computer!!! I've played a ton of unity web browser games over the years, and a lot of them just didn't work, lagged way too much or just flat out wouldn't load. This game was a pleasant surprise indeed! Cool art style as well! 

Not sure what the issue is Wind... I'm on pc using windows 10... I'll try and download it once again and see what happens if I send it to a zip file... best thing I can think of. Also my pc runs browser game very laggy now... it's an old model so I'm guessing that's the issue. So I couldn't run the browser version :(

I tried downloading the file but all I got was a VLC file... I didn't get a windows exe :(

This isn't really a genre I play but I'll give it a go Wind... Congratz on all the support!!!

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I tried to play the game Styx, but it didn't really run well for me. I even disabled my malware protection to play and still got laggy play. I like the design of the page though. Cool palette choice :)


I played the web browser version BTW

I escaped via wall glitch but all in all it was a cool UX... definitely had the tension building with the theme and atmosphere of the game. Will most certainly try this one again. Kudos!

No fair! You set me up... for FAILURE!!! LOL!!! Well, I gave it the ole "college try" :) I'll try again some other time. 


I'll post a screenshot of my triumph... gotta maintain my rep as gamer first/game dev second LOL!!! 

Enjoy your day

Level 4 could use some redesigning IMO... there's too many of the swords being tossed and trying to dodge/recover is a pain because once you commit to a jump you're pretty much at the mercy of RNGesus to land safely and avoid being hit. I mean I like what you're trying to do: make a tough level. Also the player doesn't move fast enough to evade the swords consistently, so unless you know where the swords are gonna land it's really tough to avoid them. I think if you lower the number of swords being spawned and raise the players speed just a bit it would make a world of difference. 

Very cool idle clicker... love the aesthetics and theme. Well done! 

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Downloaded the demo... kudos to the artist. The pixel art is top notch IMO. The default control scheme had me struggling with the tutorial area but there is key mapping so that's awesome. Will definitely give this another go asap. Congratz :)


Played about an hour with Cassie... pretty good writing barring the typos. I'm still having issues with the grapple hook mechanic but that's more user error than game design. Overall the game is pretty solid... it gives me Sonic meets Super Metroid vibes and that's a good thing. Kudos guys!

Already working on that lol! Thanks! I'll update you soon.

I did some research last night on my cpu's power usage... came to the conclusion that it's the processor... it's at least over ten years old, so no worries. It's not your app's fault lol! I downloaded a demo made in unity and that worked fine so I'm thinking it has to be a latency issue steaming from mid tier internet connection and my Jurassic cpu... it only happens when I play larger apps in my chrome browser, and not just unity web games... it happens with godot, construct and gdevelop web games too. 

Been having issues playing unity browser builds lately... a shame because this game looks charming.

The game just did the "slideshow" thing... I ran it in chrome if that matters. Looks cool though.

 give me gamepad controls... I'll beat you game. :)

Keyboard controls aren't my thing but this game was pretty cool. Another app that reminds me of Trials of Azra... Good Job!

Game doesn't work for me... I tried using my keyboard and XBOX 1 gamepad... the movement controls work, but I can't interact with the door in the tutorial area. Game looks interesting from the screenshots (kinda reminds me of Trials of Azra a bit) and I wish I could have played more. Good luck with the rest of the development. :)

The Crypt... I will checkpoint here. Pretty good puzzle mechanic. I like brain twisters and the RPG theme is a nice touch. I'll play more in the near future.

wait a tick... are you the dev of Dreaming Sarah?

Very nice game jam entry NinNeko! Definitely looks and sounds like an OG gameboy title for sure! Great job! I'm currently working on a demo for a SHMUP/RPG game so this game was a must click. Looking forward to seeing more from you soon! :)

Bought this title during the Steam winter sale after remembering playing the demo years ago... glad I decided to get the game. Engaging story, unique take on the turn-based mechanic, and pretty good music to complement the atmosphere of the journey. I'm looking forward to finishing Vi's quest for fame and glory LOL!!!

Ok will do and Thanks for not flagging me! :)

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Hey guys! I have a new update for my game Phase Cypher! check it out via the link:

Any feedback is always welcomed and keep grinding!!!

Phase Cypher is a game about hacking a computer network using the avatar siphon program. Guide the avatar to the source of the network and retrieve encrypted data for your wealthy clients... get a more thorough description by viewing the game's page and thank you for your time!

TANTRUM games 

Frankie and Lumpy collaborate on projects from time to time. 

Cool!!! Will check that out as soon as you upload it.

Interesting take on one of my favorite Genesis titles from my youth... Pretty epic that you got a bunch of streamers to play and record the game! :)

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I like the art direction you took with this project... It has a spooky vibe due to all the efx you added in. I think having some music, or better yet, some ambient sound efx would have added to the UX. Cool app btw ^^

Edit: Cool Boss battles too! :)

I almost had 15 in a row... till I got to the Sonic emerald question. I was thinking of Sonic 2 instead of the original lol! Great UX NinNeko... Has a game show vibe going :) 

No worries... hope all is well! It's been a long time lol!

Looks pretty cool! I'll give this a try asap... looking forward to seeing the sequel!

Is the game still being made with Construct or did you move on to another engine?

Thanks! @TackerTacker

NICE!!! So tweaks shouldn't be too much of an issue for a noob... great news to know.

Watched a few tutorial vidz yesterday... scripting will be my biggest challenge, but as you said there is a helpful community eager to assist. Looking forward to making my first game asap!