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Pretty sweet app!

All you have to do is make the monster a bit more scary/spooky and add some glitch efx and you have a gem on your hands... I felt that "tingle" sensation the whole time playing this app! Tremendous job!!!

Very creative app!

The gamepad can only start play... buttons need maps. It's a decent demo app. Looking forward to an update.

Pretty cool use of the sine... nice app.

The control scheme seems a bit convoluted but the art style is eye popping. Could be a cool title.

Clever little app... I looked up and 20 minutes went by. I hope you're porting this to mobile.

RPG maker game? Definitely doesn't look like your average RPG maker game. Combat animations are pretty cool as well.

First, I'd like to start by saying the art style is absolutely amazing! I love the puzzles and game design as well! The music is ok, but the star of this app is the gameplay mechanics... very clever using controls, puzzles and level layout to advance further in the game. This one will have people looking up "let's play" vids to solve a few of them for sure lol! Great game, guys!!!

Hey guys!!! I'm fairly new to the Itch community and I've worked on a project for the past 5 months. I'd like to share it with you guys! Please share feedback and any other comments on the game's page. Thank you for reading this and have an awesome day!

Pumpkin Quest (demo)

Pumpkin Quest is a retro, 2-D pixel platformer with hybrid RPG and Metroidvania elements added in. Guide Broc on his quest to find five mythical pumpkins and some spices needed for a pie recipe! Meet town folk, pet dogs and jump over platforms! Ward off evil spirits, find loot and fight killer turkeys in this epic adventure from the maker of AXG and Up n’ Atom! This app is a demonstration.  

Hey Lou, I'm using a logictech gamepad and the analog stick works just fine for me. Just thought I'd pass that information along.

Analog stick works just fine for me @Lou ^^ Nice job man!

This game hits that sweet spot nicely! ^^ Kudos!!!

Cool app! Add gamepad support to the final build please!

I like your game. ^^

Thank you for the reply! I will give it another go asap!

I got stuck at the piano puzzle but really cool game... love the atmosphere and pixel art.

Thanks for the heads up... I'll download the demo asap and see what happens.

Definitely coming back to play this one again soon! ^^

I really, REALLY like this game. That is all.

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Add Gamepad support... I like the concept, just wish I could play with a controller.

The game is pretty much a mash-up of mini-games/arcade classics. Games like Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man are represented in the game. It's a casual experience, lasting about 15 minutes to complete. You may find bugs in the build; wanted to restructure the logic, but decided to put my efforts towards development the next game.

I actually watched the development of this project on Twitch TV... For a game that took a few hours to make, this is pretty impressive :)