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Looks pretty cool! I'll give this a try asap... looking forward to seeing the sequel!

Is the game still being made with Construct or did you move on to another engine?

Thanks! @TackerTacker

NICE!!! So tweaks shouldn't be too much of an issue for a noob... great news to know.

Watched a few tutorial vidz yesterday... scripting will be my biggest challenge, but as you said there is a helpful community eager to assist. Looking forward to making my first game asap!

I decided to download Godot... I like the UI in the editor. It will take some time to learn but I'll give it a shot. Should be interesting.

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Nice! I've been hearing awesome things about Godot... might have to give it a look one of these days. Thanks for the link btw... definitely worth a read!

I saw this in a vid online before actually playing myself... glad I did myself that honor. Great game!

Pretty cool puzzle game! I made it all the way to stage 9... could have uses a bit more variations to the puzzles, but for a jam title this is a minor concern. Kudos!

Pretty difficult at first, but you get use to it after a while. Cool game!

I like the music and the art style is a bit trippy too... What engine did you use for the game jam?

I like the color palette choice for this game. The RNG is a bit "feast or famine" with certain attacks hitting constantly or hardly at all. Pixel art is pretty good too. Not bad for only having a limited amount of time to work on this. Good luck guys!

Nice game jam title. I think adding a rotation mechanic would improve the gameplay a bit. (giving the player the ability to control the rotation)

I'm not very good at this but it's a cool game jam entry IMO.

Pretty cool rpg. Nice retro art style. Good luck!

Sorry for the late reply! I retweeted and shared the video... I really appreciate you playing and sharing my game with the community! :)

You guys are doing a great job so far... keep it up! ^ ^

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I appreciate you playing the game and giving me some honest feedback. ^ ^ The game's keyboard control layout has been an issue for a lot of the jam and cold players. It's been added to the list of things to update in the next build. Again, thank you for playing!

You can try it with a gamepad... a friend suggested that I put it in and it makes a huge difference. It's a bit easier to play with a controller. Thanks for the play and feedback! ^ ^

Thank you!

Sounds good! I look forward to playing an updated version of your game. Feels like you could port it to mobile as well. ;)

I'm working on a fix for that situation. Hopefully, I can have it ready soon. Again, thank you for the feedback! ^ ^

XD Yes... I'm an older geek... thanks for making me feel... older lol!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to play my game! ^ ^

I really like the dialogue in this visual novel. It was well written, and all of the characters had their own unique traits and personalities. I'm not a fan of the genre, but this app was definitely made with care and attention to details. The audio was decent, and fit the theme well in my opinion. I also enjoyed the art style... very nice aesthetics. Very cool app, fellow C2 dev! ^ ^

I like the fact that you're trying to teach simple java script coding in this app. I've dabbled in JS for about a year... not great at it but I may pick up a couple of things fiddling with this. Cool app! ^ ^

Very, very nice mechanic! I'll definitely come back to this one and try it again. It was a pretty cool UX. ^ ^

I think you did a fine job for your first game project... keep making them. Learn from every project you make. It's the indie dev way. ^ ^

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This game is pretty difficult lol! Cool app! ^ ^


I see that this is your first solo outing... pretty good for your first try!

I found the enemies a bit too easy to deal with... I think you should add more health to them, esspecially the big bugs... it should take more than one bullet to kill those in my opinion. Pretty cool survival shooter app. ^ ^

Had fun with this Tetris clone! I only wish it had audio. Cool app! ^ ^

Pretty clever mechanic. I love retro style pixel art so this was a joy to look at. Cool game. ^ ^

I like the game style, but I had trouble finding any upgrades... I couldn't really make it far. It could have used some audio as well. Other than that, pretty cool app. ^ ^

Thanks for playing! I have a few things planned for PC... tweaking the movement and data projection, adding mouse controls and some minor bug fixes. I've even toyed with the idea for a sequel, but at this point I may have to put that on the "to do" list... so many other things going on right now, kinda hard to commit to one lol! Stay posted... I'll be posting updates asap. Thanks again for the feedback! ^ ^

I applaud the thought behind this mechanic... this should make a pretty challenging gameplay learning curve, but when the collisions are too precise you get a situation like the screenshot shows. I think you should widen the area the player can safely stay stationed and not get a "game over" text prompt. Just a bit of honest feedback on my part. ^ ^

The subject matter is a bit... "risqué"........ I had to "try" and hit the "decent attire" every time... had my young nephew with me while playing. (probably not a good idea in hindsight) I really like the art style and audio efx. Not my favorite game genre, but I'm pretty sure there's an audience for this type of app. ^ ^

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It's a bit easier to play with a gamepad and I plan on adding mouse controls as well. I'm hoping I can tweak the player controls a bit without breaking the build... I'll see what I come up with. Thank you for playing!

Exactly what I was going for with the design choice! ;) I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for playing! ^ ^

Very cool avatar! I love Gatchaman!!! ^ ^