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The game is really cool - do you have any suggestions on adding magic for player characters? Would be cool for the priest to be a L5R style Shugenja

Use this thread for any feedback, typos or suggestions you have for Wasted!

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say

Ah I see, makes sense. Another question if you can indulge me: when creating a sphere, should you roll on both the generic tables and the Sphere specific tables (Middle Kingdoms, Deep, etc), or just one or the other

I'm somewhat confused - is the Loom an infinite plane and the Spheres are locations on that plane, or is it more like space and travel between Spheres is done through a ship?

I know, I'm working on updating them! They are just placeholder tables for now

Wow, sounds like you had a blast! I'm glad you got all my intention from the book - what you pulled out is the exact mood I wanted. Thanks for playing, and I hope you have a ton more gigs!

The game is now out for full purchase! Exalted Funeral is also doing a Halloween sale where you can get the physical and PDF copy for just $12

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I am waiting for EF to put the print copy on sale before I release the digital versions of the final game - so they will be up tomorrow. It will be available on the Exalted Funeral store, DriveThruRPG, and here on my itch page, so you get your choice of storefront.

Edit: I will say EF is the only place you can purchase a PHYSICAL copy. The rest are digital

They are fully fleshed out on the final version!