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The 'Music' is a masterpiece fraser

Haha, no worries. Once again all your points make sense. Whatever I said, just take it with a grain of salt because this is an amazing game, it was so good I added to my little community post showcasing some awesome games. If you're interested in other games that are on your calibre

However regarding the danger points, just a suggestion. Instead of putting them on the map, you could make audio cues with 3D sound. So when you walk into the corridor after inputting the code, a sound of a monster plays on your right making you look at the monster coming from the right. A checkpoint could also be placed at that point.

But I'll have to check out little nightmares. Is it a steam game?

Hey Shifty. I assume this is your first game? If so CONGRATS! It's well done, and it looks like you're on a good track to do more.

Some tips for general gamedev:

  • Continue doing what you're doing! Learning from youtubers, experimenting and game jamming! You will improve immensely.
  • Focus on quality not quantity. Although it's good that your game is lengthy. Players would enjoy much a much shorter and better experience than stick around for a long but not as fun experience.
  • Give players a bit more... ease. Players will probably never be as good as you are on your own game, you've had plenty of time to master your own game so make it a lot easier on players. Imagine you are holding their hand.
  • After a few game jams definitely take on a longer term project(maybe a month long). I would advise against diving into a long game project early on.

Keep up the good work.

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Downloading it now. Excited to try it.

Nice game shifty, keep up the good work!

If anyone has any other good games to be added to the list. Comment them, I'll check them out and see if they shall go on the list

Forgot to reply here. Hope the review helped

Forgot to reply here, sorry for the ping.

Really fun game!

R4R is just business

Many thanks g

Muchas gratias amigo

I've played quite a few games now and have made a post on the absolute best games you should try out. They are actually amazing and would make great content.

Would appreciate if you'd check mine out as well, but I'm only looking to get some ratings to average the score.

Much appreciated chief

Here's a little snippet of the game

Wow this is an amazing game. The polish on this is phenomenal. Honestly there is not much I can feedback. So whatever I say here just take it with a grain of salt because the game is really good already.


  • Having the volume on automatically is a must especially when the audio is this good. Some players will not go into settings and will miss all the volume.
  • For resolution scaling, you don't need to do this at all, but a pretty cool video about ui scaling vs assets: Why Do Games Keep Doing This?
  • What would be extremely cool, especially with this low mood scene in the title, was if the title screen wasn't static. There could be particle effects from the light source or something.


  • Controls could be explained better whether that's on your itch page or in game. Press E to pickup, Hold shift to sprint. I  thought I had to press a button for the flashlight, that was until I looked down and realised I'm glowing.
  • There's a few spelling and grammatical1 mistakes in loading screen, dialogue and in the book. Nothing immersion breaking though so I wouldn't worry about it. Would I be right in saying English isn't your first language?
  • When I first landed in the maze, it was really hard for me to orient myself on the map. When I got the map, I couldn't tell if I was in the bottom right or bottom middle. So I pretty much ran around and ended up at the bottom right of the map and for me I could then orient myself. So what I'm trying to say is maybe the starting room position or the starting area design could be done better and more recognisable.
  • The maze is pretty easy to navigate but you can miss a few corridors.
  • It was a bit confusing having the danger show on the map but they don't appear until after you input the code.
  • No items spawn in until you pick up the map, I realised this as I was trying to speedrun it. A great way to force players to pick up the map though!


  • I loved how you used lighting to direct the players attention to the next thing! It was superbly done!
  • The post processing worked really well, especially with the monsters and lighting!
  • I'm happy you never get a good look at the monsters cause it continues to add to the creepy and frightening experience. In my opinion, once you get a good look at the monsters, it becomes a lot less scary.
  • The tiny details in the book and on the robot, I LOVE! Adding that into the game rather than hey pick up a note, here's the code. I really appreciate that!
  • I love the dialogue however as someone who knows a fair bit of Japanese it's funny hearing the dialogue and text not match up.

Amazing game! Will be following you to see what you make in the future.


Thanks SmelJey,

Well if it went wrong once, we gotta count it on a list of bugs lol XD.

Oof, we were so sure there wasn't any bugs. Programmers curse it seems.

If  you could, in what way was the movement not good?

The game is good albeit a bit too hard for me. 

I think this game would really be top notch with a controller!

Definitely a nice indie horror you've got there. Thanks for the review and keep it up! I'll be following your team to see what you lot do.

Thanks for the feedback and lovely words!

This game was just really solid!Loved the whole vibe, the assets, and game loop.

I was just not a fan of the slow movement and wished I had a way to speed up although I understand that it would break the feel and flow of the game somewhat.

What would be cool, is that when a neighbour is dead, change what it says on the post box. 'This belongs to John' -> 'This belonged to John'. It's not much but I really like details like those.

Skipping dialogue so it shows the end would be cool.

  • WebGL version doesn't work and movement is janky.
  • Windows version works A ok.

It was definitely my most random game I've done so far.

I'm guessing you got the first cheese easter egg, which is simply throwing cheese at the door ;)

Thanks, we treated this as a 72h jam since all of us had commitments, so we wanted to make something fun, laidback and polished.

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I am just speechless. This was done in 7 days. AND IN UNREAL! I have to ask, how long have you been making games?

Honestly what I like to do is give feedback and report bugs when I write these but I found nothing and there's not much to feedback. The game is just so well done. 

The ONLY problem is that not enough people are playing and rating this game.

My only feedback is that for the final boss, it sometimes felt I should hit it when I couldn't(I was hitting it from above when it was crawling around. Sometimes I fell through it but felt as a player I should be hitting it.)

Overall amazing game!

As you can see it was too late

Nice little platformer, but lacks quite a bit of design and feel. 

  • For example the how to menu, the random end menu just didn't fit the clean feel for the rest of the game.
  • The trail behind the player detracted more from the art style than added to it, it made it a bit more distracting.
  • From as far as I could see there are two puzzles where the player can get stuck, one of them I did get stuck. #
  • The first one is the one with three blocks stacked in a staircase. If a player knocks one block off the other, it will be set in a row and the player will not jump high enough(I haven't tested it, I'm just assuming)
  • The second one I did get stuck on, was the big cyan wall meeting the smaller dark blue wall. It simply doesn't move, and I wouldn't be able to jump over it.

But overall nice job! I would recommend you check out the hit Indie game 'Thomas was Alone' your game definitely reminds me of that. 

Also thanks for adding a quit button. I'm getting tired of bringing up task manager for every other game.

Yours was a nice, simple and fun game to play. Hope you will end up checking ours out.

Really fun and simple game. Unfortunately I'm not good enough to reach the end haha.

  • If you press space for some reason the Target found and play button shows up. Nothing major happens, it's just there.
  • It would be cool if we could collect the floating astronauts

It was a really fun game. II loved the minimap at the top.

I would suggest that you allow some time at the start of each room for the player to survey their surroundings, or have larger rooms/better placed enemies. As sometimes when I entered the room from the bottom or top, I would immediately get hit which was quite annoying as I couldn't predict nor do anything about it.

Also an ESC to quit game would be nice rather than bringing up task manager

I loved the transition from the top to bottom and the effects applied. Personally I quite liked the design of the entire level, it felt really well done despite me not being able to see much of it.

Keep up the good work!

Hey stef, it was a really well designed game. I managed to complete it and it was a nice and short experience.

The game was pretty fun to play and nice and quick. The art was good and the post processing, using chromatic aberration really fit the style.

  • It felt like it was getting easier, because the enemies kept on getting bigger.
  • It would be nice to be able to exit the game without having to bring up task manager.

Played it just now! Thanks.

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Hey HoleyGhost, 

Thanks for bringing a maze game into the mix. However I didn't enjoy it too much, here's some things from me:

  • The sound was not very nice to listen to. At the beginning, footsteps were panned to the right and the other thing was panned to the left.
  • I did complete the first level however it wasn't clear that I had to kill all the aliens before moving onto the platform.
  • I did not complete the second level, I saw the locked gate, the locked door, and the platform that teleported me but nothing else.
  • I feel like the problem with maze games is that they are mostly luck if there are no cues to direct the player. Furthermore adding action to it, does not allow me to map the maze into my head - as I'm pre-occupied with staying alive, which eliminates any strategy for it.
  • Also the movement was not too fun, it didn't feel responsive and I was sliding everywhere. That might be what you were aiming for, but personally it wasn't enjoyable.

But overall, I'm impressed with the features list and work put into this. The health bars, fps shooting, cutscenes, enemies, level switching have been well done and there were no bugs that I encountered.

Thanks for putting in ESC to close the game! Another win for not needing to bring up task manager.

haha, no worries. We wouldn't be game devs without running out of time every game jam or 2

Hey HoleyGhost. Thanks for the review. Now that two people have talked about the range, it will definitely be something we look at later.

Haha yeah, our code pretty much meant by wave 7 the manager will spawn spaceships = cows. We'll definitely be changing that.

I was thinking of making a difficulty selector with different map sizes later down the line. Would you say that this map would be classed as hard or medium?

This was amazing and super fun to play. 

I would say the only thing is that for me personally, the mid levels felt easier. For example with two of them I could run straight to the exit from the beginning.

And a press Esc to exit the game or pause it to the menu would be nice rather than another task manager.

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I've been playing a few games and there are some games which just aren't being rated but I feel that they deserve some more recognition.

I'll be adding more as the voting period goes on and as I play more.

Upvoting this post would be appreciated so more people can see this post and play these games.

Together Alone -  By gottinn

Funny, well designed and super polished. A great, challenging puzzle platformer

RGB Disorder - By selmecitom

Fun and innovative mechanics of switching between 3 characters to solve puzzles

ChiefChicken and The Believer - By a team of 4

Super fun game with well designed levels, a great local co-op idea. Also UNREAL ENGINE!

Rosa's Curse - by RockyMullet

...Wow... just... wow. Most polished, most fun, most... wow game so far.

Ordinary Day - By LateNightStudios

'Granny baked you some cookies' A great little creepy horror game. I enjoyed the hunt a bit too much doing running commentary... I don't record.

Insomnia - By Rebourtino

What an amazingly polished creepy story game. So good, with pseudo audio dialogue, a good followable plot. I didn't think a maze game would be fun.