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no, only with this one :(, i have a 3060

hello, thanks for the option, but unofrtunely the game keeps running more than 200 fps , i dont know why doesnt work for me.

good day sir, i would to report that your amazing game, in my pc runs with 1800 fps, so if you could add a vertical sync option i will apreciate it so much uwu.

any chance in the future for a downloable version?

excuse my bad english , but from time in time the game randomly crash

hi , is there a download option ?

im so sorry to hear that.

hello  drdungeon, do you remember your game wraith? if you do , is there a way to purchase a full version?

i need more  of the busty redhead girl u.u

i know , but someone else can continue his works?

So.... is this book still available or definitely is not happening?

is the game stopped?

is there a way to select a better resoultion screen?

i need more of esther

the price is too much :/ 

its working now <3 thanks , any chance to have a pc version?

no , same screen , the version is android 6.0.1 , i read something about zipsigner but i dont wanna try that until be sure about the problem, sorry for my bad english.

I cant install the app

windows version? uwu

Hello , Do you consider changing the currency exchange from euro to dollars? I have a hard time paying euros for paypal because I live in Mexico.
With dollars I have no problem.

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an stand alone executable sounds nice <3

i cant download the game u.u