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Thanks! Yeah, we certainly won't rule out any of these changes if the goals aren't met. If the stretch goals are met we promise they will be definitely added, if not, it depends a bit more on time/resources and how satisfied we are with initial prototypes.

Hi CuteLovelyWarrior. The mailing list does not send out a confirmation, but if you sent an email to you will be notified. :)

Absolutely. Your progress and high scores will be saved between sessions.

Hi Nathan.

Thank you so much for the kind words. It really means a lot to us. <3

Yes, there will be a second batch in the near future, but it will at most be as large as the first one, so they are like to be gone very quickly as well. If you're very keen on grabbing a copy, you should check out instructions on the store page on how to be notified when they come in stock again.