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I mean that message with all of my heart.

There's nothing wrong with you because you are saying the truth. Some of us do need to date a woman who's dangerous and sketchy as fuck but would never dream of hurting us.

Nothing more messy than an meek android and her hyper criminal wife.

Fantastic comic, the plot is interesting and I want to see more of it, loved the characters, the art is amazing. The paneling was also quite good!

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Tomorrow, Septemper 1st, 5pm Brazil time. That's when you'll be able to download the Android version of the game.

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Oh, worry not, I'm going to show the escape in a future game. The moment I started to write this I already could imagine the whole thing. But also this is more like an allegory of people being there for each other when stuff is dire, y'know?

This line is everything I feel towards Brazil as a place.

Been in that situation, it's not fun but comforting your partner is universal.

I’m glad you liked the game! Yara is my special little robot and I love her a lot and I want to put her and Aparecida in more games of mine.

They’ll always have a happy ending.

Hey buddy, take all the time you need. Good art takes time to make and life always has a way to screw our plans. Keep going at it and eventually it'll be done and people will love it that I know for sure.


Will do! Once I have a nice idea for it, I will. Don't worry.

YOU GET IT! You fucking get it! Also, you are the second person asking for more of this... I should do more.

I might do something more with them! Don't know what but I might!

I'm glad that you are liking it! And thanks for the bug findings and the typos, I'll see if I can fix it during the weekend.

A game about being honest to yourself, and about friends with benefits becoming lovers. Or something close to it.

 January 8th. A national holiday. The day of the People’s Freedom. It celebrates the end of the final battle between the old regime and the revolutionary army. Now, for most it doesn’t mean much, there isn’t much left of the revolutionary republic. It's just another day to celebrate with friends and to get off work early.

And here today is where Curtis finds herself. Off work early and looking forward to spending the day with someone dear to the vampire. One miss Soledad. She wonders what today will bring her, and how she'll end the day, but one thing is certain.

Soledad will make this day into a special one.

Tell me tonight was real is a visual novel, about friends with benefits turning into lovers, vampires and their cruelty, mental health getting in the way of your drinking, and bars close to the beach. 
The cast is composed of:

Curtis, our protagonist, and a vampire serving the Queen, is a woman of simple tastes. She likes cruelty, she likes fighting, she likes romance and most important of all... She likes the company of a certain miss Soledad.

Soledad is a rather chaotic young woman, but she's a nice friend nonetheless. She likes to live life on her own tune even when things seems rather dire.

Tell me tonight was real features:

- A story with two rather odd characters spending a rather special evening together.
- A story 7000 words long.
- 5 fully illustrated CGs.
- A trans fem butch vampire eating out and then having really rough sex with a very enthusiastic femme.
- The pleasure that is being bitten by a vampire.
- A shady but comfortable bar near the beach. If you know, you know.
- 1(one) Guilty Gear reference.

The game will be 20% off for 5 days! So, until the 21st! So buy it now! Just click here!

Hey these things happen, you didn't knew. I'll wait till I can buy from Itch and congratulations on the release!

You are in! Welcome to the team! Do you have discord? I think it would be easier for we to communicate in there.

Logline: It's been two days since Corazon's mother died, and after leaving a small offering in the temple, her father asks if she wants to go to mass with him and her sister. Unfortunately, she says yes.

There is no forgiveness is a visual novel about having a religion forced upon you and having your own faith being forced away from you, it's about being abused by people simply because of believing something else and not being like others. It'll be very allegorical and surreal, with a dose of discomfort. it's based on my own experiences with being a non-Christian in Brasil, so it's both a personal and cathartic project about trauma.

There will be a happy ending, I promise.

Team members:
TangledVirus - Writing, general programming.
Kaibo - Art.
WannabeCat - Editor. 

Who do we need?
GUI Designer.
And anyone else who's up to join, really. Just reach out and let's go.

I'm in that dark place too, and sometimes you just need to make a weird little game about doing groceries in order to get that out of my system.

Awww, thanks. My next project will be done soon, so I hope you like it!

I've been in both positions of that situation and yeah... Helping a friend in that situation is super important, and having a friend that helps you when you are in that situation is life-saving.

You can download the game RIGHT NOW!

I'm Brasilian so I wanted to show a side of our culture that people outside of it usually don't see it.

Around an hour.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment, it really brightens my day when people comment about the game and tell me what they thought of it.

Sorry about it but I deleted your comment that was spoiling the game. However, I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it cute!

Damn this was fun! I like the birds, they are pretty cute!

I'm happy I could help them!

Awwww. Thanks Taylor! I'm glad you liked it and that it's your fav now!

Ohhh! I'm so excited! I'm so ready to see the finished result, MaR will be AWSOME!

Abs. And when you think about it, isn't abs the flesh version of armor?
BUT, yes those are her abs. Lyra is shredded, she has a six pack.

Thank you! The relationship part was the most important so it's where I worked the hardest, just to make sure people know what sort of relationship Khurshid and Vri had.

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It's advice that comes from the heart and that's how Khurshid does things, from the heart. Till the last moment. Thanks for playing!

Yes, they are! I wanted to give her a very distinct Brasilian feel as someone that grew up reading stories about cangaceiros! Akua did an AMAZING job with everyone's designs so all the kudos for them.

I'm glad that the games cheered up your day then! Thanks for fiding both the story and art cute.

I added the Content Warnings. I should've done that a long time ago but forgot, which isn't a valid excuse. Still, thanks for the reminds and I'm sorry that the game made you unconfortable.