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You are in! Welcome to the team! Do you have discord? I think it would be easier for we to communicate in there.

Logline: It's been two days since Corazon's mother died, and after leaving a small offering in the temple, her father asks if she wants to go to mass with him and her sister. Unfortunately, she says yes.

There is no forgiveness is a visual novel about having a religion forced upon you and having your own faith being forced away from you, it's about being abused by people simply because of believing something else and not being like others. It'll be very allegorical and surreal, with a dose of discomfort. it's based on my own experiences with being a non-Christian in Brasil, so it's both a personal and cathartic project about trauma.

There will be a happy ending, I promise.

Team members:
TangledVirus - Writing, general programming.
Kaibo - Art.
WannabeCat - Editor. 

Who do we need?
GUI Designer.
And anyone else who's up to join, really. Just reach out and let's go.

I'm in that dark place too, and sometimes you just need to make a weird little game about doing groceries in order to get that out of my system.

Awww, thanks. My next project will be done soon, so I hope you like it!

I've been in both positions of that situation and yeah... Helping a friend in that situation is super important, and having a friend that helps you when you are in that situation is life-saving.

You can download the game RIGHT NOW!

I'm Brasilian so I wanted to show a side of our culture that people outside of it usually don't see it.

Around an hour.

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment, it really brightens my day when people comment about the game and tell me what they thought of it.

Sorry about it but I deleted your comment that was spoiling the game. However, I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing!

Thank you! I'm glad you found it cute!

Damn this was fun! I like the birds, they are pretty cute!

I'm happy I could help them!

Awwww. Thanks Taylor! I'm glad you liked it and that it's your fav now!

Ohhh! I'm so excited! I'm so ready to see the finished result, MaR will be AWSOME!

Abs. And when you think about it, isn't abs the flesh version of armor?
BUT, yes those are her abs. Lyra is shredded, she has a six pack.

Thank you! The relationship part was the most important so it's where I worked the hardest, just to make sure people know what sort of relationship Khurshid and Vri had.

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It's advice that comes from the heart and that's how Khurshid does things, from the heart. Till the last moment. Thanks for playing!

Yes, they are! I wanted to give her a very distinct Brasilian feel as someone that grew up reading stories about cangaceiros! Akua did an AMAZING job with everyone's designs so all the kudos for them.

I'm glad that the games cheered up your day then! Thanks for fiding both the story and art cute.

I added the Content Warnings. I should've done that a long time ago but forgot, which isn't a valid excuse. Still, thanks for the reminds and I'm sorry that the game made you unconfortable.

True... Shin Getter Robo, Getter Robor Arc, the Evas from Evangelion. All great designs. But so is the Demonbane. It's pretty cool!

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Yes, yes it is.

I don't know any, but Demonbane has a giant robot that is also an eldritch abomination. Also, a very goofy evil scientist. Also, orks are boring, name me an interesting ork.

That actually seems boring. Are you sure that is a game?

Which is also a type of game, but also, its own thing.

Well, that is an interesting question now. Many people consider Visual Novels to be games but others consider them to be their own thing, its own form of media! I like to consider that they are both games and their own thing. Now many say that they aren't games to diminish them, because of some old and useless preconceptions of what makes something a real game, and I think those people are just boring and can't enjoy the nice things in life.

Also, its genre is yuri romance.

It's okay! I hope you give the game a second chance and enjoy the story. (You were really close to my favourite part!) And if you do, please leave a review and tell us what you thought about it!

I've reuploaded the bug free version of the game, and I verified that those bugs have been resolved and aren't there anymore. You may have had downloaded the first version of the game, before we solved those bugs.

Thank you for playing. I hope the things you are feeling are good things.
Also dog girl doing dog things warms the heart.

I'm glad that you liked, thank you for reading!

Thank you. I'm happy that you liked, and thanks for the bonus points.

Yes, you did.

I'm glad you liked it! I liked the overall reception that this little story got, so I have more plans to do stuff like this. Specially with writting these dorks. I'm planing a bigger one for next time and Suaçuete will be in it. I hope you enjoy!
And again, thanks for readin, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! I'm really proud of the gosick poster!

I'm glad you liked the art! Thanks for playing! c:

Thank you for playing the game! And I'm glad that you liked it, your comment made me very happy!
And while we are speaking of characters that are poc, most of my games have casts that are mostly poc and mostly trans! So, there's that!
Once again, thanks for playing the game. I'm happy that you liked it.

Rozen Maiden is really good.