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Thank you! We are very glad that we finished it!

I'm glad that you found it hilarious! Thank you for playing!

I'm glad that you could relate to the characters! Thank you!

I'm glad that you found it funny! And thank you for the multiple play throughs.

I'm glad that you laughed and found it relatable. Also, funny thing, Me and Yuri did start to panic hard on the last day. This game was prophetic.

So it started as a joke, like "Lol, lol. Let's do a game for a jam that has 4 days left and the game will be very chaotic." and that's how it turned out to be in real life. We were panincking the whole time during the last two days of the jam.

It was amazing! And I'm glad that the game made you laugh! Thank you!

This was incredibly good, gay and warm. I love it and it probably made me gayer. I did not knew the last part was possible.
I love it.

There's alot happening right now, but you all are still doing a great job! Take your time and no matter what happen, I know that the release of the game will be amazing!
I'm really hyped!

Je suis content que vous ayez aimé les personnages et le jeu! Merci pour le commentaire!

Aww, thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! And, I'm also glad that you found it relatable. I'm planning to make a game with a trans guy as the protagonist, eventually. So I hope you also enjoy that!

And about the bug, it's been a struggle, but I'll fix that. Eventually!

I'll do a bunch of gay stuff!

Thank you for liking the game! And don't worry, I WILL make more VNs! And eventually I'll start making bigger VNs as well. I have some others on my page if you are interested as well!

Thanks for telling me! I'll look into it! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, thank you!

Oh, thank you! I'm glad that you liked it!

Okay! I just left the link for only one of my games! Sorry for the troubles!

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Wenke is good, all of them are in a way... Except that guy, we don't talk about that guy.
And please, get the other endings!

I've been following this for a while! Well done for release!

If you think about it, they are already on the saddest of endings for living in a captalist society!

Thanks! I'm really proud of Sinceridade's desing. And who knows?! They might meet the saddest of endings!

And yes, blushing Fran. 

Thank you! I did my best for it to be sweet! Nomade is a good friend indeed. And another thanks, I really am proud of Sinceridade's desing!

No prob! Hope you enjoy!

It was great demo! Also the content warnings at the start were a great call! And on a very special note I love Thistle! Don't know why, probably their personality, but I really like them! Well done!

See if it's working now!

Me too!

I cryed really hard while playing it and it's great! I love how you use real life issues on your games and that makes them very relatable! Well done!

Thank you! I'm happy that you liked it and found it cute! 

I gonna put my thoughts on it in a very simple way.

IT WAS AWSOME! Well done Stomach God! 

The game is wonderfull, thank you!

Thank you that means alot! There'll be more stuff in the setting in the future focused mostly on Coveira and her daily life. It'll be done eventually!

Before I play I gotta say, that title is genious.