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The night time style with lit rooms doesn't light rooms consistently. If you look at corner rooms, often one side will be light while the other is dark, despite being the same room.

I got the solution. I asked for help from the firejail people and it turns out that the Itch app uses firejail to sandbox games. The prompt is a one-time request coming from the Itch app, not the game.

You wouldn't have seen it in tests because you didn't test with firejail. I've mentioned that firejail is a sandbox program, which is a program that isolates programs for security purposes.

I tried turning it off, but it still does it, which seems strange.

>  If you can figure out what Unity wants from Firejail, I think that's your best bet in solving this issue.

I've been trying... which is why I've been asking you what dependencies you have.

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No game should require root permission on Linux. I can't run it since it requires it to proceed and fails if I cancel.

I use firejail for security - it's a sandbox program as I mentioned - and new programs are run inside firejail by default. I can't see what program it's trying to run when the installer says firejail there so I don't know what changes to make to firejail to try to get it working. I don't have trouble with other games in Itch. So far this is the only game I've had this issue with.

If you could suggest which programs it might be trying to run/install I could try to whitelist or install them and see if the problem goes away.

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I see it mentions firejail which is a sandbox program. There may be something I need to allow in firejail, but I don't know what it's running.