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i'll be sure to ask them then. thank you!

Is the "something in the woods is very strange" song available for download at all? i love it!

If the song IS available, would it be okay to use 20-40 seconds of it for the endcard of youtube videos about Wildermyth? reccorded some episodes last night, and the music i usually use wouldn't really fit with it.

Heeey Goblins, it's your Troll again. Just letting you know i encountered a new bug.

after about my third or so winter, i placed down some additional storehouses by my berry bush, and by my lumber mills, the idea was that the Goblins would be able to take logs out of the mills and berries off the bushes and deliver them faster. what i found out though is that the Goblins ignored these new storehouses alltogether, and instead walked a much longer route to deliver the goods to the first storehouse i built. All three houses were manned, so it's not a case of lack of workers.  might need a slight A.i. change to have them go for the nearest storehouse, as opposed to the first one placed.

Video of berries being delivered below. this also happened for logs, and presumably all other resources.

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i'll post a video clip once i'm finished editing it, but i noticed around Fall three or so that my game started to slow down and lag a lot. i also saw a nearby hill with three graveyards on top of it, each with two or three winters worth of skeleton goblins roaming around. by winter / spring, the game crashed and was unplayable. i'm not positive, but i think it might be because the game was trying to support too many undead? might be a good idea to have them either stop spawning if there are too many in a small area, or de-spawn if a new winter comes with no interaction from the goblins.

edit: short video clip of all the skeleton goblins at one of at least three graveyards in a small area

check the top left corner of the screen, you should see two numbers, like 8/10 or something. the first number is how many goblins you have, the second is how many you can support.  if both of those are the same, or very close together, you might not have enough room for new goblins, try building more warrens.

if that's not the case, then i don't know. found i was only getting five to two new goblins every year after the first.

Sounds good to me! 

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Keep running into the situation where my Goblins run out of food and sticks by the second winter, and either starving or freezing to death. Since Goblins burn through sticks so quickly, perhaps there could be alternative, more renewable ways to produce sticks?

currently thinking that woodcutters and lumber-mills (the places that make logs and planks) could perhaps produce sticks as a byproduct of their craft. Making logs would involve breaking off branches that could become sticks, and making planks would involve cutting logs up into sections in which the waste portions could also become sticks.

Just my thoughts on the matter at least.

not sure if this is a known bug or not, but any time i try to send a Goblin to explore a new tile on the world map, the game will freeze or crash a short time after. i'm guessing it's around the time the goblin arrives in the new tile. maybe the whole "exploring more of the world" function just doesn't exist yet, not sure.

Another bug I've noticed is that the graphics will freak out if the camera tries to float directly above water.