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Getting Back Home is a game about a boy who got lost and now has to get back home, he's  in an unknown place and in the dark and the only tool he has to help him is a flashlight.

Game developed for 2D project, but our intentions aren't only to get good grades, we want this game to be the first of many successful games developed and published in our careers.

The game is available for Windows and Macintosh. If there's a lot of request for a Linux build we could get that done. 

We'd love to get some more feedback and to see everyone's opinion.

Note: Teaser/Trailer coming soon.

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Gameplay Example

Thanks very much! We are thankful that you made a video about our game, it helps us a lot seeing other people not involved in the development test things to see where the most difficulties are. Great to hear that you enjoyed the concept and the idea, even though you didn't make it back home and are now lost in the dark.

Thanks for the feedback, means a lot! We thought the mechanics would be self explanatory, but we appreciate the suggestion.