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Oh thanks

Tanks! We really liked your game too. The visuals are amazing and, although it is short, there's really interesting mechanics.

Yes, we are aware of the bug, unfortunately we didn't have time to fix it :/

Thanks :)

We am aware of the physics quality. We had problems with the controller just a few hours before the deadline so we had to rush it. We move the character in the fixed update method.

Wow such a cool game! Keep it up. Love it.

Thank you very much

Thanks, I saw your game before you commented and I really liked it. There aresome hard levels but nonetheless pretty fun.

jajaj, q passa tiu

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Thanks, I tried to not make the levels too hard. I'll be sure to check your game too.

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I made some pick ups that recharged your battery. But since the level was very short I decided to not leave them in. I'm planing to make a larger game based on this idea, I'll make sure that there is a way to recharge the batteries. And I'll be sure to check your game.