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I see. Thanks.

Does the ZX Spectrum version work on the 48K, or is it 128K only?

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Currently enjoying these on my 48K Speccy. It still managed to get stuck repeating the final part of Space Beeps (Pt1-5), however. (pressing any key just restarted that part)

I use Corrscope to visualise most of my songs. Usually I'd separate the channels(stems) but I figured the 3-part harmony would be simple enough to discern when mixed.

I've never heard of this game or this port before. Is this compatible with the 48K?

I'm having a lot of fun with this on my 48K speccy so far! Looking forward to playing the sequel if/when that gets ported.

As one of my friends excellently put it when I found out about this game, it's a "blursed port". It runs well on my 48K but I had to adjust my monitor to see the blue terrain properly on the black background.

Well, this is a cool G&W port! I had to use SnaptoTap to get it into the TAP format required by the android tape loader app but otherwise it runs fine on a real 48K.

Wow, this multicolour trickery is impressive! The handling is a bit different from the (frankly obvious) source material but otherwise it's a really solid game.

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This is a solid port! I loaded this onto my real 48K using an android app but only the TZX version works properly. Just thought I'll leave this here for others who might want to try this on real hardware.
Edit: I'm also running into an input lockup on real hardware once the game is over. This forces me to reload the "tape", which is a shame.

Good blend of lo-fi and jungle!

Furnaces does have a versitile wave synth but that requires the wave RAM to be freely accessible. Guess which system only allows wave RAM writes when all of the channels are disabled?

Because of this, the common strategy is to stick with the 5 wave RAM slots you initialised the song with. Each of the channels (excluding noise) can freely change which slot to use - I simply used 5 "pulse widths" for this OST.

The noise channel's periodic mode is abused for extra bass as well. Did I mention that the lowest possible note for the regular channels is D#2?

That's about it for my rambling. I'm glad my songs piqued your interest in Furnace!

Wow, I was not expecting Pico-8 songs in this jam!
They all fit the theme/genre well despite the limited amount of channels.

That is an oscilloscope view generated using Corrscope. I couldn't come up with a cover art idea otherwise.

Honestly, I think this game has to become a reality.

Damn, the music is so epic!

Um, this is just a screenshot dude.