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Simple and fun game! I was wondering how the cauldron was used to craft until I realized from reading the comments that I needed to toss elements in there to summon warriors to fight for you (I feel like I should have easily figured that out on my own... dohh!) In any case, I enjoyed seeing my warriors crush my enemies and growing bigger and stronger. >:D Good work!

Those are all definitely things that we could've been more clear about - either through a separate detailed info./instructions screen or in-game with the message prompts. Thank you for playing the game and your feedback, James! It helps newbies like ourselves who just started making games and tend to overlook these sort of things which tend to be obvious to the experienced. :)

Still an honest review, regardless of the bias! Haha. Thanks for your feedback Josh, and of course, your help with providing the music for us as well!

This was a real treat to play! The story was simple and hatched out really well - the dialogue/conversations with all the NPCs were perfect. I can see inspiration perhaps being drawn from games such as Earthbound and Terraria, and yet, the art/graphics are very stylized and original. Not to mention, a great attention to detail (swaying trees, being able to pick up dead bodies, injuring NPCs, etc..). Great work SaucyArmadilloGames!

Thank you SaucyArmadilloGames for playing our game along with your wonderful comments and critique! The camera tracking was definitely a beast to contend with, and even now, we're not quite sure how to set it up in third-person and not have it clip through walls. But given this is our first game and game jam, we have lots ahead to learn. To start, we may look into fixing some of the controls and interaction for this game. :)

I had a lot of fun playing this! The dark purple zombie ended my run. :[ Love the variety of weapons you can make. Medkit was rare to come by so it definitely made the game more intense. Great work!

This was a wonderfully relaxing game. I managed to please most of the customers - most importantly that last one. ;) The artwork and music fits perfectly together. Well done!