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I have played each route aside from Dozer's, and I am quite impressed with the writing of each route. However, there are pangs from going down certain routes and having to do actions and see how others are reacting. Ignoring Coach so early on after going through 31 days of his route hurts, but I recently finished Spencer's route and went as far in Darius' as I could and it just...well, hurts seeing Spencer like that knowing how things went the other way.

This is not a bad quality mind; it keeps the routes connected and establishes continuity between the different paths you can go, even if that first Saturday seems to ignore other routes' events (like Coach's book signing and the celebration event at the cafe...though considering how those events turn out much better with the player's/Eric's support, that's probably for the best). It especially sheds light on the characters and what their lives are like outside of the snippets we see otherwise.

Really can't get enough of this game, even with certain routes having some broken assets and errors that need to be skipped. Keep up the great work everyone, can't wait to read more~

Hah, well thank goodness you told me. I was getting ready to dive deep into the strip poker or Twister games to see if there was a special scene that only came out if you played through both endings, used the fourth wall breaking opening and made a very specific combination of moves... or, I don't know, clocked on the eggplant trophy in a particular scene. Sneaky easter eggs and such.

The one of the couch and the TV, one of a look out the door to the eggplant fields, another of the same field with the ship burning/exploding, one of the cows (one upside down), and Eggplant Man taking a vacation on an alien world (or a beach; hard to tell in this game). I might be missing something incredibly obvious to get these to open up - I missed how many I needed after all.

Will do. I've already checked out Shadowburg (promising start there) and I've been pondering on checking out both Charles 2.0 and YAGS for a bit now.  Can't wait to see what they bring to the table. I hope your schedule works out for BJ. :D

This is a fun game. Ajax and Cato feel both relatable and yet alien enough to be...well, convincingly aliens. Nice writing, interesting sprites, and the third playthrough got some good laughs from me.

I just wish I knew how to get those last four CGs in the gallery. Nobody has made a guide, and now I am left staring wantingly at them. Fortunately I've not gotten to shaking my fists impotently at the sky, but we shall see.

Thanks for the hard work on the game. I can't wait to see what this year's Barajam will create. Will you be entering it if one does appear?