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Well it's been a couple years now. the game still holds up. and I had looked forward to potential updates but I guess that's unlikely now

man do i wish there were hidden cheats or something now to keep it interesting to play.

Not so much a bug as a small problem that might be able to be solved.

when you build the defenses close to the slime spawn point on the left side cliff, all the turrets start off facing the wrong direction. when they finally turn around the barrage of slimes have already torn down barricades placed close to it (can see the spawner on screen close, but not directly next to it. 3 spaces away) upon actually defending that spot the turrets stay facing the correct direction, allowing subsequent waves to be much easier. Until you try to swap characters or load a save. 

Is it at all possible to make it so turrets will face the nearest slime spawner when built? or at least have them face the left side when on the left side cliff?

other than that. i do rather enjoy the game. the miner in particular is my favorite of the three.

tour mode has a lot of potential. but it feels like it needs some balancing tweaks. and maybe a fix for being stuck at negative money cause of that thief that steals WAY too much and then being unable to even pick a restaurant when you have a coupon to make it free.

Compared to how fur food contest is. I kind of struggle to understand what makes this "deluxe" when it's more of a "redux" Sorry to say but i actually much rather prefer the fast paced fun of what we were used to. 

you should do it yourself then. 

being able to recover faster from it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring up with the dev. but if you are still getting brainfreeze that often it might be cause of which foods you are choosing. it might seem tempting to go for the higher calorie options. but with beer,  ice cream and soda causing so much cold. you may only want to use one of them, maybe two but never three. though i forgot the recent update that limits your combo multiplier to 10 without a special skill that only certain people have made it even harder to get there.

careful food choices and being able to keep the combo going can help. though admittedly recent updates to the temperature mechanics have made it a bit harder to avoid getting too far in one direction or the other and ending up stunned. so some work on the skills may help there.

i think what you have to do is get a score of 500+ on the cold challenge for a chance to unlock gabriel. which will likely mean needing to use pol as he is the character with the highest cold tolerance.

Usually hitting enter will bring up an option to "retire" back to the hub world. Thankfully( or unfortunately if you like to stay huge) Doing so with lvl 4 obesity will just set you back to lvl 3.

Which works out cause if you hit lvl 4, at least in the initial 1.1 version. You can't go back down in size till you retire to the hub area.

it seems pretty good an update. i only wish there was descriptions for all of the conditions. like lvl 4 fat, and the magician transformations.

i do like how there's an item that can keep those conditions around now. but helium inflated state doesn't seem to stay even with the item active. 

admittedly i would not be against being able to have the capacity be raised higher than the 100 the item gives. with that it could be an interesting challenge to see how far into the game each condition can get without it wearing off.

for example the fat state can get a good number of places with skilled jumps. but actually clearing a stage doesn't seem possible in most cases.

That being said. i love the update!

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I do enjoy this game quite a bit, but man does it frustrate me at times with how rude it can be in it's level generation. especially in the cheese layer with those milk boats.

are there any plans for some sort of meta progression? or will the game remain as is with just bug fixing and what is mentioned in the patch notes about future plans? a way to make runs just a little more forgiving over time as you play more runs would be fitting for a roguelike such as this

as it is currently, there doesn't seem to be much of a reason to take the shortcuts outside of making things much more difficult for yourself.

Ohhhh that explains it. i thought it was a potential reward for battling him. thank you!

what exactly is the drop rate for the super tiny elixir cause I cannot seem to get one from the alchemist at all

hopefully it's not too late or impossible to have an option to turn the size cap off. but who knows at this point

glad to see the ice machine fixed, but where has the love gone? quite seriously. for some reason now hearts don't appear. is the ability to make kobolds bigger overall changed? and what about the tailbags which don't work still? at any rate. looking to see the previous features back in a functioning state. so far so good though. keep it up

those screenshots are for a lack of a better way to put it. woefully outdated. I don't think that item has been in the game for some time now. and it's been several months since the last update anyway.

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if you toss the contents upwards and carefully position yourself. works well enough.

just past the forest where you can find fruit on the trees now and then there is a cave and if you traverse down into it a you'll find a creepy guy in a tent who sells some. once you buy one it's just equipping it like the tail bags you can find in the shop in the town area

from what i've seen the only upgrades that work are the three that cost 100. everything else pretty much doesn't work. the fridge upgrade to make ice for you only works until you quit and reload the game. i have no idea what the other building upgrades will do if they do anything at all. documentation is honestly kind of sparce

fiddling around with it i think i found out a reason for saves breaking. something about buying a bomb causes this? and if you go into the appdata folders (AppData>LocalLow>Naelstrof>KoboldKare>Saves) and delete the most recent .sav file that doesn't have an image file with a matching number. you can get your saves back. this is a thing with 156_E944B35 and 163_08121B8

after clearing out appdata folders for this game the saves work again. version 156_E944B35
BUT, sometimes after longer sessions the ability to save will break again and i just lose any progress i had done. also loading back in on saves sometimes just freezes up the entire game. or somehow instakills my player. 
other than that things appear stable, but im noticing it seems a LOT harder to actually get kobold milk to go in the buckets. having to get a bucket on a table and hope i can position the kobold in the right spot to ensure the milk goes in the bucket and not all over the place is actually quite a hassle.

though because of constantly losing save data it's actually been quite near impossible to test the new purchasable items in the construction shop due to the lost progress.

having the same problem as grottoo, but im happy knowing ice properly works now as a reagent and that a hotfix will hopefully or eventually arrive in due time to fix the menus.

Is it just me or does ice not work properly currently. i tried making some milkshake with a bucket of milk and some ice together in the grinder. but when it came out and gathered in a second bucket it was still just milk.