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Thank You and Happy Xmas

Please contact support as I do not handle payments. I hope you continue to enjoy the demo and one day the full game.

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  • Escape now goes back on all screens.
  • Escape twice on title screen auto quits game (no warning).
  • Mouse works on screen options. Highlight should work too.
  • Axis reverse occurs in game - bound to K key. Naff arrow icon added on UI (to the left of the ship). Is permanent from level to level but not saved. Toggle any time.

All files have been updated.

Let me know what you think. All feedback is welcome.


Two minds duel to stay sane.

Mind Jab is a both a race to build enough sanity and/or resources to win and a challenge to avoid losing all your sanity.

Brain power

Take turns to play (or discard) a card from a hand of 6 cards, earning resources, dealing damage, and building bonuses. Use empathy, diplomacy and rationality to boost your own mind, weaken your opponent's, and build enough sanity to win.

  • Do you rush for early destruction of enemy's sanity?
  • Or play sanity boosting cards to protect yourself from harm?
  • Is resource generation your preferred strategy?
  • Do you play a lesser powerful card in order just because it's type matches the synergy star?
  • Or do you decide your mind's fate with each new turn?

Cards for sorrow, cards for pain

Mind Jab features a deck of approx 100 cards, all unlocked, all unique, all original, all equally mad. Cards cost 1 of 3 resource types to play. For roughly half of all the cards, the resource type is randomly chosen every time that card is drawn (the cost never changes).

Mind Jab is inspired by Arcomage from the Might And Magic series.

Free Demo

A free demo of Mind Jab is available and is limited to 1 game mode, Human VS AI only, and a rubbish AI. The full game includes more game modes and decent AI.

<a href="" mind="" jab="" link"=""></a>

Triangulate is a tactical tile game where two opponents place triangle-shaped tiles to out score one another.

Every turn each player scores points by placing a triangular tile anywhere on the grid to match one of three colours and shapes.

Players balance optimal scoring and tactical tile placement - what might seem a good scoring tile now could be bad later if it allows your opponent better scoring potential.

A free demo of Triangulate is available and is limited to a small play area and human vs a rubbish AI. The full game includes a large board and decent AI.

Kitty Rainbow is a 2D platformer where rainbows are your platforms as well as your weapons and shields.

You play as a rainbow-wielding cat on a mission to spread brightly coloured joy by removing bumble bees, off-beat music, and other unpleasant things. Your rainbows protect you from the bad things that can kill you and also provide you with platforms to walk and jump on.

Free Demo is available now.
Full game released on 6th August 2020.





Thank you X

You are the bomb

BombFall is a fast-paced, tactical, 2D, arcade game where you play a bomb falling through the sky. You traverse three stages of Earth's atmosphere freely moving within the flight corridor towards the target cityscape.

You have a super tough nose that bashes obstacles as you fall. It flashes green everytime you hit something and causes you to briefly bounce upwards. You also "collect" clouds as you destroy them, charging your manually activated retro booster.

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Don't step in the vomit.

Loot Monkey: Bling Palace is the sequel to Loot Monkey, a 2D, flip-screen platformer that tests your wits and your patience.
Set in the Bling Palace of the Evil Overlord, you play as orange monkey servant Dougie and must visit every room of the Bling Palace to collect all the loot that has been left lying around following a big party.

Dougie must avoid moving enemies as well as static hazards including copious piles of toxic-looking vomit. Dougie can explore any room in the Bling Palace in any order as he has access to all the rooms.

As a sequel there are the same features as the original Loot Monkey (including the practice mode) as well as loads more rooms to explore, more enemies to avoid, lots of bling to collect, high scores and a lot more loot to collect.

Loot Monkey: Bling Palace is a long-form game very much in the style of Jet Set Willy complete with original cheesy 1980s synth music and bizarre enemies.

Be a clever, brave monkey and gather the master's loot and don't step in the vomit.

Itchio page

Developer link

Loot Monkey: Bling Palace is also available on the Nintendo Switch (link to follow on Itch page as soon as shop has been approved)

Loot Monkey is a 2D, flip-screen, platform game very much in the style of 8-bit platformers.

You play as Dougie, monkey and servant to the Evil Overlord, and have been instructed by your master to collect all his loot from his estate. Every item of loot must be collected from all the rooms to win the game and receive the master's reward. 

Dougie explores the master's estate in any order he wishes. Dougie moves left and right and jumps to almost his own height. Being a monkey he has also been known to occasionally resist falling when near a wall. His abilities are useful for avoiding the Overlord's pets as well as the traps and hazards scattered across his master's estate. 

Be a clever and brave monkey and gather the master's loot before a hero arrives to steal it.

  • Very easy controls.
  • Non-linear exploration.
  • Every room is a new challenge.
  • Strong and rich aesthetic.
  • Photographic backgrounds.
  • Clean and clear UI.
  • Voice acting for Evil Overlord.
  • Cheesy 1980s synth music.
  • Crisp monkey sounds.
  • Rooms are differently shaped.
  • Challenging game modes for better players.
  • Enemies do not fire projectiles.

Obliterator is a top-down, 2D, single-player, action space game.

It is a mission-based game where you pilot the SS Harmony (a.k.a. The Obliterator) and complete objectives for The Committee in order to further the expansion into space.

I need help finishing this game. Obliterator is currently 90% completed - it is in the last phase of development.

Please read the Devlog and game page at