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wait I have to check this out! how am I just now seeing this?!?!?

DAMN! How did I miss all of this art, I love it!

Hell yeah! Glad you had fun!

I don't believe it is, but give me a week or two and I'll have a fillable version available.

Glad you like it! Character sheets are absolutely something we're planning on creating, but haven't gotten to yet. I'll try to dedicate some time over the next week or two and put one together. I'll keep you posted!

Thank you! We playtested with our three cats and had wildly different experiences. Hope you have a ton of fun with them.

your dungeon master sounds brutal 😂

yep! Over on Gamefound you can add physical copies of anything, they're currently in production and can even ship them out with the Kickstarter copies

yep! They're split between the end of the player section and guide sections

As for typos, my editor is currently going through it, we also found some formatting errors for the aspect cards that we're fixing

Hey! I know you already messaged me and got the answer, but I'm replying in case anyone else has questions.

Feel totally free to make whatever you want for this, so long as you aren't duplicating the exact text of anything in the book it's totally cool. You can use exact text of any of the extras though, having the moves in front of you is very helpful.

Can't seem to find it, go ahead and send it my way again if you can. I'll also throw in a few of the other games I've got because it's been a long wait. I've still got some of the Arcana Academy misprints and the Our God Is Dead zine I'll send your way as an apology for the hassle.

There are misprinted copies still available, I disabled them because the itch notification system was really bad and I wasn't able to tell when they were purchased. I'll have a new website up soon, otherwise if you want to email me at I'll get you taken care of 👍

no worries, haha, I'm sitting down to send it out now, should be in any minute

Gamefound doesn't automatically send out emails or notifications. I check about once a week and manually import the Gamefound emails over to itch. I'll make sure to get that taken care so be on the lookout for an email from itch later on tonight 🙂

Very glad to hear!

Hey, sorry that I'm only just now seeing this. Itch doesn't give notifications when people comment. I'll try and dig through the list to find your address and ship it out Monday.

I'll get that out in the next update that should be dropping soon 👍

You start all scenes with the momentum. You regain it whenever you roll 15 or more. I'll add some clarity for the next update dropping soon.

it unfortunately doesn' notifiy me when new addresses are entered, if you want to email your address to I'll make sure you send your copy your direction when I get back home.

It should have asked you to enter your address. If it isn't showing up you can email me your address directly to

Ah, I must have accidentally removed the links when I uploaded the pdf that had the cover.  I'll get that fixed and try and reupload within the next week or so.

The artists are hard at work getting the deck finished up! I hope to have some fun news within the next month or so.

*aren't necessary

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The cards aren't necessary. They're sample prompts that can be used to fill in the details of the game if you're having trouble coming up with your own

Hmm, I'll check. Maybe it went into spam.

I try to make at least one trip to the post office each week. Most people receive there's within 1-2 weeks.

We tried something different in this game. Instead of character progression we focused on story progression to keep things interesting.

Basically, the GM adding new characters, locations, and items added enough variety to keep things interesting that it didn't feel necessary to add a bunch of different abilities beyond learning/improving but spells.


You should have gotten it by now.  I can only do a lookup by email, if you want to send me the email address you use on your itch account to I'll look into the tracking and figure out what happened.

The copies got shipped out Monday if this week (had a slight delay with my label printer) I believe you should be getting them early next week. I know I have at least one person that's said they've gotten their book already. Hope that helps!

The book isn't missing any important pages (the title page went missing), and it's still 100% useable.  It just means that the layout and images aren't quite right because all left pages are now on the right.

I might have a few extra as copies, but I don't have the money to do a huge print run all over again so I'm prioritizing backers before reselling the fixed books.

Oh, I'll definitely update the PDF soon because the cover should totally be there. Thanks for letting me know!

you should be able to save it directly from the first page of the PDF, but if you still want the cover I can definitely get it to you

You can keep rolling to resolve a memory, but you're likely to generate more anomalies the longer it takes, glad you liked it so much! This game was kinda experimental so people enjoying it makes me happy :)

Ahhh! You gotta send me a link so I can check it out!

That's awesome! Which actual play do you do?

That's honestly hilarious that you'd bought the shirt before you got the game 😂 I hope you enjoy it!

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Feel free to add mine. I wasn't aware there were ways to add new games and thought I'd missed my chance!

Pretty fun game about dragons and romance. If you're a fan of both, you're going to really like this game.

This game is really quite a lot of fun. Very innovative mechanics. A bit crunchier than most other PbtA games, but if that's your thing you're going to love this!