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"Forward" is a mechanic of Powered By the Apocalypse games that means a certain number modifies the result of your next roll or your next roll that meets a certain condition.  So in the case of Another Failure on a 10+ the target will subtract 1 from whatever the result of their next roll is. In the case of a 7-9 whoever used the move will subtract 1 from the next roll they make specifically for a move made toward the person they targeted. I didn't really think to include text explaining it since it's usually presupposed information in Powered By the Apocalypse games. Sorry about that!

there isnt one. "Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive." is just the text itchio puts on games that use a reward system which is what i use to offer community copies

i'd like to submit these three games. i wish i'd looked into how to join sooner

oh yeah it was lol. thanks for letting me know i must've missed that! i'll fix it now