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I guess i could, now that i think about it, i'll go try it.


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I'll explain further. You connect poles to score and fight using a rock paper scissors combat system, which leads to some interesting situations, where there isn't a right answer and you have to constantly change your state.

Thanks for your time and if you're interested i hope you'll enjoy it.

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Try to get to the finish as fast as possible by using your blocks to clutch and boost yourself.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.

Oh, sorry my bad. Here you are.








Just put your link in the href tag.

I'm sorry, but why would i just give you the source code of my game? And why are you making the same thing, when it already exists?

I like it, it's really original, but the spring stretching is delayed.

Really cool art style and story, the dialogue boxes were awesome.

Thank you!

Thank you!

That's a cool idea

Yeah, sorry this was my very first game.

I used blender with it's handy build in tree generation system.

I think it should work for mac to. Try it and if not tell me and I could  make a special build for you, but I don't have a mac to test it on :)

Now I undestand thank you I didn't know :)

The game has just one small problem that breaks the whole game and that is the moving of the ball is relative to the ball I don't know were is he facing, if the movement was global (When I press Left it needs to go to the left and it should not mater where the ball is), but over all it is a great game the music, sound efects, the puzzles are awsome. It is realy easy to understand what to do. I just turn on the game and I just get it.

If i remove the bad movement it is a awsome game :)

Cool game,  i realy liked it.  I like how you get the simple tutorial at the start, but it would be cool if you  could have a high scorenumber, What I remember  my highscore  is 1680 points. 
The big window around the screen doesnť look very good I would recoment to go to the viewport dimensions in the edit game settings and set it to the size of the game.

Cool game I realy like the art and it is realy polished :)

Good Job

Thank you :)


Thank you :) and I have rated your game to :)

Thank you :-) I forgot to add there something to tell you what to do.

Thanks! That means a lot to me :)

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I like it. it would be a great mobile game :)

Fun game and the mechanic is realy smart and good :)

Awsome! This is realy smart. I like how you can kill enemies by tricking them to go into a hole :)

I like it is simple and fun. And for your first game it is awsome :)

Great job, I realy like it

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This is realy cool. It is polished, the puzzles are smart. I can not bealive that this game has just few ratings. This is one of the best entries that I played :)

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It is super, but why the platformer part. The level desighn of it is good, but the charicter is unresponsive and check points would be great, but everything else great :)

Thank you :)

True, sorry if you could not finish the game because of it.

That is true I had to add something that will say you what to do. Thanks for feedback :)

Thanks :)

This is very well polihed. All the buttons and graphics are realy cool. :)

I realy like it. The efect when the ground brakes si  cool. My high score is 824

Thanks :)

Thank you :)