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For being made in only one month, this game has something to it that makes me want to keep playing. I really enjoy the ambience. 

Is the repo for this public? There is a lot I could learn from how you made this.

At the beginning of each level (except the first one), you'll see that there's a 2-letter combination you can hold while clicking "play game" to return to that level :) 

You can also see it when pausing the game

Thank you for being such a strong supporter! I definitely won't forget this request in the future, as serious as it may or may not be :)

I'm sure you'll get it if you try some different strategies :) but if you'd rather just see, here's how to beat it:

Yeah I spent weeks trying to prevent this issue and it seems some people just have it regardless of what I do or how good their machine is. Try the level on different browsers and I will continue to try and fix it. 

is all your feedback based on the final boss or do you mean the timing is off overall? Are you using a controller or the keyboard?

if you’re falling through the floor then you have a low frame rate possibly due to low ram. Try closing some programs or a different browser 

Thanks man, let me know if you find any bugs I need to patch