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Replied to gamejamsean in Suggestions

I think I am misinterpreting what you mean so please explain more about the offline/online mode bit, like where to move it too.

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What do you mean by Pertinant, it is there so if the internet you are using is restricted you can stop the request being sent. An example is my college blocks the request and causes a crash so I can put it in offline mode at college. Also I could design a boss around an eagle if you want, it could swoop down quickly taking you off guard :D

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Post anything in here but keep it appropriate please.

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Please post any suggestions in here. I will read them all but can't guarantee all will get in to the game.

Here is a easier way to check out the game.

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This is my first game ever released game outside of gamejams, the aim of the game is to make it as far as possible by killing the enemies and dodging their lasers. After every boss you are rewarded by being able to spend the money you get from killing enemies. Feel free to check it out here for as little as $0.50.

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Please report any bugs in this thread, thank you.