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It's been a long time in the works, but it's our pleasure to say that after several iterations, REFLECT is finally available for PC, Mac and Linux on the storefront! We hope you enjoy our free-to-play, nice-if-you-pay monochromatic 8-bit platforming short as much as we enjoyed making it!

Run, jump and splash your way through a world of perpetual rain. Wake up, it's time to look inside.

Master the art of movement on the rooftops of a sodden city.

Discover notes from those that came before.

Featuring music by T-LARC.

Download it now:

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Development on ANY LAST WORDS? started over a year ago. It's amazing to finally be able to announce that it's arrived at as a free-to-play, nice-if-you-pay unique narrative decommission simulator experience!

The year is 2148. As a ZERO-SUM ENGINEER aboard the CC Major II, the largest interplanetary support satellite in the solar system, your mission is simple. To locate the world's oldest AI, and end it.

- Navigate a 22nd-century vessel using a unique, console-driven interface!
- Grapple with the moral ramifications of corporate-sanctioned life removal!
- Deal with space spam!
- Featuring multiple endings, in-game achievements, and a soundtrack by T-LARC!

Download it now: