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Tutorial is kinda brief, you leave players to themselves in some of the game's aspects. For example, just one lil tutorial window about 4 top-right buttons. But "tech-tree" is very important part of your game (which isn't that much "idle", i'd say, because there is a complex system of bonuses to learn, which you also don't mention). How about after players place 2 earth tiles on the grid, tutorial window suggests to push the tech-tree button, where they can atleast get an idea what exactly they need to merge to progress. Because at first try i got 1 stone tile, and 0 production, so i thought that i'm "stuck". Maybe in next version you'll add to some tiles which are currently tech-only, some production aswell ? Oh, and why element "air" isn't in the game? Wind spread seeds... Also, shouldn't merging desert with water create an oasis? )

After discovering 2 of 4 tiles from a column left to 3 basic elements, i was sure that the rest 2 also would require merging of two tiles. That's actually the 2nd (not prime) reason why TWO fires are needed to be merged with a tile (which in reality could be easily burnt starting from just one match) is ultra-counterintuitive! So i could discover 3rd element from the leftest column only out of pure accident. Also, it makes thinking of 4th tile from that column much harder, because amount of possible combinations grows exponentially! Maybe it's quite easy and obvious for you, makers, but that tile and "scorched earth" are only two things that left unclear for me in your lovely game

How about a new "22x2(44) rooms" game ? )

In next update, please add ability to exit from shop by pressing "X" button once. Because for now, if you didn't collect enough coins for desireable upgrade, you have to tap "down" six times each time

If you mean split heart tile which you shoot, then it bereaves all healing hearts during current descending session )

Good habit in this game to shoot every lantern which as you think will clarify exact area you need to sea. Lanterns light up much more than just a lit and holded arrow in your hands ) Hanging skulls could be also more useful, if first upgrade for them would be "+1 coin every next shot of arrow", and 2nd upgrade "coins are multiplied x2 each next arrow shot" ) I think these are more interesting upgrades than same few "chances for double arrow"

There are basic enemies who patrol left-right, but for balance this game could add flying mice or traps, which can only move vertically ) And about variety in levels, portals can be added which randomly teleport players either one level up, either one level down )

So, which treasure gives Scuba power to overcome the strong horizontal water stream in a passage? )

Excuse me, but.. how much damage does Dracula need to eat? Fighting against him with the bugger is bugged, so i had to switch to a lady magician, shooting fireballs every time i could, but still - Dracula outlived like 5 iterations of his transformations, and could go more! : F

I wish such sigh as yours, because even on normal difficulty i planted crops as soon as i could, but third fase of turnips' growth always happens that exactly morning when survivor dies of food starving xD Or did i download the "April's fools version of game" ? )

On map i can always see 4 crosses, but never understand where am i myself &) I guess for a 2 players competition, 5 treasures can be hidden (each on a different island), and first player to collect 3 (so called "best of 5" in eSports) - wins this current procedural generation : )

That's a tightey! U'd need a rly CLOSE friend for such playing sessions

U're talking about woods choppin, right? I also didn't get for some time "why axe doesn't work if i stand right near the bushes?..". But you have to also hold a direction key towards what you wanna chop )

Also, i couldn't resist to purchase the Azure Lemon palette, but didn't know that i won't find any more fish afterwards to purchase the UltraGreat Rod, so i was basically stuck with current level of fishing equipment )

Turtle shouldn't be the "boss" fish, as it is easy to get. Who could be - is the monster fish, which only swims in deepest depths.

Has anyone tried to speedrun this lovely game, yet ? Finding the most optimal queue and route of obtaining power-ups should be a pretty complex task B-)

It took some time to think what different colors of appearing blocks are about?.. At first i thought that if i collect same colored blocks in a row, then numbers are divided and snake's tail shrinks faster; and then i thought that depending on snake's head's color which player randomly gets each time, only trails of such color can be crossed without dying. But then i realized that coloring doesn't really matter in this game)) And btw, it's nice that you gave players the "second chance feature" while snake's head is about to be blown in case of a mistake

Only on 3rd try i didn't stuck on first wave, and met the crab king. Really nice looking boss, but i think you should rework him a bit. Because green blob on his back looks more like some "megaheal". If you change blob's color to red (violet for the rest of body is ok), that'll change the perception of him as a last boss, responsible for the Marine Apocalypse. And shouldn't the boss with name "Crab King" be 2 times bigger? Also, for now crab overlays shrimps, walking above them, instead of pushing the crowd of shrimps away

Tbh, this old version of your game was better. First, is because it bugged only when i reached 17th level (shots started to kill some out-of-nowhere shrimps, but no visible enemies left on the beach). In enhanced version presented on this page, new shrimps stopped appear when i cleaned the area only on 34%... Second complaint is that when players not allowed to hold left mouse button, they can't really know weapon's attack speed after each upgrade, have to spam-click for each shot. Third, minor complaint about this version, is that neither of 3 choices to upgrade get highlighted when cursor is over them. And here is one suggestion for new version of your game: how about shotgun becomes available only when player kills first boss (some fat fish, which simply ate a crate with shotgun), and later, on lvl25 or smth, 2nd boss (slow octopus) appears, who ate automatic rifle (with much better attack rate)

Can this game be played on PC now, after the Adobe's Flash Apocalypse ? Maybe you can port it to Unity or make available as a downloadable .exe file ?

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Why each character doesn't have a color theme of the playing field fastened for it? Moreover, in DungeonDash each character also can have projectiles specially against him (icebolts for wizard, swords - for knight, arrows - for ranger, stones - for thief, rotten brains - for zombie, poisonous projectiles - for necromancer, red hot chili sushis - for samurai, eggs - for royalist)

Can you please add descriptions for treasures when player moves cursor on one of them (or using arrows keys) ? Like, for some time even more clear treasures weren't clear for me. Seemed for me that brown bird is about sitting, not flying (before i picked up a derped duck)). Also, those blue gallons with oxygen seemed a gillette, and couldn't understand the need for it if Scoobah already picked up breathing tube. Not even mentioning all other less obvious treasures!

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Those richly pixelated heroes to unlock all look so lovely, have you guys thought about making a fully fledged roguelike game with them? (or maybe such one already released?)

Sukhail, could you add an "erase progress" button in menu, because i'd like to letsplay your game on stream from the very start, naked )

I think that Worgma womb(core) should be much bigger! You can look at peyote cactus' photos for more visual details. And one more unit suggestion: a slow slug, who covers the ground with slime which is toxic for humans and scare them away. Such unit was available for protoss race in the first chapter of StarCraft. Would love to see it in that purple+acid colors of worgrians )

Following the common sense, sturdy knight should be able to carry much more weight, than subtle adventurer (vise versa, >800 and <300 )

And intelligent Mage is too assailable even to agressive plants for now (plus fireballs hurt the hero himself if enemies as homunculus are close). Could you make special "armor" for this hero as for other two? How about giving on start a "Robe of mages", which allows to leap to any cell of the combat field, even if enemies nearby block player. Also, i think that Mage should be able to throw projectiles not just along straight lines, but to any enemy aswell.. I suggest basic wands to deal damage only on one cell, but Mage can be the hero which is allowed to use scrolls during combat: average scrolls deal dmg at pointed cell and 4 cells near it (basic cross), and legendary scrolls deal dmg pointed cell and 8 cells around it (circlic blast which splashes on 9 cells).

While adventurer (and especially knight) have some assortment for them in armor to wear, why not add (besides robes of mages) majestic absorbing cloaks, which greatly diminishes items' weight and makes Mage's carrying limit literally unlimited.

P.S. What about those perks you wanted to add after exams ;_; ?