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Nice job Azaxor! it took me a few trys to actually get both endings and the monster spooked me a few times to boot!

Overall pretty fun!

Not really the scariest game out there but I had fun messing around in it ! Keep it up!

Been a long long time since ive played a point and click! I enjoyed this one! Some of the scares really got me good job :)

Yeah I really got the idea it was Lexa for zero reason lol  and thanks so much!

Loved The spells and how this game worked ! Honestly seems like if fleshed out could be something youd see in future triple A titles!

Overall awesome job! I really enjoyed it! Great quality for an game!

Awesome Job! Really enjoyed this one! I have a weak spot for mannequins and god damn!  

Honestly super fun interesting concept ! Very creepy . Could see this becoming a SCP type game if expanded upon! I never found my way out after 45 minutes so I think I had terrible luck or something lol 

Awesome job ! Demon power vision or whatever was pretty cool! 

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Gotta say had no idea this phobia existed , so thanks for that lol. overall pretty silly game good job

Both Endings and all that ! Great job i didnt have any problems with the zoom in or anything, it just worked out! very spooky 

Good job on this game, i enjoyed the creepyness of it repeating ! good job

Hey man awesome job with this! Gotta say I wasnt sure if I was gonna make it through that spider bit! Love the trippy way things appear ! Keep up all the good work ! look forward to seeing something from you in the future! 

Gotta say this game is pretty spooky in some ways! The ideas are real creepy and the bug thing makes my skin crawl! 

Love the Idea ! feels alittle floaty but if you worked out the kinks and added a few things here and there i could see it being a legit nintendo game! awesome job! 

Was a good time! I enjoyed it ! opening and holding the books was a tad weird but still good! 

Amazing work as always Dave! Its always a treat to play one of your games, scary yet simple to figure out with a lot of character and personality ! Awesome job! 

Real Short , which is a shame since i really liked it honestly, id love to play a whole game with killer cows lol! Good job

Honestly such a good game! i really enjoyed the style!

Ive got so many questions.. I wanan know everything and it makes me understand nothing! why was there a nuke explosion ? why the creepy scary crawling chicks! why the shooting !!! i loved the game but it left me so confused!! 

anyways awesome job! :D

Fun stuff! love to see a full long experience with more puzzles and such in this style !  

This game was super spooky! I still dont understand the riddle at all, really hard to understand whats being said, but besides that the game was alot of fun! 

Detective Zake on the job! it took my awhile but i finished the game in one setting so if anyone is curious about the ending or just wanna watch the game in full! look no further ! 

I always loved your style dave and i look forward to all your future games !

I freaking love scooby doo though 

Its hard not to compare this to games like Resident evil 4 or Silent hill, especially after the "silent grove" Sign, But that isn't a bad thing, i love both those games and i think this game has a lot of potential and overall i really enjoyed it! goodjob! 

Cant wait to see what this turns into ! was a good time 

This game was super weird and fun, i wanna see more stuff just like this honestly ! 

It is a real interesting idea , though i think it could use some work still, overall i think you got some stuff here

This game was super funny and i think i broke it multiple times ! great fun cant wait to see all the future updates! 

This game was so cool! and i cant wait for more to come out!!

This was a super cool idea! i enjoyed it!

It was reaal spooky! Especially that 1 jump scare! you know the one! haha anyways awesome job

was real interesting :) 

CRazY Scary ! very fun! Wish it cept going!