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Its hard not to compare this to games like Resident evil 4 or Silent hill, especially after the "silent grove" Sign, But that isn't a bad thing, i love both those games and i think this game has a lot of potential and overall i really enjoyed it! goodjob! 

Cant wait to see what this turns into ! was a good time 

This game was super weird and fun, i wanna see more stuff just like this honestly ! 

It is a real interesting idea , though i think it could use some work still, overall i think you got some stuff here

This game was super funny and i think i broke it multiple times ! great fun cant wait to see all the future updates! 

This game was so cool! and i cant wait for more to come out!!

This was a super cool idea! i enjoyed it!

It was reaal spooky! Especially that 1 jump scare! you know the one! haha anyways awesome job

so so scary I can't handle these games at all!!

Very Very loud XD god damn it was spooky

was real interesting :) 

CRazY Scary ! very fun! Wish it cept going! 

Tried getting some more endings! :D played it again! 

Real fun! Great demo ive always loved these types of games! i had a blast and cant wait till the full game is out! Cant wait till see all the abilities in the full release! 

Oh god, so id have to have her scream in my ear to actually be safe and far away ? lol

Not sure if i ever shared my playthough of this game on here! just in case ill post again! alot of fun! some of my comments told me abit of lore about this game which made it even spookier ! Great demo hope to see more like it! 

Im not sure if i was dieing in the game.. i think i might have been but whatever it was really fun! glad to have played it! 

I honestly wanna go back and try to speed run it at this point lol but im not sure how much i can handle without raging at myself ! fun game i like the concept 

Re visit! But this time i get the best ending ? maybe? And a secret monster! overall it was a good time! 

Loving the whole theme of this game!! anytime i get close to winning i die xD Still fun! 

Very spooky and hit my mannequin fear hard haha, awesome job 

Twas  fun! glad i was able to try this game out!!

I LOVED the feel of this game! it has alot of Resident evil and Silent hill feels which i love! it doesnt go for the easy jumpscares more just general fear itself ! Cant wait to play the full game! 

Real fun and real spooky!! it was alot of fun ! 

Got the game and it was really really scary ! cant wait to make an episode 2 ! 

super spooky! but it was an awesome game and i cant wait to see more! i dunno how much i have left though!

This game was pretty awesome for a demo! i cant wait till it comes out with a full version!