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7zip is a great unzipping/zipping tool. Check it out if you need one. Otherwise, enjoy the game through Steam.

$116.82 for a RPG Maker game?!

Vive user here. I would like to try this out! :D Looks fun!

I can almost get this app to give me a graphics tablet style of drawing, but it lags a but with the prettier brush styles. Just want you to know that this is my number one art tool for my Vive to this day... with Tilt Brush in a close second, of course.

I've seen a few other frisbee games in VR. New Retro Arcade Neon has a frisbee players can toss back and forth. Rec Room has frisbee golf. There's also a standalone frisbee golf game on Steam, but I forgot its title. Good luck with this project, but don't expect a lot of income from it unless you offer something more unique.

This is hilarious.