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You used Godot for this? Why? XD

Vive box was so much prettier.

If you ever need a tester for this or anything else, you can reach me at pretty quickly. Good luck with the update.

Oh wow an early submission! Great job!

HTC Vive with additional Index controllers. Tried the current demo and it's non-functional. It renders to HMD and motion is tracked and I can switch hand models... but that's it. I'll be a tester if you need one, but in return, I'd want a voucher for the asset store copy. Asset looks promising regardless.

It's nice to be able to bundle things. WebVR is nice for what it is, so if you want to use it as an executable, why not.

VRIF or Interaction Framework seems nice, so it's on my wishlist. Not a fan of how it prioritizes Oculus support, but I read that it has some limited support for Vive and Index. VRTK v2 was amazing and v4 of that might be worth checking out during this jam. I also have a few other frameworks/kits I bought during recent sales that might be good. Lot of options out there for Unity!

Using Unity 2019.3, I think, though I may choose an older version depending on what assets I choose to use.

You can build WebVR into an executable, so....

Can we make suggestions for the theme? If we have permission, I'll join or create the thread. If a theme is already planned, however, I will sit and wait patiently.

I imagine a modifier logic would be easy to add to the game logic, though. Just checking for those two inputs to be pressed at the same time, then if you want it on release, wait for both to be released.

7zip is a great unzipping/zipping tool. Check it out if you need one. Otherwise, enjoy the game through Steam.

$116.82 for a RPG Maker game?!

Vive user here. I would like to try this out! :D Looks fun!

I can almost get this app to give me a graphics tablet style of drawing, but it lags a but with the prettier brush styles. Just want you to know that this is my number one art tool for my Vive to this day... with Tilt Brush in a close second, of course.

I've seen a few other frisbee games in VR. New Retro Arcade Neon has a frisbee players can toss back and forth. Rec Room has frisbee golf. There's also a standalone frisbee golf game on Steam, but I forgot its title. Good luck with this project, but don't expect a lot of income from it unless you offer something more unique.

This is hilarious.