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I've seen this game being streamed like crazy lately. Can't wait for it to take off and newer features are added. I'm personally wishing for a PvP mode. That would make it so fun!

just saying you fit right in that troupe of saying "not trying to be a [insert and term]" then proceeding to be a [insert term again]. Could have just called out the typos and left it there is all.

could have came off a little better

Been playing for a while now, and all I can say is, this is royalty amongst visual novels. One of the greatest of all time.

F I remember waiting for the full version on Steam and it never coming out

Each update has all previous content. That pretty much goes for all VN's.

Eternum easily became my favorite H game/VN after playing it. This is the golden standard for animations, transitions, and QOL. The humor and sound design are also top in their class as well. So glad I heard about it and decided to give it a try!

And then you immediately went back to posting about this to the public. You DID NOT try. You're lashing out because things aren't going your way but this ISN'T your game. There are people in the comments saying that they've lost interest in the game solely because of you and these comments. You aren't trying to help the situation. You're making it worse until you get whatever you want from Mofu. At this point, you're a liability, and I hope Mofu sees it that way. All you're doing at this point is burning bridges.

@lipstor is this what you wanted?

Now you're the one who's lying. You're not trying to solve anything if you are still in these comments speak ill of Mofu. The only attacking that anyone sees is you attacking Mofu here, and multiple people are calling you out for it. Just like you wanted Mofu to listen to his supporters, you need to listen as well. Maybe you should take some time away to thing about things, Then try talking to Mofu in private about where things stand.

Lipstor, I'm glad that your so passionate about Futaken Valley and willing to help out so much with it's development and community, but you have to ease up on the aggression. None of your life problems have any business being talked about here, and if there are miscommunications between you two, they should be solved in private. Your ideas about using Subscribestar for support are spot on since many games and visual novels like this use it in the exact way you described, but bombarding Mofu in these comments again and again won't help, and the blackmail threats are very very shallow, especially in a public forum. Settle things in private. 

And to Mofu, thanks for the amazing game and the frequent updates, and always listening to the players of your game. At the end of the day though, it's still your creation, and should be made how YOU want it to be made, and should only be made at the pace that YOU want it to be made at. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Keep in mind that multiple people in these comments have stated that they're willing to support the game financially if you want/need them to. Keep that in mind. And please settle things with Lipstor in private because seeing comments like those under the game isn't a good look for new and returning players. Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

I can;t believe how well this works! The mechanics are really good; like I didn't think I'd enjoy playing this as much as I did considering that I'm an avid fighting game player

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Already!? See this is why it's the longest VN ever! New content flowing out like crazy! You must have a really well streamlined schedule/system because the amount of content you put out is at the rates you do are amazing. I'm no where near even touching this update, and by the looks of it, it'll be at 0.30.0 when I am, which I love. Something to always look forward to. Also what's the best way to report bugs and such? I don't want to assume that it's fine to put it in this thread if you'd prefer it somewhere else.

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Well that wasn't very nice now was it?

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Currently at day 111 in the game. Just started playing it a few days ago after having it sit on my computer for months. Gotta say, I slept on this game for too long; it's amazing! I love this type of H game where it's normally a happy go lucky game, then takes a serious turn every once in a while, and the serious moments in this game are tear jerkers. ("Can't you see how tall I've gotten?" almost got me) There's a good mix of girls, from ones that seem impossible to woo, to ones who throw themselves at you, girls that are super funny and super serious, and of different shapes and colors. There's something for everyone. The writing is great, and really shines during funny and flirtatious moments, and I'd even go as far to say that the writing is in my top 2 favorites of all time. The one and only gripe I kind of have with the game is the overly existential scenes. Some of them aren't too bad, but usually it gets to the point that I want to speed through them but hesitate in fear that I'll skip over something vital to the overall story. Don't get me wrong; the whole "being in a world in which you don't belong" gist is fine, and the flashy visuals during those moments are pretty neat in my opinion, but I feel like it goes off of the deep end a little much and are too fleshed out, and while contrasting events in media such as this are welcome, (such as the happy go lucky vs serious moments aspect) the contrast between the game's main themes and the existential prodding are too much and takes away from what is otherwise an amazing piece of work. All of that aside, I'm still enjoying this game regardless of gripes, and feel like it's only getting better as I play more, and as new content is added. My regards go to you, author.

I finished 0.1.2 sometime right after it came out, and I loved the game and story, and of course Jimmy is the most bro of bros. 0.1.3 must be one helluva update man. Not gonna whine about it taking so long like others, but just trying to stay active around this thread and community for when it does drop.

spoilers man