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It’s crazy to me that you can pump these out in the space of a jam. Seriously, top notch stuff. These are incredibly fun!

Definitely something we wanted and ran out of time for.

Love that you changed the noun here. “You haven’t voted on this Egg yet.” 🤣🤣 Please do publish this, I love the tweaks to the traditional “infinite runner” formula!

I think the ambiance of this game was really solid. Very impressed at the amount of work done by a single person, too. ♥

So cute, so feels. I really loved this one. Thank you for the laughs, and for making me wish I had a dog.

I really felt like this game needed to lean into some physics, but a great entry!

The 3D scanning of assets came out super well, nicely done!

10/10, would “oooooh, spooky ghost” again!

Hilarious. This better win the funny award. Wish my experience with the pharmacist was anything like this…

Solid mechanics and visuals. Seriously well done.

Remember, the FPS drops are a feature. Can’t wait to see the release on Steam!

Very clever puzzle mechanic indeed. Nicely done!

Very cute, and working multiplayer! Gave me major Fall Guys vibes, loved it.

Extolling the virtues of a hardline connection

Very fun and funny. Games should be fun first and foremost: crazy physics is definitely a way to get there. Nicely done! :D

Very fun and funny. Games should be fun first and foremost: crazy physics is definitely a way to get there. Nicely done! :D

I'd love to be in a strategy game bundle, but I don't really have a "complete" strategy game to join it with lol. I'll hit you up when I do though!

Nicely done on the high score, and thank you for the kind words! Music and SFX were definitely planned, but quick to the chopping block once time really started to crunch. 😅

Yeah, there was definitely some balancing that needed to occur that I, unfortunately, didn't quite have time for. 😅

I really did make this in 8 hours! A little bit of Friday night, and a ~5 hour stretch of Saturday. Super tight scope, some truly horrid lines of code with extremely brittle assumptions, a lot of familiarity with godot, and more ruthless scope cutting made it possible, but only just. It was my birthday weekend (and I'm in the US so I lost a lot of time due to work on Friday and the 9am deadline Sunday), otherwise I would've dedicated a lot more time to it.

Hugely impressive that you managed that many mechanics and different screens in 48 hours with a custom engine on top of SFML! I like the concept quite a bit. Kind of surprised I haven't seen an asteroids-like with the FTL roguelike map mechanics, actually, because this worked super well. Excellent entry!

Taking advantage of the way the physics system resolves the placement of the player when intersecting the set pieces is a great, interesting mechanic. I wonder if in future iterations it could be improved to be similarly fun but a little less janky. Good entry, well done!

Really enjoyed this game. Mission 3 was a bear, those little green enemies are real bastards. Not sure if it was intentional, but you've definitely got all bullets on the same collision layer, which makes for some interesting emergent gameplay. It's a shame the default volume of the music is so low compared to the sfx, I didn't realize it was there until I explored the settings menu! Overall a nice twist on the genre (specifically the reload mechanic), and a great entry.

I definitely wouldn't call this a puzzle game, but it is exceptionally well put together. The mechanics are tight as is the gameplay loop, the scenes are thoughtfully constructed and definitely challenging, the visuals (especially the transition shader) are quite well put together, and the music was a nice choice too. Overall, great entry and well done! Reminded me a lot of that arcade game where the flashing lights run in a circle, and you try to stop it at the 10k ticket light.

Thanks so much! It was nice that I could stay in just one asset pack. 😊 I'm glad you took that strategy! I did too. I think it's a natural evolution, since the powerups are on a timer, as opposed to a %chance drop from killing enemies. I think it offers more interesting gameplay. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Agreed! This was the next thing I was going to tackle but ran out of time. 😭

Thank you for the kind words! This was an especially fun jam. Definitely missing some player feedback for sure.

Do you mind my asking how you came across this old entry?

I think this is still one of the most impressive jam games I've seen.

The OG planets pack was excellent, and these are too! Looking forward to using these.

For when you do get to it:
Perhaps some random smaller blobs with the nice shading and lighting you have for the planetary bodies, and some small movement (like an oscillation) on the x/y axis?

Also, an asteroid field would be super dope.

I would love to see a star (or set of stars) generator as part of this!

Excellent quality, and pairs quite nicely with their planet pack. The price is right as well, this is a top-notch pack!

Wow, this pack is really awesome. Normally you have to pick quality or quantity, but with this set of planets, you honestly get both! That, and the price is extremely reasonable for the value. The planets are a wide variety, with tons of cool details and a consistent theme.

Agreed on both counts. I wanted to add power-ups to address some expansion of player capabilities... but you know, scope cutting for time management.

Excellent entry, I think you made a great combination of flappy and SHMUP mechanics here. Brutally difficult though it was, I played for longer than I would care to admit. 😅 There's definitely some opportunities for refinement in the SFX and obstacle generation, I think a smoother and more consistent difficulty curve would have captured me for even longer. Great choice on the music! My high score was 42, btw. Well done! 😊

I mean, it's the same game, made in the same amount of time, literally just a re-upload with a non-proprietary file format... I think you'll be fine. 😉

Yeah, disabling the pre-launcher is nice because you get straight into the game, but it's less nice when it launches into fullscreen and the UI scaling isn't set for a reference target. In the future, I recommend either leaving the pre-launcher on (the hard part in user acquisition is over if they make it to that point anyway), or making use of the "Reference Resolution" property on your root canvas element:

Oh no! 😭

Interesting, I've always found that SHMUPs are auto-fire. Perhaps I'll explore that mechanic in the future.

Yeah, I did want to add some simple SFX, but at 5am today, after fighting with the Unity build for ~2 hours and having been up for  ~16 working on it, I was simply too exhausted. 🤣😭And yes, the aspect ratio was chosen so I could port this to mobile devices. 😊

Wow, this is a seriously impressive entry! Best gameplay mechanic I've seen so far this jam, and not by a small margin. The inspiration from Baba is You is pretty clear, but still. Excellent execution of a very fun puzzle mechanic, satisfying sfx, and solid presentation of the Kenney assets make this my favorite entry so far. Extremely well done, I hope you plan to take this further post-jam! 😊