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The OG planets pack was excellent, and these are too! Looking forward to using these.

For when you do get to it:
Perhaps some random smaller blobs with the nice shading and lighting you have for the planetary bodies, and some small movement (like an oscillation) on the x/y axis?

Also, an asteroid field would be super dope.

I would love to see a star (or set of stars) generator as part of this!

Excellent quality, and pairs quite nicely with their planet pack. The price is right as well, this is a top-notch pack!

Wow, this pack is really awesome. Normally you have to pick quality or quantity, but with this set of planets, you honestly get both! That, and the price is extremely reasonable for the value. The planets are a wide variety, with tons of cool details and a consistent theme.

Agreed on both counts. I wanted to add power-ups to address some expansion of player capabilities... but you know, scope cutting for time management.

Excellent entry, I think you made a great combination of flappy and SHMUP mechanics here. Brutally difficult though it was, I played for longer than I would care to admit. 😅 There's definitely some opportunities for refinement in the SFX and obstacle generation, I think a smoother and more consistent difficulty curve would have captured me for even longer. Great choice on the music! My high score was 42, btw. Well done! 😊

I mean, it's the same game, made in the same amount of time, literally just a re-upload with a non-proprietary file format... I think you'll be fine. 😉

Yeah, disabling the pre-launcher is nice because you get straight into the game, but it's less nice when it launches into fullscreen and the UI scaling isn't set for a reference target. In the future, I recommend either leaving the pre-launcher on (the hard part in user acquisition is over if they make it to that point anyway), or making use of the "Reference Resolution" property on your root canvas element:

Oh no! 😭

Interesting, I've always found that SHMUPs are auto-fire. Perhaps I'll explore that mechanic in the future.

Yeah, I did want to add some simple SFX, but at 5am today, after fighting with the Unity build for ~2 hours and having been up for  ~16 working on it, I was simply too exhausted. 🤣😭And yes, the aspect ratio was chosen so I could port this to mobile devices. 😊

Wow, this is a seriously impressive entry! Best gameplay mechanic I've seen so far this jam, and not by a small margin. The inspiration from Baba is You is pretty clear, but still. Excellent execution of a very fun puzzle mechanic, satisfying sfx, and solid presentation of the Kenney assets make this my favorite entry so far. Extremely well done, I hope you plan to take this further post-jam! 😊

First off, the level, enemies, player, and commensurate effects are all very well put together! You achieved a level of visual polish here that is quite impressive. That being said, I would have preferred some of that effort had gone into more diversification of gameplay instead. Some progression in difficulty, perhaps some mechanics like dodging/rolling. The shooting was also kinda fiddly, in that it was a raycast to the mouse, not _toward_ the mouse with a constant length.

Overall, really well done! 😊

If you'll upload a .zip, I'd love to come back and play/rate! 😊

I was really pleased with the ambiance you managed to create here. The assets were used quite well to create an interesting level layout with nice lighting! I would liked to have seen some progression in difficulty, and maybe new player powers too. Are there waves after wave 5? It didn't progress to the next wave after that.

Nicely done! 😊

@MoonWinkGames please upload a .zip archive instead of a .rar, and I'll come back to play/rate. 😊

Good entry, even if it was damned hard! 😅 The UI didn't quite scale nicely on my ultrawide and the pre-launcher was disabled, so I imagine the guesswork of my ability timers contributed to the difficulty I had. I did also miss having a jump button, but I can see why you made that omission.

Nicely done! 😊

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For those that don't open the game page: This is a high score chaser, and arrow keys are your movement controls. Also, my high score is 242!

My high score so far is 242!

Awesome stuff! I encountered a few small things:
- The Victory Progress screen doesn't go away after returning to the main menu

- The main menu button is un-marked and incorrectly placed(assuming it should be in the top right) on 3440x1440 resolution

- The main menu doesn't pop after winning, and displays behind the win text

It would seem as though for large resolutions, the cost of buildings tooltip is outside the window to the bottom right. Worth noting that the game is not fullscreen, just being played on an ultrawide monitor(3440x1440) at whatever resolution the game launches by default.

Really fantastic game for such a short amount of time. The visuals, audio, and especially controls were all solid for a jam game.