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Solid clicker game, I liked the soundtrack and art a lot. I just didn't intuitively get that the light button color means I can click it again, it seems to blend in with the background too much for me. Also, the layers of the mine are tiled and the tiles don't really, shall I say, "tesselate".

Still, it was fun enough to get out Excel and find out which dwarf I should buy 馃槀

A fun little game that feels like it was supposed to be a multiplayer game where you take turns building your rivers.

I had to experiment with the game to understand the mechanics and I'm still not sure I grasped them fully. I don't quite understand the source overflow mechanic. It seems like I have a time limit to connect a colored river if there is a colored dot, but not if not.

I didn't understand the overflow warning bars at first. I think they could do with color coding so the player knows which bar concerns with river.

I think the gameplay is pretty innovative and challenges you to find good strategies. I like that!

I think this idea could be expanded upon, maybe in a turn-based manner somewhat akin to the old Worms games. It seems easy to spam the left quarter-to-third of the screen with short button presses (maybe have the catapult reload with a cooldown?).

As it is, I feel it's a bit lacking in the feedback department. There are no visual or audio cues to determine how far a shot will travel, leading to a rhythm- or memory based playstyle which, to me, turned out a bit less relaxing than could have been.

I think the description is missing something like "as you can" in the first line.

Anyway, it feels like one could do a lot with the presented concept!

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A more art-based approach than usual, but I really liked the music, the pixel art and the premise! It really evokes exceptions of a big adventure, only to be done in 42.7 s because it's about the warm-up. I like it!

Tech-wise, I think the palm trees' shadows look cropped at their left side. During gameplay, sometimes the pirate sprite would flash in the top left corner if you input the keys very quickly.

This game feels very RNG-heavy. You can actually get trapped by two blocks since you can't effectively run backwards. It hooked me for a bit; I tried to see how fast I could reach the right border, but I had very mixed results since the obstacles could appear so suddenly.

I would suggest two things:

  1. Give the player some way of anticipating where obstacles spawn (e.g. indicator arrows or widening the screen by a "preview area" the player doesn't need to cross)
  2. Implement stronger and weaker jumps for more precise control. To me, it felt like I can only jump with max strength, but never do a small hop of sorts.

If I were a box artist, I'd be honored to see someone capture the feel of my vision and build a vibe-catching game with music around it. Artistically, it's a bit more sterile than the cover, but that's the one of the beauties of art: re-interpetation and evolution.

I actually enjoyed my time in the ruined world, even though I quickly fell off the bridge. I still wanted to roam a bit, and that says a lot for a demo with no apparent gameplay!

On a side-note, it felt like an 80's cyberspace representation, only that for once, there was nothing horrible going on 馃榿

Technology-wise, there's already a great sense of global illumination (I say "a sense of", the meteors don't seem to illuminate anything), especially from below the bridge. I just think the shadow edges of the large buildings are very hard (they soften only slightly), so the sun is very close to this planet I guess?

Did 158 seconds on my first try 馃榿

I felt that the real dodging began pretty late into the game, I could survive doing almost nothing for about 2 minutes. Neat little game! I liked the look of the laser beams.

A very unique take on the topic of growth and a great way to keep your peripheral vision trained, I think. The soundtrack is extremely serene, which I absolutely love. An incredible submission, especially considering the team size!