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If I were a box artist, I'd be honored to see someone capture the feel of my vision and build a vibe-catching game with music around it. Artistically, it's a bit more sterile than the cover, but that's the one of the beauties of art: re-interpetation and evolution.

I actually enjoyed my time in the ruined world, even though I quickly fell off the bridge. I still wanted to roam a bit, and that says a lot for a demo with no apparent gameplay!

On a side-note, it felt like an 80's cyberspace representation, only that for once, there was nothing horrible going on 😁

Technology-wise, there's already a great sense of global illumination (I say "a sense of", the meteors don't seem to illuminate anything), especially from below the bridge. I just think the shadow edges of the large buildings are very hard (they soften only slightly), so the sun is very close to this planet I guess?