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Is there a way to get a zip package for the editor? The exe did not unpack at all. Just an error. I have no idea what is wrong in the windows.

Game states in a table then saved?

And how about a save file to not start from beginning each time?

Will the engine be released for other game makers?

Added some walkthrough.txt file to provide at leas a hint for those who were stuck without any progress. Hope it helps you forward without cheating to the end. :)

Interesting concept. 

Thanks for the feedback. The minimap is not really necessary. Map is just a 4x4 rooms with one room hidden below the surface. But i suggest that at least a name of the room in top line would be a nice touch to the design to help players to move around.

Can you try the windows exe from the zip archive?

Did you run the .love file on desktop or mobile? Or did you run the .exe file on desktop?

I never thought this game would be so hard. It is just 4x4 rooms where you shoot some target with the laser and then something may open in the room or in previous rooms. :) 

The map is 4x4 rooms with some hidden secret room. :)

The game is rather small in size of map. All hints lead to one goal. Most of the time you shoot something with laser 'Q' key or use things on something near with 'E'. Listen to sound changes in area. Draw the map on paper. Some notes are only there to provide a fun. Other notes tell you try this, then figure out the rest by looking for changes. Some changes in a room A affect other room B. That should help to progress. :)

Are you running the .love version? The windows standalone exe has the love 11.3 i use this should work for everyone if not some hw specific problems. Try it please.

Just to consider as an option for later. This game could work on mobile device and with a good autosave after each dungeon battle it would provide some fun on long train road trips. :)

Got it from drive. Thanks for the link.

Yes, i see it there but the download button shows a typical window of and it hangs there. I have no idea why. It is not blocked by browser because i have already downloaded and testet .love files of others. Could you please check this?

No clues needed so far? :)

I tested the game and it has some bugs. Would you like to read about them?

The idea is cool. The character kawaii like cute. The only thing i missed is some nice tune. 

Nice graphics. Please look at the w,s,a,d controls. I pressed it and from the menu into the game transition worked. But in the game only arrows work. :)

Nice game, but could you provide a way to end the app like escape key?

Hi, can you provide a love file or exe? The web version hangs on 1/2 and nothing happened after 5 minutes of waiting.

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Post here some voice examples let's say 3-5 short clips around 10-20 words.. or maybe like 20 seconds clips so people would at least try what your voice is about and then decide if it is good for the project collaboration. :) That would be good i think.

Haha, good one. Still training my aim on these damn alien invasion trying to download for free through hacking the 5G tower.

A challanging speedrun game where you either try to reach the best time by jumping over water lillies or go slow and make the most jumps ever. Win or win. You loose only when other players make better time or more jumps. Just jump to the end lilly! Go get it and try!

On this link you can play it and see the leaderboards.

Or the same think but the leaderboard is ingame when you touch the options in menu.

Btw touch the frog if you do not understand how to start to play the game. Made by GDevelop engine.