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I'm disgusted at myself that I actually jumped once.

Everyone looks forward to their birthday. It's a special day completely dedicated to you! Presents, cake, everyone is nice to you... almost nothing goes wrong on this special day!
But not every birthday is perfect.

Not Every Birthday Is Happy is a single player 2D horror side-scroller game, with multiple endings, following the story of Sy who is about to celebrate his birthday on an alien planet in space. It is part of a series of games I'm making called the Comet series.

Play it here:

Not Every Birthday Is Happy

Yeah, the music is all mine :D
Thank you so much for the kind feedback!

Sadly I don't plan to change anything  in the game though, as it is old and the code is a bit messy as I was an amateur when I made it. In addition I stopped updating the game a while back to move onto other projects.


This was done really well! I found it interesting and fun!

I loved this game! The graphics looked really good, and I liked the mechanic of building skills for better chances at succeeding in situations!

There is no game.

Turns out didn't save a setting and restricted voting to submitters only. I fixed it.

Awesome game! But the lack of randomisation in the exit location, glitched objects location and code makes it not very repeatable. This game can be beaten easily in under 2 minutes on the hardest mode.

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For a mapping feature, something as simple as playing the songs and recording what keys the player press would work (the players basically could press the keys they want when they want in the song and the game could record that and save it as an extra difficulty).

(1 edit)

Awesome game, but I keep getting a fatal error when finishing a song. Also it would be awesome if there was a feature to map your own songs.

As long as it's not a direct copy and paste, you would need to actually put in effort to remake it.

After playing multiple terrible horror games I decided I needed a game to relax to so I downloaded this game and my wishes were fulfilled. This game is so much fun and I love the puzzle solving and logic and I found it relaxing to play as well.

Realised it was something I should've clarified in the rules but you can submit any time with no consequences!

Love this game.

I feel like the game wasn't very polished.

Weird. I don't use a Mac so I wouldn't be able to solve the issue without seeing it but if others report the issue I'll remove the download. Thanks for letting me know!

I made so the time you have to fit the piece increases every stage but I assume its too slow from what you're saying. The point of easy and medium is to only feature either the rotate or the switching. I felt having individual statistics would be cool but I understand what you're saying about that. Thanks for the feedback and your suggestions are great!

Thanks! The reason for pieces being smaller was so you can better see the shape behind the piece.

Strange. Can you send screen shots?


I've always wanted to create a Bullet Hell game and I'm happy to announce the release of it! Introducing Comet - Galaxy! In this game, you fly around in a spaceship dodging energy blasts and bullets! With four gamemodes, this game will keep you playing for a long time! Unless you can't stand raging. Find it here!

Cool! Tuesday was funny.

LOL! Fun.

Loved it. It was amazing.

Hilarious and fun. Loved it.

Good news! I tested this and it should work!

Just enter in the file path of the Batch game and click play! If the game nonstop keeps opening (happened to me) close the program but the game will stay open.

Hope this helps!

It requires Windows command prompt. Not sure if it works anywhere else... If possible, tell me more of the problem. :)

OK, now it just won't open. :P

What sucks is I can't do admin. XD I'll try.

Only shortcut missing. Cant open it.

On the second time I installed I installed to desktop but nothing popped up...