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Cool! Tuesday was funny.

LOL! Fun.

Loved it. It was amazing.

I am 100% going to replay this. It is really good!

Hilarious and fun. Loved it.

I loved it. It's quite like Silent Hills. THere was a bad glitch tho. When I went back to my game the next day my flashlight wouldn't work anymore.

I actually couldn't read the notes because the task bar was in the way because it doesn't want to disappear when I play a game anymore. :P Could you make it that the text is higher? That'll help. :) Thanks. NOTE: It was fun when it lasted. I can't wait for the final version.

I got stuck with 3 unused keys and I couldn't find the elevator key. Kind of got bored.

Good news! I tested this and it should work!

Just enter in the file path of the Batch game and click play! If the game nonstop keeps opening (happened to me) close the program but the game will stay open.

Hope this helps!

It requires Windows command prompt. Not sure if it works anywhere else... If possible, tell me more of the problem. :)

OK, now it just won't open. :P

What sucks is I can't do admin. XD I'll try.

Only shortcut missing. Cant open it.

On the second time I installed I installed to desktop but nothing popped up...

I used the installer and selected yes for desktop icon but after it finished I searched every nook and cranny for the game but it was nowhere to be found. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? I have Windows 10, 64 Bit and it's brand new but it is not showing up ANYWHERE.