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Never heard this before. My play through v.23 went very smoothly.  Are you using mods or something? If not, maybe it could be the save your using being corrupt. I really wouldn't know what the problem is, but usually when things like this happen it's usually attributed to a corrupt save. I am not saying this is the problem, try to get the latest save file for v.2.3 and then play it from there (making sure all the girls / women are pregnant and your dating all of them).

just go to f95 site, look for this game and download the ic patch from there. I think it's a universal patch, meaning it should work in both v.14 and v.23

I think you missed our point completely.  The moment the game engine is changed, it is no longer the same game. The current engine as been with us since day 1.  Part of the charm of MNF is the game is made in HS1,  and the main reason MNF 2 does not need a new engine.  I wrote a while back stating that this game done in Daz from the beginning / re-work would have been perfect, but the more I thought about what I said the more I realized the biggest charm and the reason people love this game , is both the HS1 models and story.  HS1 models are so cute as they are.  When you remove them and remodel them in a new engine, they cease to be what they where, but facsimiles attempting to be something that in another engine that worked.

Fingers crossed the coma is coming to an end, hopeful it's this update :) Just feels very weird to have the MC's main LI in such a state. I have played a few vns where there where people in coma's but they where more like a faux character who where not important and never left their coma's or if they did, you would never hear from them again lol

Looking forward to seeing what Anna will get up to.

You can never get enough of ginger girls! Can never get enough of Lina, great artwork!

It's not only the problems you mentioned but also the shiny skin syndrome. More like the skin is some kind of pvc covering which makes the skin kind of shine it looks absolutely horrid. light reflecting off the skin.

I really hate to say this but it is the easiest scam to perpetrate, promise updates and keep people waiting while milking the patreon subscribers for their money the longer it takes the more money they get. This has been happening with other developers too, I am not saying it's happening here, but 2 years is beyond a ridiculous amount of time.

An honest developer would stop charging his / her subscribers until they could actually deliver anything. I know of developers who do this.

The best way to get anything more is to hit them where it hurts financially and stop subscribing. I think if people are still subscribing now paying a monthly fee, after 2 years of nothing then in reality they deserve to be scammed. Most people end their subscription if they don't receive anything within a certain time frame, or of course if they are being lied to.  Regardless I would say by now something is very wrong and very fishy.  This feels like a similar situation as milfy city developer dangling a carrot and delivering absolutely nothing for years...and even today still nothing and he still has his subscribers. At this point they are throwing their money into the fire and watching it burn.

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It looks like he is using Daz

Last update has been some time ago. I also think either each episode takes a long time to develop or it's been completely abandoned.

I don't think this needs any kind of vote.  Patron Sub votes are not really the voice of the public, but a minority of people who will deliberatly vote a certain way, that flies in the face of public opinion.  Public opinion is important if the dev wants more subscribers.  That's why I think in this case we should let K7 decide on what he wants to do, he hasn't gone wrong so far, and I trust him with what he chooses.  He definitely seems to be quite the perfectionist so I am not worried at all.  HS2 while it has more assets, models etc, it seems to have problems from what I have seen with render output, and the shiny pvc skin syndrome, or it could be every single dev using it, has done a lousy job rendering lol   Just trust in K7 he will do the right thing, like he always does.

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I think you said a while back that Chapter 3 will end an arc, presumably with anna being in her coma, even though you never said what or who to try and keep it as a surprise or secret?  When can we expect to see anna up and about? It's literally the only thing that makes me quite sad when I see in her in the hospital bed, nor sure how much longer I can take seeing her there in that state. Your doing a fantastic job though!

I think you should stick with HS1, because once you change the engine, your fundamentally changing the game.  It won't be the same, no matter how good you can get lucy, because it won't be HS1 it will not be here, and all the othe lovable girls in the game.  The house and all the other background stuff I am not a fan off, and it's not surprising you want to upgrade to HS2.  However in HS2 every game I have played, the characters have always turned out to have shiny pvc looking skin.  In other words they look plastic with a shine, truly horrific looking.   Of course it could be that every dev who works in HS2 are just truly crap at rendering in the engine I honestly don't know, but there are far too many HS2 with this same exact problem.

As for Daz, I would love to see the entire family and side girls redone in it, with each model being completely the same from HS1, I mean just more realistic, however going back to what I originally said, if you change the art style, it will cease to be what it is, and it will be something else, something that is not MNF, no matter how 'close' you try to make the characters to how they look in HS1.  You know HS1 like the back of your hand, you already have the girls, and everything else.  I just wonder if you could get more assets for HS1 so you can build new sets for the characters?  All we see is the same places again and again, it would be wonderful to see new things in the game, but I understand these are not as important as the stories being told.

Billiards? Surprised you didn't say Pool.  Billiards was a game played by hugely snobby people during the mid to late 19th century until the early 20th century, think Queen Victoria period in the UK. It generally faded out of popularity during the early 20th century and slightly earlier than that in the US and Canada (British Canada only).

As time went on fewer and fewer people played it, even trying to buy or getting a Billiards table became increasingly difficult to buy, due to the lack of interest and the lack of manufacturers.  Pool and Snooker overtook Billiards completely. 

You might find very old Billiards tables in old gentry homes but they too are rare.

People today rarely know how to play Billiards, even less know the actual rules, the rules perhaps being the only real thing left of the game.  Looking forward to playing 0.23 as soon as I have the time.

Merry Christmas, and a peaceful new year to you and your family!

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I hope she does, she has a quite a large following, and personally i've been pretty dismayed at the lack of content she has had since she told the mc about her sister. I mean she appeared here and there, but nowhere near the content even some of the other side girls have had. 

I've said this before but Fiona is extremely important to the MC for various reasons, without her I honestly believe the MC would still be struggling psychologically. She is the one that literally pulled his head out of his butt.

You say "before all sense of believability goes out of the window." I think that one fell out the nest along time ago, when he and his mom hooked up lol

I have heard of stories in Japan where things like this really did happen. Son's having secret family harems, not that it would have mattered to the samurai leaders of the prefectures if they heard of this happening. People where encouraged to stay in their prefecture in their town, village etc. sometimes these villages would end up with only 1 family in them.  When your not permitted to move around, and your country is isolated from everywhere else in the world. Your limited to what you could do. 

Basically it was your family of ladies or nothing at all, and they where just as shall we say just as amorous, you may have had a few young girls who where also disowned by their own family probably because they might not have wanted a daughter, so when she became of age or even less if she was taken in by another family.  There where many genetic problems with the japanese after the isolation ended. 

Girls with messed up teeth, weird looking ears, lot of problems with reproduction.  1/300 women where fertile, by the time they opened their borders to the rest of the world.  That number is just an estimate, but it's probably a very valid number.  The number of boys or men was at an all time low too. It was only during the mid 1800's that the male population began to grow.

Today Japan's population is aging fast. No one wants to have babies, thanks to their so called 'out dated honor system' which really reduces a lot of the things we can do in the west, such as being pro active and looking for a partner, and reproducing. 

The women are saying the boys are becoming too scared to even approach them anymore. They have to go through this traditional merry go round before they can even date, let alone a first kiss. Thanks to something that should have been done away with a long time ago. Nothing wrong with being honorable, but this was designed to reduce the population so it could easily be managed by in the late 17th century until the 18th century.  Instead of ending the thing that would prove harmful to them their successive governments kept it. 

Japan is really one big messed up country, run by a government that is clueless sadly.  Japanese people want to join the civilized world, but they are heavily sheltered from sex and as in above with a reduction in babies being born.

and i am beginning to think something may well happen in this next update with the nun! it's just speculation until we find out, but I hope so.

I got 12 months of mega on an awesome deal. 32 euros for 12 months! they have these crazy offers from time to time. you get 12 months, 12 TB download which you never run out of, and if you go for a second year on discount again, you get to take any remaining time over to the next 12 months. I still have 22TB to burn through after a year lol

Does the developer have an english proof reader yet? because the last time i played way back just after the gui interface upgrade (I thought it was a massive downgrade, now too much screen furniture.)I could barely read much of anything due to how bad the writer's English was.
In the end I gave up because it was literally giving me a headache it was so bad.
The weird thing is, before the gui update before 4.2 the writer's english was a lot better! The game enjoyable. But then I tried it after the upgrade, and all i could read was engrish. I am not sure but I believe there could be a new competition going around to see who has the worst engrish in a vn.

I would like to see more in the way of locations we can take the girls to on dates. Also I would love to see Lin reunited with her mom, and have her move into the hotel with Lin and the rest of the girls.

I like Vanessa, but surprised she is only a side character, she reminds me somewhat of maria (girl who does the web cam stuff). I think she should definitely be a main character, given how important she is in the scope of the story ie.  Generally side characters don't have much in the way of content for a reason, which is the story focuses mostly on the main story, events and then the girls individually. Vanessa is far too important to left as a side character.

As mentioned elsewhere, shops, more locations , location , location to take the girls. It gives a sense of freedom to the game, and adds more immersion if done correctly.

More floors, and more girls need to be added to the main cast. I mean given that the hotel has what 5 main girls? I forget. Is this a hotel or a motel ;)  I know we have the sanctuary bolted on, even that could and probably should be expanded.  You haven't said much in the way about the elves going forward, but I am assuming your going to add more elven girls to the game? 

One thing in these games that I don't like is the grind for money. I come home from work, to relax, play some harem hotel and other great games, and the last thing I want to do is even more work. I always use cheats to avoid the need for currency, I am not here to work, I am here for the girls stories etc. However I get that your going to have Lin's sister tend the farm automatically at some point. 

Right now I can't honestly think of much more to write, because its very early in the morning and I am struggling to keep my eyes open.

yes absolutely this, it's a wonderful idea. Helps with the immersion which obviously is always a good thing.

when is it available free?

I think you nailed it with the nun. it's the only girl/woman in the game he hasn't done anything with...and given she is a nun, officiating a wedding would feel kind of obvious given as you have said she was coming around to the idea of what the mc was doing.

Can't wait to actually see Anna wide awake and interacting / speaking with the MC and characters. I guess it will be an extremely emotional thing when Anna wakes up, and being pregnant as well. I wonder how the MC will react emotionally, will there be lots of tears from him, since he has missed her so much and the love he has for her and not to forget as well, the baby she is having.  MNM is really a fantastic game.  

I think MNF is going to be so bitter sweet in terms of it's ending, because we have been there with the MC and most of the main cast of girls from the very beginning, and seeing it come to an end I think that will be a pretty emotional thing for me.  

And has you have said, you really need to end the game in a way that is not going to leave any of us sad, not that this has ever been an issue with MNF but what I mean is, we are not going to see them as we see them now in MNF 2. A huge amount of time will pass (18 years is a long time, when we won't know what's happened during that entire period of time.) so I am curious how your going to go about the ending, because of those 18 long years without seeing or hearing from them, by the time MNF 2 comes about. 

In regards to MNF 2 it's still going to focus on the main characters in the game, just a long time in the future right?  I hope Elaine won't have passed away, I mean she is no spring chicken as it is, as I am assuming she is well into her 60's during this version of the game right?  I never really liked her in the beginning, but she has kind of grown on me, I thought she would remain one of those outside kind of bitch characters, who would insult the MC from the sidelines, but she is quite the opposite, and I've actually grown to like her. I really like all the characters very much indeed.  I keep harping on about Fiona, but behind Lucy she is my second favourite character perhaps with either the family doctor or Becca my third and 4th favourite.  Sandra to me as always felt to me, like she could have been fleshed out more, give her a decent back story, doesn't have to be a bad story or anything. But I guess that must have been on purpose that she really doesn't because it would probably take much of the spotlight off Lucy.

I really love your stories, please keep up the fantastic work, if you need time off, we will definitely understand, don't rush the ending of MNF, try to give it the ending it truly deserves, because it's exceptional. Much better than ecchi sensei, much better than pretty much any of the high quality games out there.  take care K7 and again thanks for keeping us update to date as frequently as you do!

I have to confess with so many games I am behind in, this is the main one I haven't played since god knows when probably 1.30 or something. I will be getting back to after I finish this other avn I am playing.

Thanks for the update!

its a shame the laugh a second 23 sisters is coming to an end. i probably won't continue on with your other games, this one was the highlight for me. I also have a big backlog of other games (avn's) to play and get out of the way. it would be so much easier if games like this where complete before being released at least from a gamer's perspective, but i understand the reasoning why it is like it is. you gotta eat and make some money back and i don't blame you one tiny bit. 

If I can through those other games in record time, i think most of them will be kind of crap, i truly hate badly written main characters. your still doing daddys little girls right?

I am wondering if it's even correct to call it the end of MNF when there will be a MNF 2 and I am assuming with the exact same characters and some new ones? I really can't remember too much what you said about MNF 2. It will still be with the same mc we had in MNF? 

Looking forward to MNM, and especially anna, poor anna in her coma, the sooner she is out of it the better for the whole family. The MC feels like he is still suffering quite a lot, but things have been gradually 'improving' if that is the right thing to say about him?  You really are the best when it comes to writing emotional stories from the character's heart. It has this ability if the person who reads it as any kind of empathy at all, will immediately become attached to that character especially when they are suffering or have suffered a lot. It's weird saying that, because there are a lot of people out there who have no empathy at all, which makes them feel absolutely nothing. Lucy almost had me in tears, because on some level I could relate to her story of what happened to her. your the best K7 keep up the great work and take frequent rests when you need them, we don't want you to burn yourself out!

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you definitely have a thing for certain girls K7! Sabrina and Lena have featured quite a bit in fun images you post here :) What are you going to do with Fiona in MNF? I know I keep asking, but besides Lucy she is the other only girl in the house with some severe previous mental trauma with what happened to her and her sister etc. We have learned a lot about Becca and still learning about Elaine (who I initially didn't like at all, but she has grown on me since her previous contents)I don't know if it's me or what, but each update you do for MNF seems to have very little to virtually no new stuff for her.  She definitely feels the most neglected in terms of actually spending quality time with her, for example more than a few quick minutes with her here and there very occasionly. I guess it would be easy to miss a few important girls here and there due to huge amount that is in the game and they are all begging for time with the MC too! It will be nice to see and learn more about miss doctor!  I hope you are well, keep up the absolutely awesome work your doing, looking forward to both MNF and MNM.

thank you, the updates are sounding wonderful!

Looking forward for the time with Fiona, thank you for that , just the little visit to spain to plan then at a later date :)  Yukiko is my favourite girl in MNM by some distance :)  Take the time you need, your health is very important! Take care.

I highly suspect it is something to do with the oldest member of the family ;)

K7 you need to do the Fiona and the MC trip to spain and give her way more air time than she has been getting in a number of updates. She is imo a very pivotal and extremely important character for the MC. Without Fiona it kinda terrifies me to think where the MC would be without her. That and she barely gets the time she actually deserves whilst some side girls get way too much time in the lime light.

I really am a huge fan of My New Memories! The quality as surpassed MNF by quite some distance. The quality of writing is extremely high, the quality of story telling is exceptional, and the renders are beautiful.  There are number of other exceptional vn's out there, but yours sit above them all. Keep up the great work!

Ask your patreons first, they matter a whole lot more than joe public here, of which the majority will not pay a cent. I think you should remove your games from free, put some kind of drm in them to prevent people from leaking them. Most pirates are only interested in AAA games not small indie porn games, although some asshats will always leak something.  

Most of these games I won't touch until they are fully completed anyway, too many devs decide to abandon their work just when you have got into a story and enjoying it which is really annoying.

All I can say is, you do you, you know what's best for you and what works / sells at the moment. Just remember though, people's tastes can switch in an instant. What once worked might not a third time around. Problem is when using the same characters from previous works is that they get boring really quickly when they appear in something new. What i am saying is that, your going to have to really come up with something completely different from what you have already done.

Hopefully your next game will be a lot longer ;) congrats for a good job well done!

thats a big shame :( but expected

I agree 100% with what you have said.

It seems I am miles behind in this story now. great work as always doc :)

I am sorry this keeps happening to you Doc. You really don't deserve this, but as you say, your games are very popular, and sadly piracy is the price to be paid for that, but on the other hand often people will download a pirate game and usually if they enjoy it enough, they go back to the game maker and actually buy a genuine copy or in your case hopefully support you.Hope you and your family etc are doing great, take care for now Doc :)

haha your funny :D

I didn't play chapter 6 yet, was really concerned about a certain girl killing herself rather more permanently this time around if you understand what I am referring to.  I had an attachment to the girl and would truly hate to see her kill herself, I wouldn't be able to continue onwards. You should never ever kill off a LI, but I have no idea if you did or didn't i suspect now you didn't thank god. I have chapter 7, and just found out, that it will not be long before chapter 8 is released so I may as well wait, then I have 3 new chapters to enjoy. I sincerely hope you and family are doing great drifty. Take care now :)

Thank you, thank you!  I would have loved to have seen MNF made from the start in Daz, I wonder how lucy would look? I can't say I have ever seen an Neko Daz model, but I am sure they exist. Daz could quite literally breath new life in to MNF and at the same time give it a whole new look. Since you have already written MNF (up to v22) I guess all you would need to do would be to create the renders and add the music, and change little things you may not have been happy with the first time around. I know thats probably a tremendous amount of time rendering, but it might also fix the problems you seem to be having with MNF 2.  You have done a truly fantastic job with My New Memories so far, and if any game in the universe deserved an major upgrade in visual quality it would be MNF.  (I mean this in the nicest way possible. I have now played the game twice from beginning right to the end of 22, which is a testament to how good your work really is, since I can get bored really easy.  You really are one of the best visual story tellers out there! Looking forward to MNM dropping this week :)


Thank you for the update K7, really looking forward to Chapter 2 :)

thanks for your reply and thank you for your explanation it makes some sense now. it's just a shame some countries have a stick up their bum with such trivialties, I mean for sure I would understand and would want censorship of any minor if it was some kind of real photograph or something, because obviously as you explained already and the fact there are many sick people out there. There is a law in my country which says if your taking a photograph of anything, there can't be a minor in it, even if it's accidental, like they stepped in to the camera's path just when you take the picture, you can be arrested and tried in court if the authorities took the camera off you at the exact moment you took the photograph, which is utterly ridiculous especially if someone inadvertently steps into the shot just as you take the photo, since people seem to do that all the time haha.