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Overall really nice. I really liked the mood and especially the art style. Gameplay wise I think there's some room for improvement but this seems like an awesome project. Looking forward to the future updates. Sad that I couldn't see the 2nd boss

I wrote some feedback while I played (:
- dodge didn't feel good. i think the recovery took a bit too long. it'd be nice if you could dodge multiple times in a row - but this'd obviously require some sort of stamina system
- tutorial felt very rushed, especially the part about targeting
- camera should be controllable with right stick (also i'd prefer to target an enemy by pressing the right stick, as in Dark Souls for example)
- d-pad not working in the menus

- the octopus' hitbox was inconsistent, on 1st/2nd phase the octopus itself would not damage the player on touch, but on the 3rd phase it would
- the shadows of the octopus/tentacles should disappear while the rocks are falling imo, as they get mixed up with the shadows of the falling rocks
- sometimes it looked like i got hit by the rocks even though i wasn't in their range
- i found the octopus boss fight too long (=hard) for the first boss tbh. I expected this game to be hard, but it just felt too dragged out for the first boss. I stopped playing after the fight didn't end after I beat the 3rd(?) phase, where the octopus dashes/rushes
- sometimes i got this weird jitter in the camera/graphics

the frog has the coolest moves! :D this gets intense really fast 

You should submit an .exe.. Not everybody has GM:S 2 :)

this was cool, the jumping is well executed :)

best game ever :3

Cool idea and sweet graphics/music :) I've got to agree with Carson K, the movement could be faster as, it took a lot of time to complete the levels. 

Such a lovely little game, love the style. Managed to get the good ending :)