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I just love it so much. Thanks for making this!

OUI !!! Quelle magnifique forêt tu deviens !

Thank you!!!

<3 <3 <3

Hey I’m queer too! Also I love your zine!

I’m glad you do!

I was planning to, but translating poetry sounds like a pain in the ass to be honest :(

Holy fuck that’s so cool!

Magnifique !!! Bravo pour ta première publication en ligne !

omfg, merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire !!! Je suis contente qu’il t’aie plu!

Wow, I’m happier than (n)ever now!

Je suis peut-être morte, mais au moins je bois mon thé avec classe.



Yep, today is deffo the day!

Awww this is SO SWEET.

I just love how the dress-up gameplay is part of the story-telling, this is simple and yet brilliant, I love it! Also this game is very relatable to me <3

I love it! ​That’s hilarious!

Very relatable. <3

Awww this is adorable, you’re cute too!!! <3

Thank you so much for your comment! The set up is sad but I wanted to make an absurd and funny situation out of it.

It’s like a personality test, but very cute.

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It’s fucking amazing. I’m wordless. Please keep making stuff! <3 <3 <3

Finally, an ecosexual game!

I love the art, I love the idea, but the gameplay was really stressful to me. When you have all of your plants, clicking on some of them is tricky because their clickable zone overlap with each other.

I love this game, I really identified to all three characters some way or another. Thank you for this VN!


I just played this game after listening to an interview of you on and I really, really enjoyed both the podcast and this game!

It’s so raw and powerful and I love your art. The first route I took was the happiest one, then I timidly refused to give Arle her prescription and discovered the worsening impact of these decisions on her life. I couldn’t bring myself to refuse to give her the letter at her 3rd appointment though.

As the game greets you with the sentence “You have to decide who is transgender or not”, you realise how much the therapists’ decisions is going to impact the patient’s life.

Also, fuck the mean comments on Steam, your games deserve recognition just as much as you deserve love. <3

I needed this. Thank you for making this game!

The cards are beautiful!!! I love em!

A short version of Don’t Press the Red Button !

Several people have reported this issue, I may update the game in the future to fix this problem.

Basically there’s a textbox on the page and the game is supposed to autofocus on it. If the autofocus doesn’t work (it sucks urgh) you need to click on the text box, but it’s only 1 line tall. So you have to click on the right spot.

Love it, thanks for making this game!

I love it! There’s so much potential with this little game/tool!

Thank you for this guide

Yeah, we’re tough bitches!!!

Ok j’ai pleuré. Il est super fort ton Bitsy, je t’envoie des câlins si consentis <3

Merci beaucoup !!!

Loved that story!!! Great work!!!

LMAO!!! Wonderful! I wanna be a L33T M1LF

Aaaawww, Randy!!! <3